Kriyam (Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 34

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Hi, I am back with a new episode. Thank you every one for the great response. Keep liking and commenting….

Let’s start…..

Saiyyam left Krishna to her aunt’s but saw something which disgusted him..

Aunt: You stupid girl, you must had done something otherwise why would they have thrown you out. We have to take your and this child’s burden too. You are a total burden upon us. Don’t think that you will stay here like a queen. You have to do work. Go and clean the rooms.

Krishna doesn’t move.

Aunt slaps her.

Aunt: Go or I will give you another slap.

She was about to slap Krishna when saiyyam jerks aunt’s hand and starts to shout.

Saiyyam: I thought that you must be a nice women who would care for her better than us but no. I was mad that I was going to leave her here. She will not stay here. Come Krishna, you will not stay here.

He grabs Krishna’s hand and bag and take her put.

He helps her to sit and starts driving.

Saiyyam: I didn’t expected this from a women who should understand your pain..
Krishna: That’s why I didn’t wanted to go but…
Saiyyam: I am sorry. Now you will stay with us. No need to go anywhere.
Krishna: OK. Dir can you stop here. I want to buy some medicines.

He stops the car near the chemist shop. She goes out.

Krishna: Excuse me! Can you give me this tablet bottle. (While giving the tablet which she found near sofa).
Shopkeeper: I am sorry mam but I can’t give this medicine until I see the prescription.
Krishna: Is this some kind of dangerous.
Shopkeeper: If a person have it daily then it is dangerous for him/her. And this is for mental conditions.

Krishna is shocked.

Krishna: Um.. If a person already have a memory loss then?
Shopkeeper: Then he wouldn’t be able to recall the past and forget what happened.

Krishna was shocked when someone puts his hand on Krishna’s shoulder. She turns to see saiyyam.

Saiyyam: Can we go?
Krishna: Yeah, let’s go. Thank you.

Shopkeeper nods and they go home.

While at birla house, Elsa shouts.

Suhani: What happened? Why are you shouting?
Elsa: Don’t act as innocent. I know that you have burned my food.
Yuvaani: How can you accuse her. Do you have any proof?
Elsa: I don’t have but I know that it is one of you all.
Yuvaani: OK, I did it so what will you do.

Elsa becomes angry and starts to throw things around and broke a glass showpiece.

Suhani: Stop stop.

Yuvaani steps ahead and slaps her. Everyone is shocked. Saiyyam saw this.

Saiyyam: YUVAANI!!!
Yuvaani: Ssaaiyyam..
Saiyyam: Is this the way that you behave with your bhabhi?
Yuvaani: But bhai..
Elsa: Saiyyam, see the food burnt accidentally and the are beating me.
Suhani: What? Saiyyam she is saying lies.
Saiyyam: No, I saw yuvaani slapping her. Yuvaani say sorry.

Yuvaani didn’t.

Saiyyam: OK. Then we are leaving. If there is a no respect for my wife here then we will not stay.

Yuvaani stops them and says sorry. Elsa acts and saiyyam goes from there.

Elsa: See, I will make you all out one by one. See how a made Krishna out of this house. Now who will save you.

Someone calls from behind. She is Krishna.

Krishna: I will.
Elsa: Krishna..
Krishna: Yes, saiyyam took me back here and I will stay here…

Elsa fumes in anger but leaves. Krishna told them about the tablet and everyone was angry and shocked.

Suhani: How can she do this. What we will do now!
Krishna: I have an idea.
Suhani: What?
Krishna: We will change these tablets with vitamin tablets without Elsa knowing.
Suhani: But how? We don’t know that where are those tablets.
Krishna: We will find.


Will Krishna be able to find the tablets and be successful in the plan?

Hope you like this guys. Till then bye and take care. Keep commenting.

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