Kriyam (Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 3

Hey guys, I am back. I am getting a great response and thankyou everyone who commenced and readed by fan fiction..
So let’s start.

Krishna was sitting in a white saree in her room and she had a photo in her hand. She was weeping quietly and talking to photo frame.

Krishna: Why? Why did you leave me?You were my everthing and now you have left me? Was n’t I a good daughter? Tell me..

Suhani saw everything and was also crying. She went to Krishna.

Suhani: No Krishna, you were a good daughter and you are a good daughter who never loses hope. You are not alone.. Me, yuvraaj, yuvaani,
we all are with u. Now come outside..

Everyone did their rituals and burned the bodies while Krishna was crying and crying and suhani was consoling her.

Suhani: Beta! Please eat something. You haven’t eaten anything.
Krishna: No aunty, I am not hungry.
Suhani: Beta, what answer will you give to ur parents huh?. Come on please eat something.
Krishna: OK!
She ate and went to sleep but she was weeping and crying all night so she could not sleep.

*****Next day*****

Yuvaani: Krishna! Where will you live? Alone huh??
Krishna: Yes! I will manage.
Yuvan:But I think u should come with us.
Krishna: No, I don’t want to be a burden on anyone.

Suhani comes from behind and said.
Suhani: Who said that u are a burden? Soumya and raj were like our siblings. After them, You are our daughter.
Krishna: Par aunty!!(suhani cuts her sentence)
Suhani: No its and buts. You are coming with us and that’s final.. Yuvaani you help her in packing.
Yuvaani: Ji mom.

Krishna sadly packed her bags and while going from that house, she was watching every corner of it.

Suhani: what are u doing beta??
Krishna: Aunty, I was born in this house and my all memories are here.I cant forget them and move on.
Suhani: Yes beta, I can understand u but u are now our daughter. You must become brave. OK! Now come let’s go..

They reached birla mansion..

They saw that dadi was waiting for them.

Dadi: This girl cannot live in this house..
Yuvraaj: But why dadi? She is my daughter now so where I live, she will also live there.
Dadi: No,she is a orpan and also not a birla!!!
Yuvraaj: No, she will live here and that my last decision
Krishna: its okay uncle, I will go back.
Suhani: No, u will not go anywhere.
Yuvraaj: Yes! Suhani is right
Dadi: But beta..
Yuvraaj: No, stop arguing. Krishna will stay with us.

Dadi made faces and went away.

Suhani: Yuvaani, please show Krishna her bedroom.
Yuvaani: Yes mom, Come Krishna.

She showed Krishna her room and she slept as she had not slept in night. She saw her mom and dad in the dream.

Krishna: Mon, dad. Why did you leave me?
Soumya: We are happy here and we know that yuvraaj and suhani will give u more love than us.

She suddenly woke up and saw suhani was standing there.
Suhani: You saw a bad dream?
Krishna: No aunty, Mom and dad came in my dream and they were happy and did that suhani aunty would give u love as much as we did.
Suhani: See, your parents also wanted u to stay here now come dinner is ready.

Krishna goes to fresh up while suhani goes down.
While going, Krishna collided with someone and in fear of falling, she
closed her eyes but two arms caught her. She opened her eyes and saw
Saiyyam. They have long eyelock but realising their position, Krishna broke the eye lock.

Saiyyam: Can’t u see that where are you going?
Krishna: um.. Sorry
Saiyyam: OK ok. Stop staring at me and go.
Krishna:( while going) He is so rude and irritating. How will her wife tolerate him when he is married. Sigh
They ate dinner and slept.

Surprise surprise..
A new mystery

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