Kriyam (Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 10

So guys, the Kriyam confession yesterday was a blast. But it was so speedy. I am just glad that they are one now. So let’s start.

Suhani: So Krishna beta, do u like the boy?
Krishna: Um.. Aunty I don’t know.
Suhani: Don’t hurry. Take ur time.
Krishna: Aunty, if u like the boy then I am ready.
Suhani: No beta, its your life decision and don’t think that we are happy so you agree.
Krishna: OK aunty, I will decide and tell you at night.

Krishna goes to her room wondering.
In Krishna’s room.

Krishna’s POV:
He looks like a nice guy but in his eyes, there was some kind of pain and I could see that. I think he is not ready to marry but why did he say that he likes me. Maybe I am overreacting. Yes, I think I am ready.
POV ended.
At night:

Krishna: aunty, I am ready.
Suhani(smiles): That’s very good beta. I will call shivani ji and tell them to fix date of engagement.
Everyone feeds sweets to Krishna while Saiyyam is angry. He goes away.
Suhani calls shivani and they fix the date of engagement that is after one day.
Next day..

Everyone was gone for shopping.
Suhani: Saiyyam beta! Come with us.
Saiyyam: Nahi maa, I am not in the mood.
Yuvaani: please come please.
Saiyyam: Alright alright. Let’s go.

They all go for shopping.
In mall:
Suhani and Yuvraaj were buying some dresses while Yuvaani was with dadi.
Suhani: Yuvraaj, how is this dress?
Yuvraaj: Uff.. How would I know?
Suhani: What do u mean?
Yuvraaj: I mean that you ladies know better about your clothes as ur lifetime job is shopping. (Teasingly)
Suhani: So you mean that we don’t do any other work? Huh.
Yuvraaj: you are right
suhani starts hitting him.

While Krishna was confused in choosing dress.
Krishna: Should I take this red one or pink one. I should ask Yuvaani but Yuvaani is with Dadi.

Saiyyam was standing near her and could see that she is confused. He goes to her.

Saiyyam: What happened?
Krishna: Ah Saiyyam, can you help me.?
Saiyyam: Yeah sure.
Krishna: So should i buy this red one or pink one?
Saiyyam: I think that red one is nice but you will look more beautiful in this pink one.
Krishna: OK..
They all did some shopping and went home. TehTehy ate dinner and went for sleep.
In Krishna’s room:
She was laying on bed.
Krishna: I still don’t know that I am doing right or not. I just feel that I am doing wrong.
Thinking this for long, she finally slept.

In the morning.
Suhani: Yuvaani, me and Yuvraaj are going to rohit’s house.
Yuvaani: OK..

Suddenly osomeone comes.
Suhani: Yuvan!!!
Yuvan: Hello everyone.

Yuvaani hugs him and kaira.
Suhani: You are back so early?
Yuvan: Maa, you don’t talk to me.
Suhani: But why.
Yuvan: Krishna’s engagement is tomorrow and you didn’t bothered to call me and tell me. And even Krishna didn’t tell me.
Suhani: Yes, go and meet her. She will be happy to see you.
Yuvan: OK.

He goes to her room.
Yuvan: Surprise!!!
Krishna: Yuvan bhai.
Krishna runs and hugs him.
Krishna: I was missing you.
She was crying.

Yuvan: Why are crying?
Krishna: bhai, after my marriage ii have to leave you all and go. I would miss you all.
Yuvan: We would miss you too.

They talked for a long time and then Yuvan goes.

Engagement and kriyam scenes…

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