Kriyam (Love, a beautiful relationship?)

So guys, I am Here with a new episode. So comment and tell me how is the Episode..

As everyone knows that Yuvan and kaira have gone to Honey moon so..

Suhani: Yuvaani, can you please call Krishna. I want to talk to her about some important thing.
Yuvaani: OK Maa.

She goes to Krishna’s room where she was reading a book.
Krishna: Yuvaani, any work?
Yuvaani: Yeah, Maa is calling you. She needs to talk about something important.
Krishna: OK, I will come in 5 mins.

Yuvaani goes away. Krishna comes down and goes to suhani. Yuvaani was also there.

Krishna: Aunty, anything happened?
Suhani: No beta, I need to talk to you.
Krishna: OK.
Suhani: You know that now Yuvan is married and happy in his life.
Krishna: Yes aunty, I know.
Suhani: So me and Yuvraaj decided that now is the time.
Krishna: For what?
Suhani: Its time that you get married. See this is a big decision so you have time and we won’t force you.
Saying this suhani left with Krishna’s wondering . Saiyyam was watching all this and when he heard of Krishna’s marriage, he suddenly felt his heart beating fast and sweating very much. Its seems that his world is no more.

Saiyyam’s POV:

Maa said that Krishna should marry but how can this happen. No Saiyyam, you are over reacting. Its her life and its her decision why are you worrying so much. But when ever she is near you, u will comfort but what are these feelings.

POV ended.
He tried to calm himself but he couldn’t. He was so uncomfortable.
While in Krishna’s room.

Krishna: I think that aunty is right. I don’t want to be a burden on them and besides i have to marry one day so why not now? And its for aunty and uncle’s happiness.

She was all day in these thoughts.
******Next day*****
Everyone was sitting on dinning table except Saiyyam. He came down at last. Krishna got courage.

Krishna: So as everyone is here then I want to announce something.
Suhani: yes tell beta.
Krishna: Aunty, yesterday you tell me to marry and thought alot and I decided that…
Suhani: Please continue.
Krishna: Yes! So I decided that I am ready to marry.( smiling)
Hearing this everyone became happy except Saiyyam. He was fuming in anger.
Saiyyam thinks: How can she agree to marry? But why am I thinking about her?
With this, he started to get up.
Suhani: Arrey beta, where are you going. Please eat the sweets.
Saiyyam: No maa, I am not in the mood.
And he went away.

Suhani: I don’t know what happened to him.
Everyone was happy for Krishna but inside herself Krishna was thinking of Saiyyam.

Saiyyam went to office but his all day became bad. He was irritated, annoyed and shouting on employees.
He came back home and straight went to his room. He didn’t even come for breakfast.
Suhani: I will take his dinner upstairs.
Yuvaani: No maa, let me.

She took the dinner and went away. While going upstairs she thought.
Yuvaani: Something is wrong. Saiyyam is behaving like this since Krishna had agreed for marriage. I also saw him tensed and some worry on his face.
Yuvaani goes in his room and knocks.
Saiyyam: Come in Yuvaani.
Yuvaani: here is ur dinner and now tell me what’s wrong?
Saiyyam: What’s wrong? There is nothing wrong.
Yuvaani: No, you are behaving like this since morning.
Saiyyam: Its just a headache.
Yuvaani: Are u sure?
Saiyyam: yes.

She doubtfully goes away.
Saiyyam: So now you must forget about her. She is marrying and why are you so tensed.. Forget about her.

Two days past like this.

After two days.
In morning…

Suhani: Krishna, a boy is coming to see you. He is from a respective family and is a physiologist.
Krishna: That sounds good.
Suhani: So you be ready ok. They will come at 6:00.

She gets ready and soon the boy and his family arrives. Krishna comes and serves tea.
Suhani: So what is ur name beta?
Boy: My name is Rohit.
Suhani: So Rohit, do u like our Krishna?
Boy: Yes, I do.
Shivani: So, is this rishta done?
Suhani: We need some time so we will call you and tell you and if yes then we will fix the date.

They talked for some time and then they went.

Will Krishna accept this marriage or not?

So guys, how’s the episode. Thanks for a great response and will see you soon.

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