Kriyam-Life long love story – part-8

Hi guys thank you for commenting. And I hope you will like this episode.

Sayyam says to Krishna that he have another surprise.
Then Krishna says (with a weak tone) another surprise aa
Then sayyam says this is the last surprise.
Krishna ask what is that surprise.
Then sayyam says we are going to dance.
And sayyam also says that without dance how can a valentine’s day can end.
Krishna agree to dance.

Sayyam play the song ( zaalima )

The song was full romantic.
And kriyam are dancing together with their romantic feelings.
When they were dancing. Then sayyam stamp Krishna dress.
And Krishna was about to fall but sayyam catches her.
And they have a small and sweet eye lock.
When they come to their sense.
Krishna starts fighting with sayyam.
Krishna was saying that he don’t know how to dance.
By this they have a small fight.
But they were cute when they were fighting.

(Guys I said that this is the same story which is playing in T.V .
But I had also said that I will change some scenes and also I will make kriyam scene romantic.
And guys in my ff also Yuvan is in love with Krishna same as shown in T.V . But I am going to change the scene.)

When kriyam were fighting.
Meanwhile Yuvan has some work.
So he is going from the cottage side where kriyam were their.
When he was passing the cottage he saw sayyam car and he stops.
Yuvan was thinking that why sayyam car was here. Actually sayyam said to maa that he is going to some marriage function of his friend and also took Krishna with him.
But how his car is hear.

Precap : what will Yuvan do now.

Guys I know that this was short episode. But my next part will be long.And thank you zani saleem for saying a beautiful song.

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  1. Harchi

    Guys I think this was a boring episode.I am thinking to stop the episode.

  2. Pinkyyy

    Dear pls don’t stop
    Please please ???

  3. Aarti32

    No no..No stopping..Jst carry on..It’s awesome

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