Kriyam-Life long love story – part-7

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Recap: sayyam proposes to Krishna.

When sayyam proposed to Krishna.
Krishna is in a position that she is unable to express her feelings.
And she is so happy that sayyam also love her.
With that happiness she started crying.
Sayyam seeing Krishna he immediately get up and ask her why is she crying.
When he was asking Krishna.
Krishna hugs him and say “I LOVE YOU TOO SAYYAM” and she tightly hug him.
By listening to Krishna words sayyam also hug her tight.
They have a long hug for sometime.

After that they break their hug.
Sayyam say to her that he have more surprises.
Sayyam closes Krishna eyes with his hand and take her to a table.
And he opens her eyes.
And their is a cake on the table.
On that cake kriyam pic is their.
By seeing this Krishna is so happy and more excited.
With this excitement Krishna kissed sayyam cheek .
And she feel shy.

And now they both cut the cake and feed each other.

Now sayyam again closes her eyes and take her to beach.

In beach also sayyam made so arrangements.
When sayyam opens her eyes.
Krishna was amazed with the decoration.
Kriyam catch their hands and go towards the table.
And they both sit on the chair.
And they have their dinner with some eye locks.
After they complete their dinner.

They play in beach.(like catching each other and playing and while playing they have some romance).

After sometime they come to cottage.
Their dresses were fully wet.

Sayyam ask Krishna to go and change her clothes.
First Krishna says ok. And while going she thinks that she don’t have and dress to wear.
She turns towards sayyam and she about to ask him.
By the time sayyam say to Krishna that he had brought their clothes and kept in the room.
Krishna then go to the room and change her dress and come out.
She was wearing a long frock. And she was so beautiful in that dress.
Sayyam was staring at her.
Krishna comes near to sayyam and ask him to change the dress and come.
Sayyam comes to his sence. And go to the room and changes his clothes and come.

Sayyam says he have one more surprises.
And goes towards the T.V and plays a movie.
It was a romantic movie.
They both sit together and watch the movie.
When they see the lip lock in the movie they got temeted to those scenes.

A finally the movie got completed.

Now sayyam ask Krishna for a kiss.
Krishna say no.
Sayyam ask why.
Krishna says I feel shy.
Then Krishna slowly move back because sayyam is coming forward to kiss her and finally she got pinned to the wall.
Sayyam come to her and keep the hands on the both side.
Sayyam slowly go towards her lips.
Krishna closes her eyes with shy.
Sayyam finally kiss her on the lips and they have a long lip lock.
Their lip lock continue for a long time.
After sometime they break their kiss. And move away.
Krishna was feeling shy and her cheeks because pink.

Sayyam thinks to divert the situation.
And he says that he has another surprises.

Precap: So what surprises sayyam is going to give to Krishna.

I hope guys you will like this episode. Please comment and give some suggestions. And please say some romantic songs.

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