Kriyam-Life long love story – part-6

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The episode start with sayyam.
Sayyam was walking in the corridor and thinking about Krishna.
And he is not in his sence and walking by the time Krishna was also in a hurry and walking in the corridor and they suddenly collide each other and they have a eye lock.

After 5min they come into their sense.
And they leave from that place.

Sayyam goes to his room and he was thinking that he really love Krishna or not.

After 1 hour

He had confirmed that he really love Krishna.

(In that 1 hour. Actually sayyam was thinking about Krishna and his best movement with her and how he had wore the zip. And their lip lock and eye lock and their romance and he starts felling for her while thinking those things and finally come to conclusions that he love her.
And this is what happened in 1 hour)

Sayyam is now happy that he is in love.
But suddenly he thinks that I am in love with Krishna but I don’t know what Krishna is felling about me and he becomes sad.

Now sayyam is thinking that he got a good opportunity to confess is love because today is a valentine’s day.

And sayyam quickly go out for the preparation.
Sayyam is going in his car.
And he was talking in his phone about some place and asking the to decorate the place.
And he finishes the call.

And Sayyam get down near a shopping mall.
Sayyam goes inside the shopping mall.

First he goes to womens floor.
And buy a beautiful saree to Krishna.
Now he go to the men’s floor and buy a dress for him which match with Krishna dress colour.
After buying the dresses he goes home.

Sayyam goes to his room and he goes to Krishna cupboard and he keep the dress in the cupboard and he go to his bed and sit there.

After 2min .
Krishna enter the room.
And go to the cupboard and she was surprised to see a beautiful saree their.
And she was thinking that why this sarees is her and who bought this saree.
And she suddenly turns towards sayyam. And she goes to his and ask him that did he bought this saree.

(When she was asking this sayyam was playing in his phone)

Sayyam get’s up from his bed and say to Krishna that he had brought that saree.

With his answer Krishna was in a confusion and this confusion we can see on her face.
Sayyam was observing this and notice that she was in a confusion and say her that their is a marriage function of my friend so we are going I thought that you don’t have any saree that’s why I brought this for you.

Krishna was so happy about sayyam word and how he care for her.

Sayyam say to Krishna to go and get ready.
Then Krishna says to sayyam that she don’t know how to wear saree.
Then sayyam comes to Krishna and help her wearing the saree.
While wearing the saree they have some romance.
And finally Krishna wears the saree.
Sayyam was mesmerized by her beauty.
She was looking like an angel in that saree.
Meanwhile sayyam goes and change his clothes and come.
When sayyam came out Krishna is staring at him and thinking that his dress colour and her saree colour is same to same.

Krishna was staring at sayyam and he was so handsome in his dress.

Now they both get into the car.

Sayyam was so happy about the surprise which he is going to give to Krishna.
And he was also in tenction that after he proposes to Krishna will she accept him or not.

When they both reach near to that place.
Sayyam stops his car aside and he closes Krishna eyes with cloth.
Krishna was totally confused. And she ask sayyam what he is doing.
Then sayyam say to Krishna if you believe me than be quite.
Krishna was quite.

They both reach the place.
I was a cottage and it was fully decorated with red heart balloon and red roses.

Sayyam makes Krishna get down the car.
And he catch her hand and slowly take her inside the cottage.
Now sayyam slowly remove the cloth.
Krishna was really surprised with the decoration.
And their was a nice beach view from the cottage so Krishna go to the window and seeing the beach.
Now sayyam slowly comes to her and he sit on his knees with a rose in his hand and he proposes to Krishna.
Krishna was in a shock and she don’t know how to react for that.

Precap: Will Krishna will accept sayyam love or not.

I hope guys you like this episode.please comment.And please give some suggestions.

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