Kriyam-Life long love story – part-5

Hi guys I hope you will like these episode.And thank you for commenting.

The episode starts with kriyam liplock.

Kriyam are still on the ground and their liplock is still continued.
But it gets breakes because someone was knocking the door.

Suddenly kriyam get their sence and quickly stand up.
Krishna gives shirt to sayyam.
Sayyam takes the shirt and quickly wears the shirt.
Krishna goes and open the door and it was yuvani.
When Krishna saw yuvani (she was thinking in her mind that why this yuvani came at this time.she can come after some time Na)
Because of yuvani Krishan became sad.

Sayyam sees yuvani and goes out of his room.

Yuvani enters Krishna room
Yuvani ask Krishna what today date.
Krishna thinks and says that today is Feb 14.
Yuvani says ya it’s fed 14 and it is a special day.
Krishna ask why Feb 14 is a special day.
Yuvani tells Krishna that you don’t know atleast fed 14.
Krishna:no I don’t know
Yuvani says that today is valentine’s day.
Krishna then says that she forgot about that.
Yuvani ask Krishna what are you going to plan for sayyam.
Krishna says I don’t know yuvani.i should think.
But yuvani says I have a plan.
Then Krishna ask what is that plan.
Yuvani says her plan to Krishna.
And Krishna likes the plan.

And now Krishna and yuvani starts doing the arrangement.

After sometime they complete their half of their arrangements.
But due to some reason all the arrangements get spoiler.
And both of them sit together with their sad face.

On the other side sayyam was thinking about Krishna.

Sayyam was thinking in his mind that today is valentine’s day.
But suddenly sayyam says to himself that why I am thinking about valentine’s day.
And thinking about Krishna in his mind that he is in love with Krishna or not.

Precap:Is sayyam is in love with Krishna or not.
If sayyam is in love with Krishna then what he will do for her on valentine’s day.

Thank you guys for reading my ff.And I hope you will like this episode.And please comment and give some suggestions.

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  1. Aarti32

    Short n sweet episode..Make it longer next time n plzz correct Krishna’s name’s spelling..It’s Krishna n not Krishan..??

    1. Aarti32

      Although it was jst ones..but I couldn’t stop myself from commenting..

  2. Such a sweet episode.. wow

  3. So cute ?

  4. Yaar such a cute episode…..

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    Thank you so much for commenting

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