Kriyam-Life long love story – part-4

Hi guys thank you for your comments.But my exams are going on so I am unable to upload long story.but my exams will get finished by 22nd.and from 22nd onwards I will write long story.

The episode starts with yuvani

Yuvani is leaving the room.
But sayyam notice that and and breakes the eye lock.
Then sayyam makes Krishna and stand up properly.
And quickly leave from their.

Krishna also freshup and come to have breakfast.

While she was coming she saw yuvani and went to her to talk.
But yuvani ask Krishna about their romance (with a laughing face).
By hearing that Krishna blushes and ask her to stop.

While having breakfast yuvani is seeing kriyam and smiling.
Both kriyam feel shy by seeing yuvani face.
By the time when sayyam was drinking juice then some few drops of juice fell on his shirt.

So sayyam go to his room for changing the shirt.

Krishna was still having the breakfast.

In kriyam room.
Sayyam goes to his cupboard and don’t find any of his shirt.

By the time Krishna comes to her room.

Sayyam sees Krishna and ask Krishna about his shirt’s.

Krishna says that she gave for washing.

Sayyam ask Krishna now what he will where.

Krishna ask sayyam to remove his shirt and give.

Then sayyam ask Krishna for what is asking the shirt.

Then Krishna says that she will wash and give the shirt.

Then sayyam says okand removes his shirt.

After removing the shirt he was looking handsome so that Krishna was staring at him.

But Krishna comes to her sence and takes the shirt and wash it.

While Krishna was walking towards sayyam with his shirt.

The Krishna gets slipped due to the surf fallen on the ground while she about to fall but sayyam comes and catches her but due to the ground was slippery they both fall down and suddenly they have a lip lock.

Precap:while kriyam lip lock will continue or it will break.

Wait for the next episode.bye guys and hope you will enjoy the episode.

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  1. So cute

    1. Harchi

      Thank you

  2. Shaani

    Awwee… Nice.. Keep writing.. Waiting for the next part…

    1. Harchi

      Thank you for commenting.And I have submitted my part-5.
      It can be uploaded at anytime.

  3. Aarti32

    Oooohhhh..liplock n all..woohoo.. Awesome one

    1. Harchi

      Thank you for commenting.

  4. Waitng fr next one

    1. Harchi

      Thank you and next part will be uploaded.

  5. Lip lock??it should continue???

    1. Harchi

      Thank you for commenting

  6. We want the liplock to continue!!! I am hearing this type of idea for the first time..but it was impressive..update ASAP.. 🙂

  7. Harchi

    Thank you

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