Kriyam-Life long love story – part-1


Hi guys I am Harchi.I am going to start a new ff.I hope guys you would like this episode.

The episode is same as it is coming in the T.V.
But I will change the scene and make it romantic.

The episode starts with yuvani

Yuvani(saying to Krishan):you don’t worry Krishan I will help you to make sayyam realise your love.
Krishan:thank you yuvani.

Yuvani:it’s okay Krishan I am you best friend no need to say thanks
Krishan:so what we will do now
Yuvani: Krishan if you will be in these type of old looking dresses then no one will love.All the boy like when the girls are in modern dresses.
Krishan:but yuvani I don’t have modern dresses
Yuvani: it’s not a problem Krishan.i have so many dresses you can take any dress you want or else we can go to shop and bring some dresses
Krishan:it’s a great idea yuvani.we will go for shopping and buy some dresses.And also I want to buy some shirts for sayyam.yuvani can you please help me in selecting shirts for sayyam because you know his choice Na
Yuvani:okay Krishan . Let’s go.
(They both go for shopping and buy some dresses and also some shirts for sayyam.)
Which returning home

Krishan:yuvani.sayyam will like these shirts aa
Yuvani:yes ofcourse Krishan don’t get tensed
(Yuvani and Krishan came home)
Krishan goes to her room And starts checking her dresses one by one by wearing it.
By the time sayyam enter the room.
Sayyam (saw some shirts on the table and the shirts were simply superb)
Krishan wears a beautiful dress and come out from the washroom and she don’t know that sayyam came.
Sayyam turns towards washroom and he was mesmerized by seeing her beauty and staring at her.
Sayyam (think’s in mind):why she is this much beautiful.i am so lucky to have such a beautiful wife.
(sayyam is dreaming in his thoughts.)but dreams are broken by Krishan because she call him
Krishan:what happened sayyam why u are staring at me
Sayyam:no when I was staring at you.
(He says this and quickly go out from the room)

Precap: Sayyam is thinking about Krishan in his mind.

I hope guys you will enjoy this episode.If you like the episode please comment.

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  1. SukhiDhillon

    OO This is very good keep it up love it i wonder what will happen next cant wait <3

    1. Harchi

      Thank you

  2. Cute…I like the idea…keep writing!!!

    1. Harchi

      Thank you

  3. So good. ❤❤❤

    1. Harchi

      Thank you

  4. Shaani

    Very nice… Waiting for the next part.. Superb ..keep writing…

    1. Harchi

      Thank you so much for commenting.
      And I submitted my next part it will be uploaded.

  5. Is her name krishna or krishnan because krishnan is a name of a boy….btw the epusode nyc…

    1. Harchi

      Thank you for commenting.
      From part-3 onwards I will not do this mistake.

  6. Pinkyyy

    Nice update dear

    1. Harchi

      Thank you pinkyyy

  7. Aarti32

    It was a really good start..N romance is always Awesome..

    1. Harchi

      Thank you

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