Kriyam : you are my life (Episode 1)

Its dewdrop again with a ff on kriyam plz don’t bother about my Grammer .

So let’s start
A couple sleeping peacefully in a bed is shown ,the girls sleep is interrupted by the sun rays coming through the windows . Then she get up and watch the boy sleeping peacefully near to her and a sweet smile appear on her lips and she kissed her forehead and was about to leave the bed , then she felt a strong pull on her hand and she falls on to the bed .
Boy : only this much ? ..( slowly opening his eyes )
Krishna : what , plz leave me I want to get ready and I have lots of work to do .
Saiyam : no I don’t leave you with out giving me a morning kiss here ( pointing towards his lips .)
Krishna : plz saiyam leave me .

Saiyam : no I don’t leave you ( he was about touch her lips .)
Then she heard a sound calling her .
Soumya : Krishna …. Krishna

She wake from sleep with a sad face by realising that it was just a dream .
And her sight turns into the next side of the bed and she felt bad , by understanding that he will not there any more. Then she get up from the bed and her mother told her to get ready at evening 7 pm to attend her friend’s daughter’s wedding .
Krishna : ma plz , i am not interested in attending weddings plz leave me alone .
Soumya : but Krishna you have to overcome all this and have to move on .
Krishna : ma plzz…

Soumya : no more plzs Krishna get readyin evening .
She leaves and Krishna get upset .she thinks some thing that happened in her life and her eyes get filled with tears and was about to fall , but she didn’t allowed them to escape from her eyes .

Then she go to wash room .
Its evening now . Due to her mother’s compelling she decided to attend marriage and started to get ready .
She wear a beautiful pink anarkali suit and wear the jewelerys matching the dress and she was about to wear a bankle and her mind goes to a past event that he gifting her this beautiful bangle and says that…

Saiyam : this for you and wear this and keep it always with you , if am not with you it will be there as one of my memory .
Krishna : ( keeps her finger on his lips ) plz don’t say anything like this any more . Bcz if you are not there I am not there.( Tu Jo Hain song plays )
Then she came to reality

Krishna : ( to herself ) but what you did is you leave me alone ….( Cries a lot and then one a bad memory passed through heart her and she stopped crying ) Krishna you have promised your mother that you don’t cry any more so be strong for her , past is past try to forget it ok and she faked a smile in her face on looking the mirror and left for the wedding.
Ok that’s it , inform your opinion about continuing it , yes / no ?

Plz leave your comment ?

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  1. Toiii shrt epi…. Interesting to read…. Carry on….. Lvly

  2. So interesting and nice update continue writing

  3. pls cont n post d nxt part soon..

  4. Candyfloss

    Hey Dewdrop. Nice to see you again. It’s amazing. Continue it. ???

  5. Muniya

    Hey dear…
    NIce start…
    Plz continue…

  6. Hey.. Nice one post next asap

  7. Omg this is so interesting i am so happy another ff is being made thank u so much i cant wait for todays episode

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