Kriyam: Kyun karte ho muhjse itna pyar (Chapter 54)

Saiyyam was genuinely happy to have yuvraj as a father figure in his life and he had meant it wholeheartedly when he said he has accepted him as his father. And now as he made his way to his room he couldn’t wait to tell Krishna that he and her dadu had shared a moment. But it turned out he wasn’t going to see his blushing bride that easily. He was stopped outside his room by his lovely sister. His sister, who had whom he loved dearly but who was annoyingly interfering in his love life.
Saiyyam: Yuvani…yeh mera kamra side hato gi….(Yuvani this is my room please move aside)
Yuvani: pehele mujhe gift dho ya phir paise se bhi kaam chalega…uske baad mein hatoongi..(First give me a give, or some money will do, then only I will move)
Saiyyam: Gift? Kal main maa papa se tumhari shaadi ki baat karne wala hoon ab isse bada gift kya ho sakta hai..(Gift? Tomorrow I’m talking to maa and papa regarding your marriage. What could be a better gift than that?)
Yuvani: Woh sab mujhe nahi ..ek..ek minute..kya kahan tumne…papa?(I don’t want to here. I will take gift..wait wait a minute..what did you say..papa?)

Saiyyam: haan who aaj officially mujhe papa mil gaye..( Yeah well I officially got a father today)
Yuvani hugged her brother ecstatically..
Yuvani: Saiyyam yeh toh best gift hai..mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiye I’m so happy for you.(Saiyyam that’s the best gift. I don’t want anything else.)
Yuvani released saiyyam from the hug and gestured towards the door of his room, gave him a thumbs up and headed off. Saiyyam entered room..
As soon as he entered he was being pulled into a hug by his wife… Krishna was crying and laughing at the same time. Saiyyam understood that she must have heard what he said outside, he pulled away from the hugged and cupped Krishna’s face..Krishna flashed him a genuine smile through her tears..
Saiyyam: Tumne suna…(You heard)
Krishna: Hmm…Main bohot khush hoon saiyyam..aaj sahi maine mein tumhara parivaar poora hua hai..(I’m very happy today saiyyam. Today, your family is complete)
And with that she was hugging him again.. Saiyyam knew Krishna was feeling melancholy and he needed to change her mood so he decided to change the mood..

Saiyyam: Krishna, tum kitni besharam dulhan ho..suhaagraat mein..normal dulhan sharmati hai..aur bohot hi nazakat aur adaa ke saat ghoonghat olh ke pati ke intezaar main baiti hoti hai..aur tum…pati kamre mein aaye nahi ki gale palh rahi ho….ab tumse aur expect bhi kya kiya jaa sakta hai…tumhe kahan ye sab flirting aur blushing aati hai..atleast tum har baar ki tara floor pe giri hui toh nahi ho..(Krishna, you’re such a shameless wife..on the wedding night normal brides get shy and with lot of grace and style they cover their faces and sit, waiting for their husbands but you, you were all over me as soon as I entered the room but what else can be expected of you, how would you know to flirt and blush, atleast you haven’t fallen on the floor like you always do.)
Krishna irritatatedly broke up the hug and hit saiyyam on the chest and moved towards the bed.
Krishna: Acha mujhe romance karna nahi aata na..main besharam hoom na..teek hai..nahi manani mujhe suhaagraat tumhare saat. Tumse toh mujhe baat hi mahi karni hai..( Ok I don’t know how to romance right, I am shameless, fine, I don’t wasn’t to spend our first night with you. I don’t even want to talk to you.)
She agrily sat down on the bed facing away from him. Saiyyam let out a small laugh and bent down infront of Krishna,
Saiyyam: Acha mujhse baat mat karo idar aao ( Ok no need to talk to me but come here)
Saiyyam dragged a reluctant Krishna infront of the bathroom and got in himself..
Krishna: Ab tum bathroom main kya kar rahe ho…(Now what are you doing in the bathroom)
Saiyyam didn’t respond instead he came out with a bucket of water and handed it to Krishna..
Saiyyam: Tum yeh paani mujhpe dalo..(Dump this water on me)
Krishna: Kya? Saiyyam tum pagal ho kya..main tumse itni bhi gussa nahi hoon…(What? Saiyyam are you crazy? Im not all that angry with you)

Saiyyam: Mujhe pata hai..pani dalo..(I know dump the water on me)
Krishna: Saiyyam yeh kya(Saiyyam what are you)
Krishna was cut off by Saiyyam
Saiyyam: Tumhe yaad hai humari jab pehele shaadi hui thi toh maine tum par aise hi paani daala tha. Aur poori raat tumhe aise rehene diya..(Do you remember the first time we got married I dumped water on you just like this and left you in that state the whole night.)
Krishna had a flashback to that night when he did indeed dump water on her, told her he didn’t care for her and left her to cry her eyes out…But that seems like ages ago and that wasn’t the real saiyyam, why would he possibly bring this up now…does he feel guilty? Krishna looked up at him and tried to say something..something that would comfort him. let him know that she doesn’t hold anything against him but saiyyam beat her to it..His voice was cracked this time, it seemed like he could breakdown into tears at any moment, the sight of him like this broke Krishna’s heart.

Saiyyam; Uss din maine tumhare saat batameezi ki…aaj tum hisaab barabar ka lo Krishna…PANI DALO..(I misbehaved with you that day so you should get even with me Krishna.. DUMP THE WATER)
As soon as he had said those words he was covered with water, all wet from head to toe and he couldn’t bare to look Krishna in this eyes. He felt a weird mix of pain and relief and that as she often did, Krishna proceeded to do something that took him completely by surpise. She went into the bathroom refilled the bucket and dumped it on herself….He tried to speak but she wouldn’t let him..Instead she gestured him to listen..
Krishna: Mil gayi tasali ho gaya hisaab barabar…uss din jisne mere upar pani pekha tha who ek pattar dil haiwaan tha…par aaj jiske upar maine pani pekha who mera pati hai….Saath phere lete waqt kasam kayi thi maine ki uska dukh mera dukh hoga uski takleef meri takleef hogi…toh mujhe toh apne upar pani pekhna hi ta na….Kyunki jin jin haalaaton se mere pati guzrein ge..unn halaaton se main bhi guzroon gi..kyun main aur mere pati hum do nahi..hum ek hai…Samajh gaye Mr Saiyyam..aur khabar dar jo aaj ke baad phir kabhi pehele ki koi baat chedi to…Yeh hum dono ki zindagi ki nayi shuruwaat hai aur purani koi bhi kadvaahat main iss shuruwaat koh karaab nahi kar ne dhoongi…( Are you satisfied now…that day the person who dumed this water on me was a soulless monster but today whom I dumped thiss water on is my husband, while taking the seven rounds with him I vowed that his sorrow will be my sorrow and his buden will be my burden so I obviously had to dump water on myself as well, because whatever my husband goes through in life, I will go through as well because me and my husband we aren’t two people, we are one…Understand Mr saiyyam. And don’t you dare bring u any unpleasant memories from the past, this is a new beginning for us and I will not have our new beginings ruined by old wounds..)

Saiyyam was at a loss..How can someone possibly love him so much, Forgive and forget everthing that he had done and encourafe him to do the same…truly want a new beginning and a happily ever after with him…How?..He stared at his wife emotionally for the longest time before stumbling out the words….
Saiyyam: Kyun karti ho mujhse itna pyar Krishna? (Why do you love me so much Krishna)
Precap: Kriyam’s wet and unconventional suhaagrat continues.
Hello everyone. I have missed you all and I have missed writing good content. My apologies for disappearing again. I had a ton of work to do plus I’ve been in this terrible creative rut for the longest time. Nothing I write is good. I don’t know how many times I’ve re-written this chapter as well. Personally I still think it’s a bit meh..but its not terrible so here it is. And for those of you who want me to continue writing and want to give me any kind of feedback please comment. I thank you for your patience and please baer with me while I try to get out of this rut. Love you all

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