Kriyam: Kyun karte ho mujse itna pyar ( Chapter 9 )

Saiyyam was awakened from his sleep by a bell like noise…. He got up and checked the time it was 2AM. He searched the room for where the noise was coming from….. Krishna was rolling around in her sleep.. it was her bangles……..
Saiyyam : Wow….. main soch raha ta ki choolhi ki vaja se yeh nahi so paye gi.. par yahan to meri hi neend kharab ho gayi.. ( wow.. I thought she wouldn’t be able to sleep wearing bangles.. but here im the one not getting any sleep.. )
He got up and moved towards Krishna… He sat beside the sofa and called her out..
Saiyyam : Krishna.. Krishna wake up.. ajeeb ladki hai itna itna shor mach raha he phir bi ye madam so rahi hain… lagta hai mujhe khud iski choolhiyan utar ni palhegi… varna poori raat so nahi paaoonga ( she’s so strange… its so loud yet madam is still asleep… looks like I’ll have to remove her bangles myself.. or I wont be able to sleep the whole night )
Saiyyam took Krishna’s hand and tried to pull the bangle out.. he was struggling… he realized the bangle was tight for her wrist… He had a weird feeling … He was sad thinking about how the bangle’s must be hurting her.. but he was also touched that she chose to wear them anyway…

He had forgotten all about removing the bangle… now he was just sitting there holding her hand..staring at her while she slept…. He was appreciating her gesture.. it was genuinely the sweetest thing anyone had done for him.. He kept on staring at her and eventually fell asleep beside her still holding her hand..
It was morning…. Krishna’s sleep broke and she opened her eyes… she tried to get up but something was pulling her back… it was saiyyam.. he was still holding on to her hand… Krishna was shocked… she quickly pulled back her hand… This woke saiyyam up..
Krishna : yeh kya kar rahe ho tum ( what are you doing? )
Saiyyam : ( angrily ) oh please Krishna…. Main koi aisi waisi harkat nahi kar raha ta.. ( oh please Krishna I wasn’t doing anything wrong like that.. )
Krishna : nahi woh mera matlab tha…. Tum yahan kaisa… ( no what I meant was.. what are you doing here )
Saiyyam looked annoyed.. he held up both krishna’s hand and showed her her bangles..
Saiyyam : yeh.. raat bar iski waja se main so nahi paya… isse nikaal ne aaya tha main… aur yeh itna tught hai phir bhi tumne pehen raka hai… utaaro isse.. ( this.. this ket me up all night.. so I just came to remove it.. and its so tight still you are wearing it… take it off )

He removed the bangles forcefully while Krishna protested.. he was about to throw them on the floor when Krishna held his arm to stop him…
Krishna : Ruko…… ab… isse bhi todh doge kya? ( Wait….. will you break these one’s too )
Saiyyam lowered his arm and returned the bangle to her.. He got up to leave when she stop him..
Krishna : Saiyyam… tumne kaha ki tum poori raat so nahi paye.. par… tum to yahan bohot sukoon ki neend so rahe the… ( saiyyam you said you couldn’t sleep all night.. but you were sleeping here so peacefully )
Krishna gave his a flirtly smile…. He got flustered..
Saiyyam : woh. woh main bohot tired tha na.. isli ye bed ki taraf utke jaane ka man nahi kiya…. Aur maine kaha than a tumhari choolhi nikaal ne ki koshish kar raha ta main.. to bas isi liye.. ( um.. I um.. I was too tired to get up and go towards the bed.. and I told you before I was trying to remove your bangle.. that’s it )
Saiyyam went to the washroom in a hurry… Krishna was staring at her bangles happily…

Precap: Saiyyam gets locked in the washroom…. Both Krishna and saiyyam try to open the door..

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  1. Lol can’t wait for the precap

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      1. Aarti32

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        Dheere dheere dil beqarar hota h..Hote hote hote pyaar hota h!! Good one??

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    so their love story is like, Bangle ne banayi jhodi’

    1. Nnnya

      hahaha i like that yes…. i was more focused on the coffee incident actuaaly.. that time krishna offered him coffee and he did the same when he agreed to become her friend

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