Kriyam: Kyun karte ho mujse itna pyar ( Chapter 8 )

Hi all… Thank you so much for the comments… and whoever this gayu is I’ve noticed you asking kriyamites to stop writing ffs.. I just want to tell you to stop spreading such negativity and regarding the comments kriyam fan fics have plenty of comments and loyal readers.. I myself read and comment on quite a few of them.. and to all the fan fic writers please continue writing and don’t let this negativity affect you. And commenters you are always welcome whoever you ship….
It was night time again… Krishna was sitting in the dining area with suhani… Suhani was showing her some old pictures….There was one picture of little yuvani, Krishna and yuvaan.. Krishna held up the picture in hand and walked off towards her room.. she thought to herself..

Krishna : Kitna badal gaya hain na sab.. hum kitne close te.. hum sab best friends te.. aur ab.. yuvani toh mujhse teek se baath bhi nahi karti… aur yuvaan… kitni pagal thi main.. uske saath kitne sapne dheke te… soch ke ajeeb lagta haiab mere man mein yuvaan ke liye pyar to nahi hain.. par nafrat bhi nahi hain.. infact uske liye to taras aata hai kabhi kabhi… woh baby ke saath kaisa rehe raha hoga…magar.. lagta to khush ki hain.. ( everything has changed so much… we were all so close… all bestfriends.. and now.. yuvani doesn’t even talk to me properly.. and yuvaan… how crazy was I was dreaming of a life with him… feels weird to think about it.. I mean I don’t love yuvaan now… but I don’t even hate him.. sometimes I feel sorry for him though.. how is he staying with that baby… but…. He seems happy )
Krishna was still deeply engrossed in her thoughts… she didn’t even notice saiyyam coming from the other side.. Saiyyam seemed to be in a rush to get in his room..
Krishna bumped into saiyyam…. They both fall on the ground.. tum mera hamdard hai… song played in the background.. They have an eyelock..
Saiyyam broke the eyelock and got up… Krishna struggled to get herself up.. saiyyam helped her.. music was still playing….
Saiyyam : ( in a sarcastic tone) tum… tum koi kaali billi ho kya jo mera raasta katne na teka laga rakha hain tumne…. ( you … are you a black cat.. that you are adamant on always getting in my way…)

Krishna stood silently tugging onto her dupatta..
Saiyyam : ( softly ) pura plan kharab kar diya ( she ruined the entire plan )
Krishna : Plan?… Kaisa lan saiyyam.. ( plan? What plan saiyyam?)
Saiyyam: kuch nahi.. do minute humare kamre mein chalo mujhe kuch kaam hai tumse.. ( nothing.. come to our room for a minute.. I need you for something )
Saiyyam entered the room.. Krishna was puzzled..
Krishna : Kaam? Mujhse? ( he needs me?)
Krishna entered the room and stood infront of saiyyam… He reached down to his pocket and took out a bangle set..
Saiyyam : ye lo… rakho isse.. exactly who wale nahi hain jo maine todh diya ta.. mujhe jo pasand aaya main le aaya..mujhe aaj tumhare bangles nahi todh ne chahi ye te… bohot special the na woh.. im sorry… ( here.. keep it.. its not exactly the one I broke.. I just brought the one which I liked.. I shouldn’t have broken your banglrs today.. they were very special to you weren’t they.. im sorry)
Krishna smiled broadly and took the bangles… Saiyyam headed to the washroom..
Krishna walked towards the mirror.. she removed all her jeweler but put on the bangles.. she looked at the bangles then at saiyyam’s picture on the bedside table… she was blushing….
Krishna : itna khayal karta hain mere liye par.. kabhi kuch bolta kyun nahi hain ( he cares for me so much but why doesn’t he ever say so? )

Krishna lied down on her sofa.. she was caressing her bangles when she noticed saiyyam getting out of the washroom.. she quickly closed her eyes her pretended to be asleep..
Saiyyam came towards his bed and looked over at Krishna… he noticed she was wearing the bangles and smiled…He also noticed she hadn’t draped her blanket.. he went over and tucked her blanket in..
Saiyyam : choolhi pehenke sirf yahi so sakti hain kitna shor machaate honge.. yeh irritate nah hoti hain kya.. (only she can sleep wearing bangles… they make so much noise.. isn’t she irritated? )
Saiyyam went over to his bed and slept.. Krishna heard him leaving and thought…
Krishna: kitna buddhu hai ye.. itna bhi nahi samjhe ki maine choolhiyan kyun pehen rakhi hai.. ab yeh choolhiyan bhi bohot special hain.. ( He is such a dumbo.. cant he understand why ive worn these bangles.. now these are also very special to me.. )
Krishna too falls asleep..

Precap: Krishna is asleep while saiyyam is sitting near her with her hands in his hand.. Krishna wakes up…

Guys I know my ff is moving soooo slowly and it doesn’t really have a story.. but im not really planning on writing a full story for the serial I just want to write cute kriyam scenes and get their lovetrack started,,which I am doing so please let me know your thoughts about this..

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  1. So good. ?

    1. Nnnya

      thank you dear

  2. It’s good….. it’s very interesting….. and i like the part that you don’t only have romantic scenes but cute scenes as well

    1. Nnnya

      Thank you yes.. they are the cutest..

  3. Excellent FF i feel in the whole series only kriyam is the best part. Keep it up.

  4. Shaani

    Superb always… Exactly.. This is what kriyam fans need..kriyam sweet n romantic moments.. Keep writing… LV ur ff..
    Don’t think about haters… We kriyam fan will always read kriyam ff… No need to worry…. They r u just counting comments for kriyam ff.. But they don’t know that they are soo many silent readers also.. Don’t worry.. Keep going..

    1. Nnnya

      Yes… i used to be a silent reader too.. but see i was so passionate about kriyam i not only started commenting but started writing too… Haters gonna hate but kriyanmites will be here always!!!

    2. Nnnya

      and thank you dear for continuing reading my ff

  5. Aarti32

    Awwwww so cute yaar!! I literally luvd it..
    N plzz don’t care abt d haters.. jst hate d haters??

    1. Nnnya

      Thank you aarti dear… 🙂

  6. hey! Loving the story so far! Please continue to write! You’re doing a great job. <3

    Also, is there a better way to search for you FF parts.. I mean I have to go through each page to find each part..just wondering.

    1. Nnnya

      Hi pooja yes you can click on my name then go to posts.. it’ll have all the chapters all together.. Thank you so much for the love.. and keep reading

  7. CoffeeGreen

    So sweet

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