Kriyam: Kyun karte ho mujse itna pyar ( Chapter 7 )

Hi all… I plan to pull an all-nighter for my coursework so I thought id pitch an episode and then start working again… it’s like 60% complete.. wish me luck guys.. this counts for 40%of my grade in this course..
Anyway sorry to bore you with my talks.. Enjoy..

Saiyyam approached Krishna…. He gave a her a stern look and headed towards the dressing table… Krishna’s favourite bangle set was kept on the table… it was very dear to her… Her dadu had gifted it to her on Diwali..
Saiyyam took the bangles.. turned towards krishna and broke them…. Krishna looked flabbergasted….
Krishna : SAIYYAM!!!
She approached him and held his collar
Her voice was muffled.. the tears she wiped earlier had come rolling back down her face… she was still holding his collar…

Krishna : woh kangan dadu ne muhje diye the.. bohot special they woh saiyyam….. tumne kyun…. TUMHARI PROBLEM KYA HAIN HUH??? Abhi dadi ne muhje itna kuch sunaya aur mein itni upset hoon.. upar se tum…. Kaise insan ho tum saiyyam.. tumhe mera dard dikha nahi kya… abhi abhi toh badi badi baatein kar rahe the ki Krishna ka pati humesha uske saath hain… YEH SAATH HAI TUMHARA…….. ( dadu had given me those bangles.they were very special to me saiyyam… why did you… WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM HUH? Just now I was insulted by dadi so much and now you… what kind of a person are you… cant you see my pain.. just now only you were talking so big…. That Krishna’s husband will always support her… THIS IS YOUR SUPPORT? )
Krishna gripped onto his collar even tighter. Their faces had come extremely close together…..

Saiyyam escaped from krishna’s tight grip and yelled back…
Saiyyam : YE!! YAHI GUSSA US WAQT DADI KO KYUN NAHI DIKAYA….. JAB WHO TUMHARE BAARE MEIN ANAAP SHANAAB BOL RAHI THI TAB KYUN NSHI CHILAAYI…. Tumhara moo sirf is chaar deeware ke andar kyun khulti hai Krishna….. ( THIS!! WHY DIDN’T YOU SHOW THIS ANGER TO DADI AT THAT TIME… WHEN SHE WAS TELLING ALL KINDS OF NONSENSE ABOUT YOU… why does your mouth only open inside this room Krishna… )
Krishna had calmed down..
Krishna : Matltab yeh sab…. ( so all this.. )
Saiyyam : haan yeh sab maine apni baath samjhane ke liye kiya.. Krishna main yeh nahi kehe rahan hoon ki tum dadi se jaglho ya batameezi karo… main bas yahi ke he raha hoon ki apne aa ke liye khalhe hona seeko… JUST TAKE A STAND DAMN IT! ( yes I did all this to make you understand my point… Krishna im not telling you to argue or misbehave with dadi.. im just telling you to learn to stand up for yourself… JUST TAKE A STAND DAMN IT )
Saiyyam stormed off angrily…. Krishna was no longer upset or angry… she picked up the broken bangle pieces and thought to herself…
Krishna : Itna soch tha hai mere bare mein……. Yeh sab tamasha kar sakta hai par seedhe seedhe bol nahi sakta ki use meri fikar hai…. She pouted…. Meri favourite kangan thod di…. Khadhoos kahi ka… ( He thinks about me so much… he’ll do all this drama but won’t tell me straight that he cares for me… she pouted… he broke my favourite bangles….. idiot…. )
Krishna smiled and continued picking up the bangle pieces

Precap :Krishna bumps into Saiyyam… they fall down and have an eyelock…….

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  1. Aww cant wait for the precap

    1. Nnnya

      intezaar hua khatam..hehehe.. next episode uploaded

  2. I don’t usually comment actually I’m more of a silent reader but your ff is just amazing girl..gosh girl your ff made me comment.. I just love the way you write keep it up and please update more often ??❤

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      awww thank you sooooooo much ria im glad i got you to come and join us…. keep commenting and reading ok…. thanx so much again for the appreciation

  3. Nnnya it’s awesome dear. precap is really…muahh.update soon.

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    Superb yaar… Love it…waiting for the next part… Yaar u r getting soo much Nic ideas… Superb writing skill…??

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      Thank you shaani.. sometimes i do feel like it would be nice to be the writer for the show for our kriyam’s sake.. all my episodes would defibitely be overloaded with cuteness

  5. soo nice . loved the precap

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    Sweet one..N Saiyyam’s crazy yaar..He broke her bangles!!??

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      yaa woh ladka sach me pagal hai aarti dear..

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        Krishna will be singing ye ladka h deewana..From Kuch Kuch hota h

      2. Nnnya

        Hehehe…. i feel like the yeh ladka hai allah kaisa hain deewana kitna mushkil hai tauba isko samjhaana… that song would suite them more…

  7. ??awwww??it’s just amazing❤?

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  8. Angry young man saiyyam…he cares 4 episode girl…keep writing..Update ASAP.. 🙂

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