Kriyam: Kyun karte ho mujse itna pyar ( Chapter 5 )

Hello guys… here’s chapter 5 enjoy….
Krishna put his plate on the table and sat back down to finish her breakfast…. Everyone was enjoying breakfast..when suddenly dadi angrily got up from her chair
Dadi: ey ladki .. yeh nashta tumne bana ya na ? (hey you.. you made this breakfast didn’t you ) she shouted pointing at Krishna…
Krishna : haan…haan.. badi dadi kya.. kya hua?
Dadi took out a pieceof hair from her plate and questioned Krishna…
Dadi : yeh kya hain….. ab iss khane ko ham sab kaise khayein ge.. ek kaam teek se nahi kar sakti…. Jabse is ghar mein ho humesha hamare kaamon mein koi na koi rukaavat daalti rehe thi ho ( what is this ? now how will we all eat this food? You cant to one task properly.. ever since you came here you found some way or the other to hinder our work )
Dadi turned to suhani..

Dadi : aur tum… bohot shauk hai na is anaath ko pal ne ka… hamne tum se kitni baar ka hai ki iss manhoos ladki ko ghar ke mamlon se dhoor rakho. Par nahi …. Apne bache tumse samhale nahe jaate doosron ke kachre ko bhi paal raka hain ( and you.. you’re so insistent on raising this orphan… how many times have I told you to keep this inauspicious girl away from our family matters….. but no.. you can’t even handle your own children.. yet you raise other people’s wastage here as well )
Suhani : Bas… bas kijiye dadi… ( stop ..stop this dadi..)
Saiyyam was clenching his fists tighly he was trying his best not to misbehave with badi dadi… He thought to himself..
Saiyyam : pehele Krishna ….aur ab maa ko…. ( first Krishna.. and now she’s humiliating maa )
Suhani : Krishna ke khilaf ek shabd nahi.. ( I wont hear a single word against Krishna )
Dadi : kyun.. kyun na bolun main ( why … why should I say anything..)
Yuvraaj : KYUNKI WHO MERI BETI HAIN…. Aur main apni beti ke khilaf kuch nahi sunoonga… aur nahi apni wife ke khilaf…. ( BECAUSE SHE’S MY DAUGHTER…. And I wont heare anything against my daughter nor against my wife
Dadi : par yuvraaj… iss ladki ki laparvahi ki waja se hum sab ka nashta kharab ho ghaya ( but.. yuvraaj …this girl’s carelessness ruined everyone’s breakfast )
Yuvraaj : sab ka nashta Krishna ne nahi aapne kharab kiya hai dadi… itni choti si baat ko itna balha issue bana ke.. ( breakfast is being ruined by you dadi not Krishna… you’re the one making a mountain out of a molehill )
Dadi : tum samajh nahi rahe ho yuvraaj ki iss ladki ne kitni badi ghalti ki hai ( you’re not understanding yuvraaj.. this girl has done a big blunder )
Yuvraaj : oh really dadi…. Agar yahi sab yuvaani ne kiya hota to…. Kya tab bhi aap yahi bolti ( oh really dadi.. what if yuvaani had done all this… would you have said the same )

Yuvraaj got up from his seat..
Yuvraaj : Aur haan ek aur baath aaj ke baath koi bhi Krishna ko anaath nahi kahe ga.. koi bhi nahi… Krishna khabhi akeli nahi hain… uska baa abhi zinda hai…. ( and one more thing.. no one and I mean no one will call Krishna an orphan…. She is never alone… her father is still alive )
Suhani too got up from her seat and held yuvraaj’s hand
Suhani : aur maa bhi ( and mother too )
Krishna wiped her tears she was feeling a little better after hearing her dadu and suhani aunty fight for her…
There was pin drop silence….. suhani and yuvraaj were still standing hand in hand…
Suddenly there was a loud creak.. someone else’s chair was being pulled out.. it was saiyyam…
He stood up looked over at Krishna and then looked at dadi
Saiyyam : aur Krishna ka pati bhi…. Woh bhi Krishna ke saath hain….. ( and krishna’s husband too… he’s also with her )
He looked towards Krishna again and continued..
Saiyyam : HAMESHA!! ( ALWAYS!! )

Precap : Krishna was looking at somu’s pic and crying…. Saiyyam is staring at her from the door

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  8. Can u bring some romantic close scenes of kriyam….. plzz

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      it will come dear… has to happen naturally… right now sayyaim is still being evasive about his feelings….. soo much pestering from krishna only recently got him to be friens with her

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