Kriyam: Kyun karte ho mujse itna pyar ( Chapter 4 )

Hello guys… I know you all wanted me to include everyone else in the house as well but I just get too carried away when writing kriyam scenes…. Also apologies for the slow pace…but I want to show their bond forming as real as possible so please bear with me…. And thank you to all the readers and commenters love you loads..
Saiyyam was looking at krishna…. Her words were echoing in his mind… he then suddenly walked out of the room..
Krishna looked dejected… she was so sure her words were affecting him… she moved towards the mirror and started removing her jewelery…. Her mangalsutra caught her attention… she tugged onto it and thought about saiyyam…
Krishna : Kya woh abhi bhi mujh pe yakeen nahi karta ( does he still not trust me? )
She was still lost in her thoughts when suddenly there was a tap on her shoulder… she turned around and it was saiyyam..

He had a coffee mug in his hand…
Krishna : kuch….kuch kehne hai kya saiyyam ( do you want to say something saiyyam )
Saiyyam : haan.. woh ah.. mein… yeh coffee.. coffee yaad hai us din tum lekar aayi thi mere liye.. ( yes…um…the coffee.. do you remember that day you brought me coffee )
Krishna remembered alright. But it wasn’t the coffee she recalled, it was the moment she fell into his arms, the impulsive hug on seeing the tiger.. and her unexpected courage that came to the surface that night when she saw him hurt and helpless…..
Krishna :with a cute smile, haan yaad hai ( yes I remember )
Saiyyam : us din coffee ke saath saath tumne apni dosti offer ki thi aaj mein bhi wohi kar raha hoon… ( that day you offered me your friendship along with the coffee, now I’m doing the same )

Krishna gave a broad smile.. she was overjoyed she happily nodded and took the coffee mug from him..
Saiyyam forwarded his hand to Krishna
Saiyyam : toh abse tum meri dost ho…. ( so from now own you’re my friend )
Krishna didn’t respond she just stood there staring at him…
Saiyyam took back his hand and went towards his bed..
Saiyyam : smiling, pagal ladki… ( crazy girl )
Next morning everyone is gathered at the breakfast table… Krishna had just finished serving everybody and sat down when saiyyam entered….. he came and sat next to her
Saiyyam : apne so called pati aur naye dost ko naashta nahi dogi? ( won’t you serve your so called husband and new friend breakfast )
Krishna got up and started serving him food… saiyyam was surprised at his own behavior. He thought to himself
Saiyyam : maine isse kyun pucha.. mein maa se ya bhavna masi se bhi kehe sakta tha… ( why did I ask her? I could have asked maa or bhavna to serve me … )

Precap : Dadi yelling at krishna……

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  1. Aarti32

    Awesome..Finally Kriyyam r frnds.. Yippie

    1. Nnnya

      Yes arrti aakhir mein salhu saiyyam maan gaya……. he’s a not so secret softie…

      1. Nnnya

        aarti… sorry dear in such a hurry to comment mistyped your name

      2. Aarti32

        No problem dear..

  2. So fabulous I just love ur ff.. good job keep going dear?????

    1. Nnnya

      Yes aarti aakhir mein salhu saiyyam maan gaya……. he’s a not so secret softie…

    2. Nnnya

      Thank you kavi dear… i try my best… 🙂

  3. Aww so cute

    1. Nnnya

      I know…. i find it so funny saiyyam is trying to keep this too cool to care image and our krishu can see right through him….. made for each other they are

  4. Finally they became dadi ko koi aur kaam nahi hai kya hamesha hamare krishna ko dadthi rahathi hai….Happy 4 kriyyam….. 🙂 he is starting to have feelings 4 her…

    1. Nnnya

      Yeah i know isha… dadi is such a buzzkill before even she used to always yellat suhani and ruin yuvani moments….

  5. Nnnya

    Thank you dear… i try my best…..

  6. Shaani

    Very nice episode… Sorry for being late to comment… Good job..keep writing…?

    1. Nnnya

      Its ok der aa ey par aap aa ey tho sahi…. thank you for reading..

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