Kriyam: Kyun karte ho mujse itna pyar ( Chapter 3 )

Hi all.. Thank you soo much for all the love and support. Really means a lot to hear such nice things about my writing.. and I noticed some of you want me to write the whole thing in English, I personally feel though that it takes away from the emotion if it’s not in hindi so ive decided to continue in hindi but with substitles to cater to everybody… Enjoy..
Krishna was staring blankly at him.. She was no longer scared… just very confused….
Saiyyam : ab aise ghoor thi hi raho gi ya kuch bolo gi bhi? (are you just going to keep staring at me or will you be speaking any time soon )
Dheko main tumse naaraz nahi hoon or nahi tumse tang aa chukka hoon.. ye sab akrna zaroori tha… kujhe bas apna point clearly bathaana tha tumhe ( look, I’m not angry with you nor am I fed up with you. But all this drama was necessary to get my point across to you)
Krishna was still confused…. She had no clue what to say to him…
Krishna : Kya clear karna chahte te tum? ( what point did you want to clear )
Saiyyam : yahi ki koi bhi mere bhare mein acha nahi soch sakta… tum bhi nahi…. Maine woh rakshas ban ke dhikaya jo sab log samjhte he ki mein hoon…. Koi kahe ya na kahe mujhe hamesha sab ki aankhon me ek hi chinta dik ti hai….. (That no one can ever think highly of me. Not even you.. I became the monster everyone thinks I am.. nobody says anything but I’ve seen it.. I’ve seen the worry in their eyes every time they see me )
Krishna went over to saiyyam, who had turned his face away from her… she held his shoulders and turned him to face her….
Krishna : Yeh sab tum kya bol rahe ho saiyyam… kya chinta hai sab ko.. aur tum aise behave kyun kar rahe ho… ( what are you saying saiyyam?? What worry have you seen in their eyes? Why are you behaving like this? )

Krishna was still holding onto him… Her eyes were staring impatiently at him waiting for an explaination..
Saiyyam : I can’t help it Krishna!!! Main aisa hi bartav kar sakta hun.. After all yeh tho mere khoon mein hai na…. apni patni ko nark mein dhakeyl na to humari khaandhani aadat hai….. infact maine to tumse kaha bhi tha.. shaadhi ki raat…. Welcome to hell…. ( I can’t help it.. I can only behave this way.. after all its in my blood.. how to make your wife’s life a living hell….. it’s our family tradition… infact on our wedding night I actually welcome you to hell )
Par tumhe ye sab nahi sun na hai na? tumhe to sab ghar walon ki chinta pata karni hai…. ( But you don’t want to hear all this do you ? you just want to know what all the family is worried about )
Saiyyam cupped krishna’s face tightly and yelled…
SAB KO YAHI CHINTA HAI KRISHNA KI MAIN BHI BILKUL APNE BAAP KI TARA NIKLUN GA….. MAIN BHI TUMHARE SAATH WAHI SAB KAROON GA JO USS AADMI NE MAA KE SAATH KIYA…….. ( All are worried because they think I will turn out just like my father… that I will do the same to you what that man did to my mother….. )
Krishna took saiyyam’s hand away from her face and held onto it…

Krishna : Saiyyam… meri baat suno aisa kuch mahi hain.. tumhare papa ke harkaton ke liye koi tumhe buran ahi samaj tha hai…. Main bhi nahi… tume apne papa ka khoon zaroor suhani aunty ka bhi to anch hain na.. aur tumne aaj tak jho bhi kiya who sirf tumhara gussa tha.. tumhe sach nahi pata thi tumhe laga tha ki koi tumhari arva nahi karta…. Tumhari jaga koi aur bhi hota toh who bhi shaayad yahi karta.. (Listen to me saiyyam, its not like that at all.. no one is judging you due to your father’s wrongdoings… I’m not either.. Sure you have your father’s blood running through your veins but you have a piece of suhani aunty in you too.. and whatever you have done in the past you’ve done in anger… you didn’t know the truth.. you felt that nobody cared about you.. anyone in your position would have done the same )
Saiyyam : NAHI KRISHNA TUM NAHI SAMJH RAHI HO MAINE UNME WHO DARR DHEKA HAI!!! ( you don’t understand Krishna I have seen that fear in their eyes….)
Krishna paused for a second and then looked directly into his eyes…
Krishna : Yeh darr tumne un mein dheka hai ya upne aap mein saiyaam?? ( Have you seen this fear in them or within yourself saiyyam? )

Thank you all once again for all the love please do suggest how the story should progress… and another little thing I’ve mainly been focusing on kriyam should I include everyone else in the house too? And no precap for this one.. sorry guys couldn’t think of what to write..

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