Kriyam: Kyun karte ho mujse itna pyar ( Chapter 3 ) actual chapter

Hi all…. Sorry about the second chapter repost business… I got a little confused.. Anyway here’s chapter 3. Enjoy
Saiyyam was taken aback by Krishna’s query.. Krishna was still holding his hand.. He quickly brushed it away and tried to speak…
Saiyyam: kya… kya matlab hai tumhara? Sab.. sab log mujhe shak ki nazron se nahin dekhte? YEH SAB SIRF MERA VEHEM HAI?!! YAHI KEHENA CHAHTI HO TUM!! (what….. what do you mean? Everyone isn’t eying me suspiciously? That this is all just in my head… that’s what you want to say right!! )

Krishna flinched for a second…he was now yelling in her face….. She yelled back…
Krishna : VEHEM NAHI DARR HAI SAIYAAM!! Tumhe darr lag raha hai ki j obhi tumhare kaeeb aaye ga tum une takleef doge.. par aisa nahi hai saiyyam.. (it’s not all in your head saiyyam you’re just scared. Scared that youll end up hurting whoever comes close to you… but that’s not the case saiyyam )
Saiyyam angrily grabbed krishna’s hand….

Saiyyam : AISA HI HAI KRISHNA!!!! TUM..tum rehene do ..tumhari samaj mein ye sab baatein nahi aane wali.. ab tum jao yahan se… (THAT’S EXACTLY THE CASE KRISHNA!! You.. you just let it be.. you wont understand all this now you just go from here )
Saiyyam let go of her hand and turned his back to Krishna…. Krishna angrily walked infront and confronted him..
Krishna : Mein yahan se kai nahi jaooingi. Aur mujhe ache se samajh aa raha he ki tumhe kya hua hai ( Im not going anywhere and I can clearly understand what’s going on with you )

Saiyyam : zyada oversmart bane ki zaroorat nahi hai… maine ka ha niklo…. Varna… ( No need to be oversmart.. im warning you get out or else…)
Krishna : varna kya? Kya karoge tum saiyyam? Maine kaha na main nahi jaaoogi.. ( or else what? What will you do saiyyam? I told you im not going anywhere….)
Saiyyam : TUM…….. ( YOU…..)
Saiyyam : YEH SIRF MERA KAMRA HAIN…. WHATEVER… tum nahi jao gi main hi chala jaata hoon ( THIS IS ONLY MY ROOM! WHATEVER… you won’t go so I’ll just leave )
Krishna grabbed saiyyam’s arm as he walked away….
Krishna : tum kayaron kit hara phir baat ko ignore karke jaa rahe ho… ( You’re again walking away from the problem like a coward )

Saiyyam angrily gripped krishna’s arms…
Krishna : to phir problem se door kyun bhag rahe ho saiyyam… tumne apni puri life akele guzaari hai isliye tumhare liye hum sab ka pyar aur humari fikar achi nahi lagti… tume aisa lagta ki yeh sab jhoot hai koi bahut ganda mazaak hai.. tum kisi ko apne pass isliye nahi aane dete kyunki tumhe nahi lagta ki koi tumhare paas aana chaheyga… par saiyyam…. Yeh koi mazaak nahi hai.. suhani aunty tumse bahut pyar karti hai. Ghar main baki sab bhi tumhe dil se apnaa ne ki puri koshish kar rahe hein.. ( then why are you running away from the problem… you spent your whole life alone so now you don’t like our love and concern..

you feel itd all fake and that this is some cruel joke.. you don’t let anyone come close because you don’t believe anyone would want to come close to you…..but saiyyam.. this isn’t a joke.. suhani aunty loves you a lot and the rest of the family is trying to accept you wholeheartedly )
Saiyyam was no longer angry… he was listening to Krishna obediently much like he listened to his mother earlier….

Krishna : Aur main…. ( and me )
Saiyyam’s eyes widened with slight excitement… he was trying not to let it show…
Krishna : main bhi hamare iss zabardasti ke rishte ko dosti mein badalne ki puri koshish kar rahi hoon… muhje zindagi bhar tumse lalhna nahi hai saiyyam….. ( and im also trying to change our forceful union to a mutual friendship.. I don’t want to fight with you all my life saiyyam… )

Precap : Saiyyam forwards his hand towards Krishna… Krishna looks on…….

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