Kriyam: Kyun karte ho mujse itna pyar ( Chapter 18 )

Next morning Krishna woke up and look over at the sofa…. Saiyyam wasn’t there…. She got up and went near the sofa… she was rubbing her eyes while walking…. Suddenly she tripped on something on the ground and fell down.. It was saiyyam…. He was on the floor for some reason… and now Krishna was on top of him… They had an eyelock …. Saiyyam signaled her to move..
Saiyyam : what the hell Krishna… subah subah bhi tum mujh par ghir rahi ho…. ( what the hell Krishna you’re falling on me even in the morning… )
Krishna : toh tum bhi toh ghire huwe the na….( you had also fallen down)…. Krishna realized what she said could be misunderstood( if you call a person ghire huwe it means they are cheap ).. mera woh matlab nahi hain..woh..tum toh sofe pe so rahe the na.. zameen par kaise pohonch gaye… ( umm that’s not what I mean.. weren’t you sleeping on the sofa.. how did you end up on the ground )
Saiyyam : who aadat nahi hain na… sofe pe.. main humesha se zameen par hi sota aaya hoon.. muhje yeh zyada better lagta hain..( umm im not used to it.. the sofa.. ive always slept on the ground only.. I like the floor better )
Krishna felt really bad….

Krishna : sorry saiyyam meri wajah se tum.. ( sorry saiyyam because of me you..)
Saiyyam interrupted her
Saiyyam : tumhari wajah se kuch nahi huwa hain Krishna.. yahan main apni marzi se soya tha.. tumhe gulty feel karne ki zaroorat nahi hain.. ( nothing happened because of you..I slept here don’t need to feel guilty )
Saiyyam got up, then forwaded his hand to Krishna to help her up.. she smiled and placed her hand in his.. saiyyam helped her and headed to the washroom.. Krishna thought to herself
Krishna : (sad ) saiyyam ne kitna kuch saha hai life main… yahan aake dheere dheere uski life settle ho rahi thi aur teri iss harkat ne use dobara woh sab yaad dila diya…. Don’t worry saiyyam..ab main hoon tumhare saath..main tumhe tumhari purani zindagi koh bhulaane main tumahi help karoongi ( saiyyam has endured a lot in life.. after coming here he was beginning to forget everything and you made him sleep on the sofa and now he got reminded of all that again.. don’t worry saiyyam im here with you now.. I will hel you forget about your old life..)

Scene shifts to the hall…. It was being decorated beautifully by flowers.. Suhani and pratima were discussing all the arrangements while dadi was sitting and sipping tea.. Krishna came and greeted them all.
Suhani : Krishna ab kaisi tabiyat hai tumhari… aur kya zaroorat thi kal poora dhin bhooki rehene ki.. ( Krishna how are you feeling now.. and why hadn’t you eaten anything all day yesterday..
Krishna : aunty ab rehene di jiye na.. aage se dhihaan rakhoon gi main.. ( aunty just let it go now.. ill be careful from now on )
Pratima : acha yeh sab baatein cholho… tum sab ki Pooja ki thaaliyan aur shingaar ka sara samaan wahan rakha hain… suhani,sham ko sab aurto ko bulaalo aur unmein who sab baat do.. ( ok now forget all this.. I have kept all the items needed for the Pooja and all your dressup items , suhani call all the women in the house in the evening and distribute those among them.. )
Suhani : jee maa ( yes mum ) Chalo Krishna bohot kaam karna hai ( lets go krishna there’s a lot to be done..)
Dadi got up and spoke to suhani..
Dadi : pata nahi tum log iss manhoos ladki koh Pooja main kyun shaamil kar kahe ho.. yeh ladki toh birla bhi nahi hai..aur woh saiyyam..uska toh humse koi lena dena nahi ( I don’t know why you are letting this inauspicious girl participate in the Pooja.. she is not a birla.. and that saiyyam we have nothing to do with him )
Suhani : dadi..kamse kam aaj ke din toh shub shub boliye… Saiyyam humara beta hai aur Krishna humari beti… un dono ke bina ye Pooja adhuri hai… ( dadi atlest today you should say some good things… saiyyam is my son and Krishna is my daughter… without them this Pooja would be incomplete… )
Suhani consoled Krishna who was trying hard not to cry..suddenly someone spoke from afar..
Saiyyam : Sahin kaha maa….. ( You are right maa ) saiyyam came closer and stood next to Krishna.. and spoke to dadi… Krishna meri patni hai..usse bhi baaki suhaganon ki tara ye vrat rakhne ka poora haq hain..aur pooja main baitne ka bhi.. ( Krishna is my wife.. she has every right to keep this fast and to sit in the pooja like all thr other married women…. )

Both suhani and Krishna smiled while dadi left angrily..
Suhani : Krishna main chalti hoon tum todhi der main aaja na.. ( Krishna im leaving you can come in a while )
Krishna was still staring at saiyyam…she remembered last night when he was adamant not to let her fast and recalled just now when he told dadi she had every right to fast.. Saiyyam was about to leave..
Krishna : tum jaa rahe ho.. ( you’re leaving )
Saiyyam : haan (yes )..
Krishna looked sad..
Saiyyam : wahan yuvaan ke paas ja rahan hoon.. aaj ghar main pooja hain toh maine socha main yahi rukh jata hoon ( …im going over there to help yuvaan. There’s pooja at home today so I thought id stay at home only )
Krishna smiled and thought to herself..
Krishna : kal toh vrat ke naam par bhi chilh raha ta aur ab pooja ki tayaari kar kaha hain..krishna.. woh zaroor thera vrat todh ne aaega.. ( last night he was all annoyed just when I mentioned the he’s staying and helping with the pooja preparations..krishna he’ll definitely come to break your fast..)
All got busy preparing for the Pooja…
Yuvaan was helping the servants put up the flowers… Sharad and yuvraaj decorating the exterior of the house…bhavna suhani and krishna were in the kitchen cooking… pratima was talkingto the priest..yuvaani was recording everything in a handycam and making memories… baby was walking around complaining about how she’s so hungry..and saiyyam had gone to the storeroom to get some equipment…
Soon it was evening and suhani sent off all the men to get ready and called all the women to the hall..
Bhavna : suhani.. tub hi ajeeb hai.. vrat humara hain..toh tayaar bhi hum ho enge na.. humari pati onko kyun tayar hone beja tune ( suhani you are strange..its our fast we should be the ones getting ready.. why have you sent off our husbands to get ready… )
Suhani : di.. tayaar hone ke liye shingaar ka saamaan chahiye na.. wahi dene bhulaya hain maine sab ko. ( di to get ready all the dressup items are required isn’t it..thats why ive called you all here..)
Baby really liked one thaali filled with the dressup items..she tried to pick it up but suhani stopped her and explained to her that those were for they were her mother’s items… Krishna got emotional and hugged suhani… Baby was fuming with jealousy..

Scene shifts to Kriyam’s room..
Krishna was getting ready.. while saiyyam was playing with his phone..
Baby was hiding outside and plotting..
Baby : bohot pyaar hai na sab ko iss Krishna se..aur bohot shauk hai na isse pooja karne ka… main bhi dekh ti hoon kaise todh ti ho tum apna vrat.. ( everyone loves Krishna so much…and she’s so excited about doing the pooja.. now I will see how you break your fast..)
Baby locked quietly closed their roon door and locked it from outside…. What she didn’t realize was that while she was busy cooking up her plan..krishna had finished getting ready and left the room…she had just locked saiyyam inside….
Krishna and all the other ladies had gathered for the pooja… suhani questioned as to where saiyyam was.. Krishna didn’t want to distract suhani from the pooja so she lied that saiyyam is just coming..but in heart she was thinking of his he said he wasn’t going to break her fast….
Baby noticed Krishna and thought to herself..
Baby : Yeh yahan hai…toh maine kamre main kisko…oh god kamre mein toh saiyyam hain…. Toh kya farak padh ta hai.. kamre mein saiyyam band hai ya Krishna… iska vrat toh ab nahi khule ga…mera kaam toh hogaya.. ( She is whom did I lock in the room oh god saiyyam was in the room…so what does it matter..if saiyyam got locked or Krishna… now she cant break her fast my work here is done )

Meanwhile in Kriyam’s room saiyyam was thinking about Krishna..
Saiyyam : yaar saiyyam woh ziddi ladki hain….im sure agar tune uska vrat nahi khul vaya toh woh phir se poora din bhooki rehene waali hai… tujhe uska vrat khol dena chahiye…. ( saiyyam…. She’s stubborn im sure if you don’t break her fast..she will not eat anything today either… you should break her fast.. ) …he tried to cover up his own concern for her… aur..waise bhi agar tu pooja main jaaega toh maa ko acha lage ga…maa ke liye kar de saiyyam…( and anyway..if you participate in the pooja it’ll make maa it for maa..)
Saiyyam got ready and headed out of his room….. He realized the door was locked and started banging on it hard… downstairs the pooja had begun and the sound of saiyyam banging the door was masked by the priest’s chanting ..
The pooja had commenced and everybody headed out to the lawn.. the moon had come out… all the ladies broke their fast…while Krishna was waiting eagerly for saiyyam….
Saiyyam was still unsuccessfully trying to break the door…
Baby looked over at Krishna and smirked…

Precap: Krishna misunderstands saiyyam and accuses him of not caring about her….

Hey guys apologies for the looong episode…I just couldn’t get myself to stop… Keep reading and lease comment.. Love you all.

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