Kriyam: Kyun karte ho mujse itna pyar ( Chapter 14 )


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Krishna was over the moon… she was happily talking to her mother’s picture..
Krishna: maine sapne main bhi nahi socha tha mumma ki mujhe saiyyam se yar ho ga..main aaj bohot khush hoon mumma.. kaash aap yahan hote.. phir hum dono milke celebrate karte.. (Mumma I never thought in my wildest dreams I would fall in love with saiyyam.. Im very happy today.. I wish you were here today…then we would have celebrated together. )
Krishna put down her mother’s picture and went near saiyyam’s bed.. she sat down and picked up his picture on the bedside table..
Krishna : saiyyam, aaj mujhe hamare rishte ki ahemiat samajhe aayi hai.. main aaj tumhe apni feelings bata doongi..tum muhjse pyaar karte ho ya nahi.. yeh toh mujhe nahi pata..par itna toh zaroor jaan gayi hoon ki tum mujhw pasand karne lage ho…agar tumhe yeh rishta nahin nibhaana hota toh us din tum meri dosti accept nahin karte…. Tum baahar se kuch bhi dikhao saiyyam..par mujhe pata hain tum bure nahi ho..bas duniya ki nazar main bure bante ho.. ( saiyaam, today I have understood the importance of our relationship.. I will tell you how I feel today.. I don’t know him you love me or not… but come to realise that you do like me..if you didn’t want to continue this relationship. You never would have accepted my friendship that day… whatever you show on the outside.. I know you’re not bad.. you just become bad infront of people..)
Krishna then preceeeded towards the kitchen..
Krishna : tumhe mere haath ki kheer pasand hai na… aaj yeh kheer khila kar main tumse kehe doongi ki mere dil mein tumhare liye kya feelings hai.. ( you like my handmade kheer sont you… today I will feed you this kheer and tell you the feelings I have for you )
Suhani was already in the kitchen.. she was making final arrangements for that night’s dinner
Suhani ; arey Krishna jaoo table pe bait jaoo khana bas ban gaya hai…( oh Krishna, go and sit at the table the food is almost ready )

Krishna was still standing there, nervously tugging on her dupatta..
Suhani : tum gayi nahin.. maine kaha na Krishna.. khana tayaae hain tum jaao.. ( you haven’t left.. I am telling you Krishna the food is ready.. )
Krishna: aunty woh.. main kheer banana aayi hoon ( aunty im here to make kheer )
Suhani : Kheer kyun? Maine meete main halwa bana diya hain tum rehene do beta.. ( why kheer? Ive already made halwa for dessert? )
Krishna : mahi aunty woh main.. saiyyam.. saiyyam ke liye kheer bana rahi hoon.. use pasand hai is liye.. ( no aunty its umm saiyyam Im making kheer for him. he likes it so… )
Suhani bursts out laughing
Suhani : acha toh itni der se tum yahin kehe rahi ho.. aur hum bhudhu ke bhudu..kuch samajhe hi nahi paaye.. vaise humein pata nahi tha hamare bete ko kheer itna pasand hai.. banao banao.. hum chalte hain.. ( oh so you’ve been trying to tell me this only.. and silly me I couldn’t understand.. by the way I didn’t know my son likes kheer so much.. make it make it.. im leaving.. )
Suhani pulled krishna’s cheek and left.. Krishna started to make the kheer… soon she was done and she took the kheer to her room..

Yuvraaj saw her leave without having dinner and tried to call out to her but suhani stopped him.. He was confused.
Krishna entered the roon and kept the kheer on the coffee table.. she went to get dressed up for saiyyam.. she selected a beautiful purple and gold kurta and thought to herself..
Krishna : aaj main apni saiyyam ke liye tayyar ho oongi ( Today I will get dressed up for MY saiyyam )
She put on her kurti and her bangles.. while kaun tujhe yoon pyar karega jaise main karti hoon played in the background…. She smiled and put on her mangalsutra and sindoor.. the song continued to play..
She had gotten ready and was sitting on her sofa with saiyyam’s picture in hand…. She was waiting fot him to come… she waited all night but he didn’t show… she had fallen asleep..
Saiyyam came home around 1AM and noticed the kheer… a tiny smile crept onto his face.. he knew Krishna had made it. He looked over at her and she was still sleeping… he noticed she was all decked up..
Saiyyam : is ki problem kya hain… na kapde jewelerry utari aur yeh chadar bhi nahi olhi… aur araam se so raho hain… teekh se leti bhi nahi hain sofe pe… pata nahi kya hogaya hain isse. ( whats her problem.. she hasn’t changed her clothes she hasn’t removed her jewelery and this she hasn’t even wrapped her blanket around her.. and she’s sound asleep.. she’s not even lying down properly on the sofa.. I don’t know whats wrong with her… )

Saiyyam went over to her and wrapped the blanket around her… he moved her properly onto the sofa so she was lying down comfortably.. he tried to leave when her dupatta got stuck on his watch. He looked at her lovingly while removing her dupatta.. he noticed she had a picture in her hand…he thought to himself..
Saiyyam : kahin who poori raath mera intezar toh nahi kar rahi thi.. aur who… ( was she waiting for me the entire night.. and that photo.. )
He tried to take the picture from her hand when her mangalsutra caught her attention… he got reminded of their forcible marriage… he moved his hand away…\
Saiyyam : nahin.. woh mera intezaar kyum karegi… shayad…apni maa ki photo paas rakh ke so rahi hai.. aksar unse hi toh baat karti rehe ti hain woh.. ( no why would she wait for me.. maybe..its her mother’s pic. She often spends time talking to it.. )
Saiyyam was feeling a little melancholy… he no longer felt like eating the kheer.. so he changed and went to sleep..

Precap : All ladies gathered in the hall discuss vrat savitri ( fast kept by wife’s for their husbands.. ) Krishna faints… all get concerned..

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  1. Shaani

    Omg.. Sayyam u idiot… U have to keep that photo away na… Then u will see whose picture she is was hugging… I’m sorry Nnnya… I imagine that scene as… Krishna hugging sayyam’s pic..
    Anyways nice episode.. Loved it sooo much… Update next part soon.. Waiting for the next part..

    1. Nnnya

      Haha it’s ok shaani. Saiyyam is very clueless when it comes to love… ?. I’ll try to upload one more episode today

  2. Awww poor saiyyam ❤

    1. Nnnya

      What to do Saiyyam is so clueless… ?

  3. Please update soon

    1. Nnnya

      Will try… Thank you for reading

  4. CoffeeGreen

    All men lose their mind in their wallets ,I guess.

    1. Nnnya

      So true… Haha… Poor Krishna.. She’s doing so much work and Saiyyam still clueless

  5. Awww krishna??

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