Kriyam: Kyun karte ho mujse itna pyar ( Chapter 13 )

Krishna noticed the food plate she brought earlier…
Krishna : ( hitting herself on the head )duffer kahin ki… uske kiye naashta layi thi aur apne hi khalyaalon mein koh gayi… ( pouting ) woh bina naashta kiye hi chala gaya.. ( you dumbo.. you brought him breakfast.. but got lost in your own world… he left without having breakfast )
Ab toh mera bhi man nahi hain khaneka ( Now I don’t feel like eating.. )

Krishna didn’t have breakfast either..
Krishna was walking downstairs… she was thinking about saiyyam.. how she wanted to be friends woth him.. how she felt happy knowing he cares for her…how she was so moved by his compliments..and how she imagined embracing him… she was in a deep thought when she bumped into bhavna…
Bhavna : arey Krishna samaal ke.. abhi girjaati toh.. ( Krishna be careful.. what if you fell just now )
Krishna recalled all the times she bumped into saiyyam and him making fun of her for falling all the time..
Bhavna : ( shaking Krishna ) kahan kho gayi ( where are you? )
Krishna: umm…. Chachi.. aapse ek sawaal poochoon kya ? ( umm chachi can I ask you a question )
Bhavna : haan haan kyun nahi.. ( yes yes why not )
Krishna : aapki aur chachu ki shaadi toh bina aapki marzi ke huwi thi… toh.. ummm aapko kab pata chala ki aap chachu se yar karte hain… ( you and chachu got married without your consent.. so how did you know when you fell in love with him.. )

Bhavna stared at Krishna and smiled..
Krishna : nahi chachi woh aap dono ko dekh kain nahi lagta ki shuru main aap ek doosre ko pasand nahi karte te bas.. isliye maine pooch liya.. ( no..chachi its just that when I see you two now it doesn’t seem like you didn’t like each other in the beginning.. )
Bhavna : baat pasand naa pasand ki nahi thi.. jab humari shaadi huwi tab main sharad ji koh jaanti nahi ti.. phir dheere dheere humne ek doosre ko jaana phir hamari dosti ho gayi.. aur pata nahi kab..kaise..bas pyar ho gaya..( it wasnt about whether or not I liked him.. when we got married I didn’t even know him then gradually we got to know each other then we develoed a friendship and then I don’t know how or when I fell in love.. )
Krishna : aur.. umm aap dono ko ek doosre se ek saath pyar huwa tha kya? ( and umm did you both fall in love at the same time )
Bhavna giggled..

Bhavna : nahi nahi.. sharad ji ko pehele pyar hogaya tha.. muhje sab cheezon ko samajh ne main toda waqt laga tha.. naa main rishta todh ne ki baat kar thi aur nahi rishte ko aage balhaane ki koshish karti ti… aur phir chalte chalte yeh ehsaas hogaya tha ki unke siva kisi aur se main shaadi kar hi nahi paati…mujhe woh chahi ye ya toh koi nahi chai yeh.. aisa hota hain pyar… ( no no sharad fell in love first.. I took some time to understand the situation.. I never tried to break our relationship nor did I try to take it to the next level… and then along the line I realized I wouldn’t have been able to remarry anyone else… that I wanted him only or no one in my life.. that’s how love is… )
Krishna smiled..
Bhavna : mil gaya jawaab? Ab main jaoon… ( you got an answer? Now can I go… )
Bhavna left.. Krishna went to the garden….. she sat on the bench..
She thought about what bhavna said…. She was thinking of how love can happen at any time.. and it starts with friendship…. She thought about saiyyam…. How he behaved like a monster before… his emotional breakdown after learning his father’s truth… His concern for suhani…. How he agreed to become her friend… How he brought her coffee… all their eyelocks and accidental embraces… How he complimented her in the washroom…
She said to herself…

Krishna : Uske saath main itni khush hoon jaise pehele kabhi nahi thi…. Yuvaan ke saath bhi nahi… jab woh mujhse pyar se baath karta hai toh mujhe acha lagta hain… jab woh mujse ladta hai mujhe bhi ladne ka man karta hai use takleef mein dekh kar mujhe takleef hoti hai..….. mujhe yeh rishta nibhaba hai… mujhe saiyyam ke saath rehena hai… kyunki…. MUJHE SAIYYAM SE PYAR HO GAYA HAI….. ( When im with him I feel happier than ive ever been… even happier than when I used to be with yuvaan… when he talks to me politely I feel good.. when he argues with me I too feel like arguing when he’s in pain I can feel his pain… I want to continue this relationship I want to be with saiyyam…. Because… I LOVE HIM… )
Krishna ran to her room and took out her mother’s picture… she spoke to it loudly…
Precap : Krishna is sleeping with saiyyam’s picture in her hand … saiyyam comes and is about to look at the picture.

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