Kriyam: Kyun karte ho mujhse itna pyar (Chapter 55)

Kyun karti ho mujhse itna pyar..(Why do you live me so much) that’s what saiyyam had asked Krishna. She tried to come up with something grand and romantic to say, something that would convince saiyyam that her feelings were true..but the fact of the matter was that there are no words to describe how much she loved him, how proud she was of him, how lucky she considers herself and just how painstakingly beautiful he was inside and out. And so she said nothing..and instead she kissed him on the forhead, then on his right cheek, then on his left cheek, slow, tender kisses that let him know that she would always be here for him and that she would always take care of him..when Krishna pulled her mouth away from his cheek, Saiyyam was looking at her lovingly,It was such an unguarded and pure look. It made her want to kiss him all over again..but this time it was saiyyam who moved his face closer to hers…he was about to kiss her on the lips when she put her hand on his mouth but before saiyyam could protest or jerk her hand away, Krishna said those three magical words…I LOVE YOU….She then proceeded to kiss her own hand that was currently on saiyyam’s lips…Krishna had intended to run away afterwards like a typical blushing bride but she had forgotten that both she and saiyyam were soaking wet and that there was water all over the floor, and she had landed exactly where she was trying to avoid…On the floor in Saiyyam’s arms. Saiyyam had tried to prevent Krishna from falling but the slippery floor proved to me too much for them to handle, not that saiyyam the moment he had no complaints…Krishna tried to get
Krishna: Saiyyam kya kar rahe ho chodo…( Saiyyam what are you doing let go of me)
Saiyyam: Na! Tumne mere suhaagrat ki saari planning par literally pani per diya…tumhe toh saza milegi..(No! you literally spilled water all over my suhaagrat plans you will be punished)
Krishna: Oh hello pan daal ne ka idea kiska tha? Tumhara…main toh bas wohi kar rahi thi jo tumne bola(Who’s idea was it to dum the water..yours..i was just doing what you told me to do)
Saiyyam: Oh toh ab main jo bhi bolunga tum woh karogi? yeah right..(Oh so now you will do whatever I tell you to do? yeah right)
Krishna: Haan karoongi..kyunki isse patni dharam kehete he mr pati….(Yes I will because it’s the wife’s duty Mr husband)
Saiyyam: Toh teek hai miss pati vrata patni apne pati ko kiss karo..hoat pe…(Ok then miss obedient wife..kiss your husband, on the lips)
Krishna felt her cheeks go red, She was blushing, She got up from the floor and tried to leave when Saiyyam grabbed her by the arm and pulled her close. They were both, now standing in the exact spot they were before they fell on the floor earlier
Krishna: Saiyyam..

Saiyyam: Kya? Aaj tum kya bahana banaogi Krishna. Ab toh hum shaadi shuda hai, hum iss kamrein mein akele hai, koi humara intezaar bhi nahi kar raha hai…aur tum shayad bhool rahi ho tumne khud mujhse kaha tha ki mujhe mera kiss suhaagraat mein mileyga. (What? What excuse will you give me today Krishna? Now we are married, we are alone in this room, no one is waiting for us and aren’t you forgetting you promised I would get my kiss on our wedding night.)
Krishna: Haan teek hai maine promise kiya tha par uss din tumne cheating kithi aur mujhse kiss le liya tha toh aaj mera kiss karna nahi banta hai..(Ok fine, I did say that but that day you cheated and kissed me so now, now I don’t have to fulfill that promise)
Saiyyam: Oh acha ok ok. Toh abhi jo tum badi badi baatein kar rahi thi patni dharam and all that who sab bakwaas thi na? I mean tum mera itna simple sa kaam nahi kar sakti toh yeh toh tumhare so called patni dharam ke khilaaf hua na…(So whatever you were just saying about a wife’s duty and all that, was nonsense right? I mean you cant do such a simple thing I asked you to, so this is going against a wife’s duty isn’t it..)
By the time Saiyyam had gotten these words out Krishna had moved towards the cupboard and taken out a towel, she then proceeded towards saiyyam and instead of replying to him she threw the towel at him and told him to dry himself up and change. Saiyyam was angrily rubbing the towel and made his way to the bed. He sat himself down and continued to rub his head with the towel all the while giving angry looks to Krishna..

Krishna: Jaldi pocho warna suhaagrat nahi ho paye ga..(Hurry up and dry yourself otherwise our first night wont happen)
Saiyyam: Humari suhaagraat toh waise bhi nahi hone wali…meri patni se ek kiss paane ke liye mujhe emotional blackmail karna pad raha hai ya toh kamre mein court kacheri kol kar vaqaalat karni padh rahi hai (Our wedding night isn’t going to happen anyway, Because to get a kiss from my wife, I have to either emotionally blackmail her or turn our room into a coutroom and behave like a lawyer)
He continued to aggressively rub his head when Krishna came over and sat infront of him on the bed. She took the towel from him and kissed him on the cheek and apologized..Saiyyam didn’t say anything, instead he shook his head vigourously spraying Krishna with the water on his head.. Krishna moved closer to him and started drying his hair for him..In that moment saiyyam forgot everything else…His wife was still all decked up and looking beautiful..He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close,Krishna was too distracted drying his hair, to move away or protest..Saiyyam begain removing her jewellery..Her earrings..Her necklace..and finally her dupatta she had draped on her head..That seemed to get Krishna’s attention..She stopped drying his hair and called out his name, but before she could say anything else. Saiyyam made a shhh sound and hugged her…This made Krishna drop the towel and she reciprocated the hug,burying her face in saiyyam’s neck,breathing in his familiar scent..Saiyyam untied the dori of her dress and pressed a soft kiss on her back, He then whispered softly into her ear “I LOVE YOU”. This made Krishna overcome with emotions and she hugged him even tighter…pressing her lips on his neck..” I LOVE YOU TOO” she said..When they both separated from the hug they both had the same look in their eyes. A look of love and adoration…Krishna moved closer and gave him another kiss on the cheek, this kiss was different. It was long and hard…It said a lot of things that Krishna could perhaps never say with her words…that she was hungry for more…In an attempt to be bold Krishna moved even closer and undid one button on Saiyyam’s salwar. She tried to do the same for the rest of the buttons but her shy and flustered hands just wouldn’t let her..So saiyyam did it for her and he discarded his salwar on the pile of jewelery and the forgotten towel….Saiyyam then gently layed her down on the bed and kissed her on the forehead, then on her cheeks, mirroring what Krishna had done earlier, He then captured her lips in his…and Krishna reciprocapted. ..They continued kissing, and layers of clothes were being discarded and their bodies were being explored by one another..In between kissed they mumbled I love you’s to each other and the lights go off….They had now become one…and that was a night that neither of them would ever forget. They would cherish it for the rest of their lives…

Precap: Kriyam honeymoon planning, A Wedding for YuvRaj? And just what exactly is going on with Yuvaan since his visit to the policestation….

Hello again my loyal readers, Thank you all so much for your support and patience…My apologies to anyone who doesn’t like their suhaagrat. I have no idea how to write those types of scenes so I beat around the bush and painted a less detailed picture. Hope I didn’t disappoint. Love you all.

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