Kriyam: Kyun karte ho mujhse itna pyar (Chapter 42)

The sangeet is about to start any minute..yuvani is dragging krishna hastily…but not towards the function area,towards saiyyam’s room
Krishna: Yuvani humein sangeet ke liye deri ho rahi please yeh tum kahan lekar ja rahi ho mujhe…please yuvani tumhe pata hai na shaadi se pehele mera usse milna mana hai..Yuvani tum samajh..( yuvani we’re late for the sangeet..please where are you taking me,yuvani you know I’m not supposed to see him…yuvani please undertand..)
Before Krishna could finish they both ran into Raj
Raj: Yuvani ji aap ko bhool ne ki bimari hai kya….badi bekar ki sawaal pooch thi ho…Arey aaj subhe hi toh aap ki maa ne mujhe yahan rukh ne khe liye kaha tha..aur jahan tak mujhe yaad hai..kyunki meri yaadash bilkul teek hai aap bhi chahti ti ki main yahan rukh jaoon(Yuvani ji do you amnesia? You ask such useless questions..this morning only your mother told me to stay here and if I remember correctly because my memory is fine, you also wanted me to stay)
Yuvani: Zyada oversmart baneki zaroorat nahi hai..mere kehne ka matlab ta ki tum saiyyam ke kamre ke bahar kya kar rahe ho…(no need to be oversmart. What I meant was what are you doing outside saiyyam’s room)
Raj: haeyy jab aap aise chilla ke mujhe “tum” bulaatey ho na..kasam se bada acha lagta hai..ek aur baar boliye na yuvani ji..(ohhh whem you scream at me like that I like it a lot can you do it one more time yuvani)
Yuvani: Dimaag kharab he tumhara? Main koi gaana ga rahi hoon jo tumhe acha lagta hai…( Have you gone mad? Am I singing a song that you like it?)
Raj was about to say something when yuvani pushed him aside and raced towards saiyyams room…Seeing this Raj comes running infront of them..
Yuvani: Kya kar rahe ho tum raaste se hato humein saiyyam se milna hai..(What are you doing..get out of the way we have to see saiyyam)
Raj: in dono ka shaadi se pehele milna mana hai na..( these two aren’t supposed to meet before the wedding aren’t they)
Yuvani: tumhe kab se reeti riwazon mein interest hone laga..get with the times mister..yeh hota hai romance..aise milne mein maza aata hai…(since when are you interested in the customs and traditions…get with the times mister..this called romance..its fun to meet like this)
Raj: tab nahi jab milne wale ko chad gayi ho…( not when the person you are meeting is drunk)
Krishna: Kya kahan tumne? ( what did you say)

Raj: tumne poocha ta na main saiyyam ke kamre mein kya kar karah tha…(You asked didn’t you what we were doing in saiyyam’s room…)
Raj makes drinking gestures with his hands.and yuvani makes strangulating gestures with hers..
Krishna: Raj yeh tumne kya kiya ( Raj what did you do)
Raj: I’m really sorry Krishna mujhe nahi pata ta ki itne mein usko chad gayegi..actually humne kabhi saath mein sharab nahi pi aur mujhe ek dost ne whiskey ki bottle gift ki thi…isiliye main gaya tha ..aur maine suna bhi ta ki woh kaafi drink karta hai toh mujhe nahi laga ki usse chad jaegi..( I didn’t know that from this much he’ll get drunk..actually we’ve never had a drink together..and a friend of mine gifted me a bottle of whiskey that’s why I went there..and I had heard he drinks quite a lot so I didnt think he’d get drunk that easily)
Yuvani: ( angrily) Dimaag kharab hai tumhara? Whiskey doosre drinks se zyada strong hoti hai..bohot jaldi chad jaati hai…kya zaroorat thi aaj raat sharab pi ne ki..shaadi ke baad drink karne ke liye intezaar nahi kar sakte te kya..abhi sangeet shuru hone wala hai…aur…jab se aaye ho kuch na kuch irritating kar hi rahe ho..par yeh toh had hi ho gayi..tumse aur expect bhi kya ki jaa sakti hai…manners toh bilkul hai nahi..shukar hai yeh sab dekhne ke liye tumhare maa baap nahi hai.kitna embarrass hote woh log.( are you mad? Whiskey is stronger than other drinks you get drunk very easily..why did you have to drink tonight.couldnt you wait until after the wedding. The sangeet is about to start and..ever since you came you have been nothing but irritating..but this is the limit..but what can we expect from don’t have any manners..its a good thing your parents aren’t here to see this. How embarrassed they would have been)
Raj had gotten emotional..Krishna grabbed yuvani’s arm before she could say anything else…
Raj: sahi kaha tumne yuvani…acha he ki woh yahan nahi hai…warna mujh jaise nalak aur irritating bete ko dekh kar woh toh embarrass hi hote…(you’re right is a good thing they’re not here. Having a loser and someone so irritating as a son would have surely made them feel embarrassed)
Yuvani has seen raj like never before…he was hurt..his voice was cracked and as he walked away she felt a pang of guilt creeping up…she thought to follow him but decided against it and followed krishna inside saiyyam’s room.
Saiyyam was on the floor hugging a pillow when they walked in…Saiyyam saw Krishna and got mesmerized…
Yuvani: What the hell saiyyam..yeh kya haal bana rakha hai apna…(what have you done to yourself)
Saiyyam: Arey…yuvani tum kab aayi…..aur yeh haan woh kya tha…main na todha nervous tha..aur raj aaya tha drink lekar toh main…Usne na sirf ek hi glass di ti. Kanjoos kahi ka… Par maine kya kiya pata hai…..main uska glass bhi pi gaya….tumne dekha kya usse..woh mere liye nimboo paani lene gaya hai…( laughing) woh bechara toh pareshaan ho gaya…kehe raha tha ki usne sangeet kharab kar diya….arey aise kaise kharab hoga..mein hone hi nahi doonga.. main dance karoonga sangeet mein….( oh yuvani when did you come here and oh yeah um what happened was..i was a little nervous and raj came with a drink so i…he only gave me one drink you know…cheater! But you know what I did I drank his glass too… (laughing) he got so worried..kept daying he ruined sangeet….how is it ruined..i wont let it get ruined…I’ll dance in the sangeet..

Saiyyam was still rolling around on the floor when Krishna turned to yuvani..
Krishna: Yuvani..tumhe raj se woh sab nahi kehena chahiye ta…who already itna guilty feel kar raha tha aur tumne…jaake baat karo usse…( Yuvani you shouldn’t have said all those things..he was already feeling guilty and you…..go talk to him)
Yuvani: Par saiyyam..aur sangeet bhi shuru ho chukka hai…( but saiyyam..and the sangeet has also started)
Krishna: Saiyyam ko main samhal loongi…tum jao…aur yuvani kisi ko batana mat ki saiyyan nashi mein hai..(I’ll take care of saiyyam..You go..and yuvani..dont tell anyone that saiyyam is drunk)

Precap: Yuvani apologises to Raj. Kriyam scene featuring drunk saiyyam…

Guys is this getting too draggy?… there’s still some stuff going on before I begin the actual sangeet. Bear with me…
Also I know it was ages ago but I want to discuss the kriyam confession with you guys.. I personally didn’t like it. It felt too rushed and forced.. Saiyyam is such a complex character and there was zero buid up on his part before the confession….He mentioned in the confession how he thinks he is a bad person and Krishna cant love him..which is exactly what I did in my ff. I just wish they explored that more..him struggling with his demons and his growing feelings for Krishna….Kj is so phenomenal in potraying saiyyam he would have done full justice to all those layers….
Thank you fro reading and please share your thoughts on
A) Is the sangeet dragging and boring?
B) Kriyam confession in the serial..

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  1. Shaani

    This is not at all drag… I want to see how yuvaani apologies raj… I love their pair also yaar…
    N sayyam get drunk.. Sayyam’s dance.. Omg I’m soo interested in next episode…plz update soon…

    1. Nnnya

      Thank you shaani dear. i just posted a chapter.

  2. No dr.dis is nt at all boring. I loved it.I like when sayyam is drunk. He heee btw u absolutely right about d confession. We r also disappointed about its no use keeping hopes about cvs.they always disappoint us.they didn’t even gave proper kriyam scenes. Only these ffs cure our hearts.hats off 2 all of u guys who r writing these beautiful u all.waiting 4 nxt epi dr.bye tc

    1. Nnnya

      Thank you Dinu. and i have posted a new chapter should be up soon.
      And yes the CVs are just terrible no consideration at all for the Kriyam fans…

  3. The story is progressing on a really good note and is wonderful to read. The marriage functions are minutely described and may seem long but are actually depictions of the innermost thoughts of all the protagonists in this story. The gradual stepping stones taken towards the most-awaited wedding are truly artistic. All the conversations in the episode were supremely ethereal and indeed stupendous..

    1. Nnnya

      Thank you sooooo much shivani 🙂

  4. On a personal front,
    I think that the confession in the show was extremely rushed. Honestly I did not expect sayyam to blurt out his feelings in such a sudden manner. The way in which krishna admitted her feelings and her inclination towards him is acceptable but whatever sayyam did was totally unexpected and left me gaping. I mean a complex character like sayyam whose heart is buried under layers of emotions and guises cant just delve into his inner self and emerge out saying – i love you to a girl (even though it maybe his wife). The confession was supremely hastened and did not live upto my persobal expectations. Sayyam being the complex character he his should have fought back his feelings and not been so impulsive. Even if he would have delayed by a few more minutes and left some time in pondering or gauging his emotions, the confessiin would have been acceptable.
    Lastly, I just want to highlight the fact that the confession and the supposed consummation were just not what we viewers expected. It literally crushed all of our hopes and dreams and left us all dissatisfied. It was seriously not logical or rewatch-worthy…

    1. Nnnya

      Yes i completely agree with you. i too have been saying that saiyyam is a very complex character and it made no sense for him to just blurt out his feelings..ugh Cvs are just terrible no consideration for the Kriyam fans….

  5. So amazingly written the episode is❤❤I’m loving it?

    1. Nnnya

      Thank you Zani 🙂

  6. Fidato

    Truly agree with you Shivani…. CVS ka habit hai…to Crush down our expectations..Of Kriyam…

    Naina this is not at all dragging….Please continue like this… Waiting for next…

    Raj…Day by day…Like him more..
    Today he stole the whole episode…

    1. Nnnya

      Thank you so much dear..and yes this Raj is something special…
      The confession was such a huge letdown for me as well. i completely agree with you and shivani

  7. AnahitaAnnie

    Ofcourse its not draggy at all. This is so good and I loved it from start…and drunk saiyyam talks were so adorable..and poor Raj..and thanks for showing RaVani moments… I ship them a lot…
    And about the confession…i was so disappointed. I even added a depressed note to my reader in my kriyam ff. I thought as Saiyyam is a dynamic character they would have inner battles before confession..i agreed maybe due to time they put it ok. But all the words were so rushed…there was hardly a kiss…no cute talks nothing….moreover I never expected saiyyam to blur out his feelings so easily… But at least there was a confession…though it wasn’t good…anyways… I am enjoying kriyam through all of ur ffs… I mean the kriyam in ur ff portrays part of SSEL and I really wish they could have made confession like ur ff… But nothing to do….and I missed u soo much..and my deepest sympathy for the loss of ur grandmother. May her soul rest in peace…and last but not the least fantastic epi…keep going…❤

    1. Nnnya

      Thank you soooo much AnahitaAnnie…
      I’m so glad all the fans are on the same age as far as the confession is concerned..everyone agrees that saiyyam is a complex character and his feelins should have been better explored..
      Cvs are so incosiderate..

  8. Its not at all dragging …I really loved drunk saiyyam ?..Poor raj felt bad for his yuvani shouldn’t have said that…Cheer up girl we all love u and keep writing ?

    1. Nnnya

      Awww thank you Isha. I love you all as well.
      And i just posted a new one. should be up soon. Enjoy

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