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Kriyam: Kyun karte ho muhjse itna pyar (Chapter 53)


Yuvani: Okay Krishna. Ab shaadi hogayi hai na toh tum niklo yahan se…(Now that the wedding is over, get out)
Everyone looked at yuvani with the same perplexed look on their faces…Yuvani laughed..
Yuvani: Arey maa grah pravesh nahi karna hai kya apni bahu ka..(Maa aren’t you going to do the welcome ritual of your daughter in law)
Suhani: Yuvani tumne toh hamein dara diya tha…(Yuvani you scared us)
Yuvani: Kya karein maa. Sangat ka asar hai..aaj kal kuch zyada hi dramatic log rehe rahein hai yahan(what to do maa. Its someone’s influence. Nowadays we are in the presence of a drama queen)
Raj: (Fake laughing) Arey wah yuvani ji aapko joke maar na bhi aata hai? (oh wow yuvani. I didn’t know you could make jokes)
Bhavna: Arey ab tum dono phirse shuru mat hona. Grah pravesh ki tayaari karte hai chalo….(Oh please don’t start you two. Lets prepare for the welcoming ritual. C’mon)

Kriyam were now standing outside the house, Suhani did their aarti and told Krishna to kick the bowl of rice and enter. She took Saiyyam’s hand in hers and kicked the bowl. Then she stepped into the red paint and they made their way inside the house. Once inside the house, it was time for the post marriage rituals. Saiyyam and Krishna were seated on opposite sides of a table. And a large bowl with milk was kept infront of them.
Suhani: Saiyyam, Krishna iss thaali mein humne tum dono ki shaadi ki angooti raki hai. Ab tum dono ko apni apni angooti doondni hai…chalo shuru karo..(Saiyyam, Krishna, we’ve kept your wedding rings in this bowl. Now you need to find your rings, c’mon get started)
Yuvani: Mumma, sabse important baat toh aapne batayi nahi. Yeh competition hai..tum dono ko apni ani angooti apne partner se pehele doondni hai…(Mumma you didn’t tell the most important part, this is a competition. You both have to find your rings before your partner does.
Saiyyam and Krishna put one of their hands each insde and started searching for the ring,They both searched while the rest of the family cheered..
Yuvani: C’mon Krishna.bohot hogayi saiyyam ki dadagiri, jeetna toh tumhe hi hai..(c’mon Krishna we’ve had enough of saiyyam bossing us have to win.)
Yuvaan: Humari izzat ka sawaal hai bhai…jaldi doondo..(Its about our respect brother, find it quickly)
Kriyam were still searching when their hands touched…Saiyyam took the opportunity to grab Krishna’s hand and hold it tightly..Krishna tried to free her hand and gestured saiyyam to let it go, Saiyyam didn’t listen and instead flashed her a mischevious smile….
Yuvani screamed impatiently..
Yuvani: Kisiko mila kya..(Did anyone find it)
Yuvani voice startled saiyyam and he lost his grip on krishna’s hand.. They continued to search…after a while Krishna found a ring wasn’t was saiyyam’s…she took the ring and moved her hand towards saiyyam’s hand and placed the ring in his finger…Saiyyam, who had found Krishna’s ring did the same…they then looked at each other and smiled with their hands still inside the milk bowl…
Bhavna: arey in dono ko tho kuch mil hi nahi raha hai..Saiyyam, Krishna apna haat bahar hum check toh karein ki iss mein ring hai bhi ya nahi..(These two cant seem to find anything, saiyyam,Krishna take your hand out let us checker whether the rings are actually in there…

Kriyam looked at each other worriedly…they didn’t take their hands out…
Bhavna: Arey kya hua..haat bahar nikaalo na..(oh what happened take your hand out)
Kriyam hesitantly took their hand out of the bowl.They were still holsing hands and wearing their wedding rings…Seeing this everyone laughed…
Bhavna: (laughing) tum dono ko apni apni angooti doondne ko kaha ta… ek doosre ko angooti pehenane ko nahi(you two were told to find your own rings, not put the ring on each other’s fingers..)
Bhavna takes away the milk bowl with sharad’s help. Suhani and Yuvani take Krishna to saiyyam’s room. Meanwhile Saiyyam and Yuvraj have a talk.
Yuvraj: Saiyyam, pehele pehele main tumhe bilkul pasand nahi karta ta. Isliye nahin kyunki tum ek bure insaan the, par isliye kyunki mujhe tum mein tumhara baap dikh tha tha. Jab bhi tum saamne aate the woh sab yaad aatha tha joh suhani ke saat hua. Maine kabhi tumhe tumhare baap se alag karke dekha hi nahi…par dheere dheere mujhe yeh ehsaas hogaya ki tum apne baap ke nahi suhani ke bete ho….aur isilye maine Krishna ko tumse alag nahi kiya..kyunki mujhe yakeen hai ki suhani ka beta kabhi ghalat nahi ho sakta…..aur saiyyam tumne apni zindagi mein bohot dukh dekhe hain, aur ab tumhe apni maa, apni patni, bhai, behen mil chuke hain…par baap nahi mila,main jaanta hoon ki maine kabhi tumhe bete hone ka darja nahi diya, par kya tum mujhe apna pita maanoge…..(Saiyyam, initially I didn’t like you at all. But that wasn’t because you were a bad person, but because I saw your father in you. Whenever I saw you I used to get reminded of everything that suhani went through. I never separated your actions from your father’s. Overtime I began to see that you weren’t like your father, you were suhani’s son. That’s why I didn’t separate you and Krishna, because I knew that suhani’ son can never be wrong. And saiyym you’ve faced a lot of difficulties in life and gotten a mother, a wife a brother and a sister, but not a father..I know I never treated you like a son, but can you accept me as your father.)
Saiyyam: (tearing up) Aapko yaad hai. Uss din police station mein main apne aap ko goli maarne ki koshish kar raha tha…aur aapne aakar mujhe roka..aapne mujhse kahata ki mujhe apni maa ke liye apni family ke liye jeena hoga…maine toh usi din aapko apna pita maan liya tha………Dad..(Do you remember that day at the police station I was trying to shoot myself, you stopped me. You told me that I had to live, for my mother, for my family..i had accepted you as my father that day itself…Dad…..)

Yuvraj had also teared up and they both shared a long emotional hug. Yuvraj patted the back of saiyyam’s head in a fatherly manner and released him from the hug. Wiping his tears he said
Yuvraj: Ab jaa. Your wife is waiting…(Now go, your wife is waiting)
Saiyyam flashed him a genuine happy smile and made his way to his room

Precap: Kriyam suhaagraat and yuvaan’s changed behaviour

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