Kriyam: Kyun karte ho muhjse itna pyar (Chapter 52)

Everyone’s eyes are fixed on Krishna..Saiyyam had rushed to her side..Krishna opened her eyes and everyone realizes that Krishna wasn’t the one shot…they look around examining each other and notice that it was baby’s hand that was shot…A policewoman is shown upstairs with the gun still aimed at baby. Two policeman come and surround her..she pushes them out of the way and tries to run away..The policewoman jumps from upstairs and lands right infront of baby…she gets a hold of her and cuffs her..
Raj: Wah! Kya kamaal ki inspectorni hai aap…matlab kya jump mara…..aap toh lady singham nikli…very impressive..(Wow! You are an amazing inspector..what a jump that was, you turned out to be lady singham..very impressive.)
Policewoman: Aisa kuch nahi hai..mai toh bas apna kaam asaan kar rahi thi..agar yeh bhaag jaati toh mujhe bhi iske piche piche bhaag na padta..anyways miss Krishna im sorry humein aane mein itni der hogayi.woh actually saamne wala darwaza blocked tha..toh hamein andar aane ka doosra raasta doondna pada…( its nothing like that. I was just making my job easier, if she had run away I would have had to run after her.anyways im sorry miss Krishna we got delayed coming here..actually the front entrance was blocked so we had to figure out a different way to get in.)
Suhani: Krishna beta tumne police koh phone kiya tha? (Krishna you called the police?)
Krishna: Haan maa. Maine neeche aane se pehele hi police koh phone karliya tha. Isiliye toh main baby ko baaton mein ulja ke rakhne ki koshish kar rahi thi…(yes maa, I had called the police before coming downstairs, that’s why I was stalling baby with my talks)
Suhani: Bhagwaan ka shukar hai ki sab teek hain…aur ab yeh shaadi hokar rahegi… inspector sahiba, le jayiey is ladki koh yahan se(Thank god everyone is fine, and now this wedding will definitely happen..inpector get this girl out of here)
Yuvaan: Ek minute maa…(Wait maa)
Yuvaan comes forward and slaps baby hard across the face..
Yuvaan: Waise toh ek aurat par haat utana mere sanskar aur adarshon ke khilaaf hai..par tum jaisi ghatiya aurat yahi deserve kart hi ho…burai ki hamesha haar hi hoti hai baby..aur aaj tum sab kuch haar gayi have lost (Raising my hand on a woman is against my values and my upbringing, but a disgusting woman like you deserves this…good always wins over evil baby, and you have lost everything have lost.)
Policewoman: Suhani ji im really sorry par aap main se kisi ek ko hamare saath police station chalna ke arrest ki kuch formalities karne honge….(suhani mam im really sorry but one of you will have to come to the police station with us, to do some formalities regarding baby’s arrest..)
Saiyyam: I’ll go…
Yuvaan: Nahi bhai..aaj teri life ka sabse important din hai….toh tu agar kahin jaega toh wo he mandap police station main jaoonga…(No brother, today is the most important day of your life so the only place you are going is the mandap. I’ll go to the police station)
Saiyyam: Okay fine. Par hum rasmein tabhi shuru karenge jab tu wapas aaye ga.( but we will only start the rituals once you get back)
Yuvaan: Nahi bhai…shaadi ka mahurat nikal jaaega..waise bhi iss baby ke chakar mein itna time waste hua hai…aur main phere hone tak aajaoonga..please bhai…(No brother..the auspicious time for the wedding might pass, already so much time had been wasted because of baby..i’ll be back before your wedding rounds..please brother..)
Suhani: Yuvaan teek kehe raha hai saiyyam (Yuvaan is right saiyyam)
Yuvani: Haan saiyyam, and don’t worry, main sab rasmein record karne wali hoon taki baad mein yuvaan sab dekh sakein..(Yes saiyyam , and don’t worry im going to record all the rituals so yuvaan ke see everything later)
Yuvaan: Chaliye inspector ..(Lets go inspector)
Suhani: Saiyyam, Krishna chalo mandap mein chalo jai mala ki rasam karni hai..(Saiyyam Krishna lets go to the mandap, we have to do the wedding garland ritual)
Raj: TEHERO! Arey aap sab log bhool rahe hai ki uss chudail baby ne mujhe goli maari thi…arey mere haat se khoon nikal raha hai..koi doctor ko toh bulao..(WAIT! Have you all forgotten that that which baby shot me in the arm, its still bleeding, someone call the doctor wont you)
Yuvani: Oh hello….tumhe goli lagi nahi hai..sirf choke nikli hai..koi doctor ki zaroorat nahi hai..first aid karoge toh teek ho jaega….(Oh hello you weren’t shot, the bullet simply grazed your aarm and went…there’s no need for a doctor, you’ll be fine with first aid)
Bhavna: Yuvani agar woh kehe raha hai ki usse doctor ki zaroorat hai.toh bulao na doctor ko…(Yuvani if he says he needs a doctor then call the doctor)
Raj went over and pulled bhavna’s cheeks.
Raj: Hai masi ji aapko meri itni fikar hai….par yuvani ji sahi kehe rahi hai,mujhe doctor ki zaroorat nahi hai…who toh bas mein sabka mood teek karne ke liye todi dramebaazi kar raha tha…main yun gaya aur yun aaya first aid karke…(oh masi, you care about me so much, but yuvani’s right. I don’t need a doctor..i was just trying to lighten everyone’d mood by being a drama queen,I be back after doing the first aid before you even notice im gone.)
And with that raj went to his room. And yuvani followed saying she’ll help. In a few minutes yuvani had returned soon followed by Raj, who was bandanged up and wearing a new sherwani…
The wedding rituals had finally begun. Krishna put the wedding garland on Saiyyam and when it was saiyyam’s turn Raj and sharad lifted Krishna up so saiyyam couldn’t reach her…
Saiyyam: Raj tu meri side mein hai ya inke! Haat bhi toota phoota hai phir bhi mujhe double cross kar raha hai (Raj are you on their side or mine. Your arm is broken but you still are double crossing me)
Raj: Ishq aur jang mein sab jayaz hota hai mere dost. Aur tut oh jaanta hai teri maa mujhse kitna pyar karti hai..main unki beti ko harne todhi de sakta hoon(Everything is fair in love and war my friend, and you know how much your maa loves me, I cannot let her daughter lose now can i)
After a few failed attempts saiyyam had finally managed to jump high enough to reach Krishna and put the garland on her neck…Everyone cheered and clapped..
Soon it was time for Krishna’s kanyadan(ritual for father of the bride), it made Krishna miss her parents and her eyes fill up with tears, but saiyyam knowing her all too well held her hand and gave her an encouraging smile, a smile that said that he would always be there for her, a smile that made her sadness fade away. Yuvraaj had come forward to do Krishna’s kanyadan and afterwards he along with suhani blessed the couple…Now it was time for the wedding rounds…Yuvani temporarily handed over the camera to raj and went over to do the ghatbandan, and tied both ends of Kriyam’s respective dupatta’s together..When it was time for the rounds, eventhough their clothes had been tied together saiyyam still forwarded his hand to Krishna and she happily placed her hand in his..and they started their wedding rounds hand in hand, happy and content, with the biggest smile automaticallt plastered on both their faces….Yuvaan had made it back before the 4th round and he happily joined the others who were cheering and showering flowers on the happy couple….The 7th round had commenced and the priest told saiyyam to tie the mangalsutra around krishna’s neck, When Krishna saw the mangalsutra, she was overwhelmed with emotions..she immediately recognized it as her mother’s and she looked over to the one person she was confident had arranged it for her, suhani gave her a wide smile and gestured her not to cry….at that moment Krishna thanked god for surrounding her with such loving people…Saiyyam had tied the mangalsutra and now it was time for the sindoor…seeing the sindoor they both exchanged looks and smiled thinking of its significance in how their relationship progressed…Saiyyam filled her hairline with sindoor and Krishna felt complete..In that momet she felt like she had everything she ever wanted.In that moment they were both truly happy..The room erupted with cheers as the priest declared them husband and wife. And they went towards all the elders and seeked their blessing, even dadi whom Krishna felt wasn’t a art of her wedding wholeheartedly blessed her, and that just made her even happier.. She looked over at saiyyam and he whispered into her ear..
Saiyyam: Congatulations Mrs Krishna Saiyyam Birla…aajse tum meri hui..hamesha hamesha ke liye..(From now on you are mine forever)

Precap: Post marriage rituals of Kriyam, The YuvRaj lovetrack..and yuvaan’s changed behavior after the visit to the police station

Hello everyone, so sorry I disappeared again briefly but my sister needed my laptop for some work and I find it too difficult to type episodes on my phone.
Thank you so much to everyone who read and commented on the previous chapter. My apologies for not replying to each of you personally.
And finally congratulations to Isha for correctly guessing who shot whom hehe you go girl!

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  1. Hey, first of all please don’t apologise because the episode was amazing finally Kriyam have finally got married. I love your writing you never dissapoint us with this amazing writing talent of yours. Keep writing this amazing ff. Cant wait to see how kroyam develop their love in a proper married life. Thank you for writing and update soon.???

    1. Nnnya

      Thank you so much for such kind words. 🙂

  2. Amazing epi but can u less the yuvraj lovertrack I just want to see more and more kriyam scenes plzzzzz

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      Dont worry MAhi. it doesnt hurt at all. I welcome constructive criticism. i will try my best to maximize the Kriyam scenes. Thank you for reading 🙂

  4. Its amazing and finally kriyam got married and I think now yuvaan started loving krishna damn yaar I hate him from the coRe in this matter otherwise he is also cute BTW can u increase the kriyam scenes plzzz I want more and more kriyam scenes plzzzz

    1. Nnnya

      I will try. Thank you for reading 🙂

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  7. Finally someone posted…
    … are late…. It’s OK… Everyone has their own problems….. By the way…. Aww I loved it.. Finally they are married.Raj is too silly … And what happened with yuvan….. Oo I hate suspance…. Waiting for the next one…. Please please please try to upload soon…. ?

    1. Nnnya

      My apologies for being late. Thank you for reading 🙂

  8. Well my guess was correct…I had been looking in TU for days … Not even one posted I was so upset..thank u for writing…its alright if u take time but if u stop writing like u did before we will giggle u till u lose ur breath…

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  9. The wedding rituals were explained so nicely❤loved it?

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