Kriyam: Kyun karte ho muhjse itna pyar (Chapter 51)

Krishna was now dressed in her bridal lehenga and wearing her jewelery including the bangles saiyyam had brought for her a while back..she recalled how he broke her favourite bangle set then brought these the next day and smiled..
Krishna: kitni jaldi gussa aaja ta tumhe..ab zindagi bhar tumhare issi gusse se mujhe ulaj na padega…(you get angry so quickly…now I will have to deal with your anger for the rest of my life.)
She was waiting patiently in her room for yuvani to come get her..Yuvani had mentioned that when the baraat comes she qould come to get her..
Meanwhile Suhani, Yuvraaj, and the rest of the family were waiting at the door for the baraat to come…before long the baraat had come, but the scene wasn’t what they expected..instead of dancing and celebrating everyone was extremely quite and simply walked to the door..Suhani spotted raj and questioned him about the unsual scene…
Suhani: Raj, yeh sab kya hai..aise barrat leke aate hai..are humari beti aur bete ki shaadi hai…aur tum,tumhe toh sabse aage nachna chahiye..kya hogaya hai sabko..aur saiyyam kahan hai…(Raj, what is all this, is this the way to bring the wedding procession..its my son and daughter’s wedding..and you, you should be dancing the most..what’s wrong with you all and saiyyam where is he)
Raj was silent…nobody said a word. Suhani noticed raj’s arm was wounded.. she was about to approach him when suddenly someone emerged from inside the was baby..she then dragged saiyyam out and held him at gunpoint….
Baby: Aap sab mera mu kya dekh rahe hai…are main baraat leke aayi hoon, swagat nahi karoge…(why are you all just staring at me..i brought the wedding procession, wont you welcome us…
Suhani: BABY! Tumhari himmat kaise hui yahan doobara aneki…humne kaha tha na tumse..yuvaan se aur iss parivaar se door rehena….( BABY! How dare you come here again..i told you to stay away from yuvaan and this family)
Baby: Shhh suhani birla…..apna haat chalao…zabaan nahi……ab tum mera swagat kar rahi ho ya…tumhare iss bete ko pohoncha doon upar…(Shh suhani birla..stop talking so much and work you hands….now will you welcome me or should I send your son towards god)
Yuvraj: Suhani, abhi baby ki baat maan lete hain. Saiyyam uske kabse mein hain and I’m sure raj ko chot bhi uski hi waje se lagi hai…let’s just do what she says..(Suhani, we should do as baby says, she has saiyyam and I’m sure she’s the one who injured raj..lets just do what she says..)
Suhani agreed and gestured yuvani and bhavna to carry out the welcome as planned….Baby entered inside the house and told everybody not to try anything or come near her….she then started laughing victoriously…
Baby: Maine kaha tha…bola tha maine ki main tum sab ki khushiyan cheen kar rahoongi..aur ab iss khushi ke mauke koh main maatam mein badal doon gi….suhani…yeh jo aapka good for nothing beta hai na yeh yuvaan..isse apne pyar ke jaal mein phasaya tha yeh soch kar ki ive hit the jackpot..par nahin….aur yeh yeh apka ladla beta…jo kal tak aaka sabse bada dushman bane ghoom raha tha aaj suddenly isse apni maa devi lagti hai….aur who stupid anaath ladki…kahan hai woh…KRISHNA! KRISHNA!!! BAHAR NICKLO…(I told you, I told you I will take away all your happiness..and now I will turn this happy occasion into a mourning session..suhani..when I married your good for nothing son yuvaan I thought I had hit the jackpot but no..and your favourite son saiyyam, who used to hate you all this time suddenly considers you great..and that stupid orphan girl..where is she..Krishna..Krishna..get out here..)

Krishna had gotten out of the room hastily…she saw the scene downstairs and ran down the steps screaming saiyyam’s name…she was now standing infront of baby…
Krishna: Baby..please saiyyam ko kuch mat karna..usse chod do..tum jo bolo gi main karoongi…Please..(Baby please leave saiyyam..dont do anything to him I will do whatever you say.please.)
Baby: Oh my god..itna pyar…itna pyar dekh ke toh mujhe…aur bhi gussa aa raha karta hai abhi ke abhi..(Oh my god so much love..seeing so much love i…am getting more angry..i feel like..)
Krishna: (touching baby’s feet) NAHI,nahi..please baby main tumhare per padti hoon haat jodti hoon tumhare aage saiyyam ko kuch mat karna( No,no please baby im begging you let saiyyam go)
Saiyyam: Krishna yeh tum kya kar rahi ho……iss ghatiya ladki ke per mat pado…(Krishna, what are you doing, dont fall at this disgusting woman’s feet)

Hearing this baby got angry and kicked Krishna off her feet…Everyone screamed her name and Suhani and Yuvaan came to her aid and picked her up…..Seeing all this saiyyam got angry and had a scuffle with Baby but baby was not going to go down easy…she fired a shot in the air and aimed the gun back at saiyyam..
Baby: Zyada hero baneki koshish mat karo saiyyam….pichli baar jo maine kaha who yaad hain na!
Saiyyam and Raj along with a few others get ready near the saiyyam is about to enter baby comes out and instructs all of them to take her along with her…she points a gun at saiyyam but saiyyam has a scuffle with her and pushes her on the ground, as he is about to take out his phone to call the police baby shoots Raj..The bullet just grazes his arm and passes by…Saiyyam screams RAJ! And baby again holds him at gunpoint…

Baby: Chup chaap meri baat maan lo saiyyam….kyunki iss bar jaan booch ke bullet miss hua hai..agar mujhe rokh ne ki ya polic ko khabar karne ki koshish bhi ki..toh eke k baraati ki laashein yahan bichaadoongi….aur sabse pehela number…iss joker raj ka hoga….(Just cooperate with me saiyyam. This time I misfired on purpose but if you try to stop me or call the police then I will kill each and everyone of these people here..starting with this joker raj..)
Flashback ends..

Saiyyam gestures to baby that he will cooperate…
Baby: Haan toh tum kya kehe rahi thi krishna, tum saiyyam ke liye kuch bhi kar sakti ho…..(Pointing the gun at her), Jaan de sakti ho kya…(So yes what were you saying Krishna..that you can do anything for saiyyam(Pointing the gun at her) can you sacrifice your life)
Suhani: BABY!
Baby then points the gun at her….
Baby: Tum mar sakti ho kya suhani….apne bet eke liye…(Can you die for your son suhani)
She then points the gun one by one at everyone….
Baby: Mar na toh kisi na kisi ko padega ki……ab who kaun hoga yeh tum log decide karo…(Someone has to who that will be you decide among yourselves)
Suhani: Baby yeh tum teek nahi kar rahi..(Baby this isn’t right)
Yuvaan: Baby have you gone mad…
Yuvraj: Don’t do this baby…

Baby: Your taking too long….Chalo main hi decide kar deti hoon…(Ok I’ll decide myself )
She points the gun at Krishna..
Baby: tumhe who sab milne jaa raha hai jo mujhe milna chahiye tha…..sabse zyada nafrat toh main tumse hi karti hoon….(Smiling) Bye bye….(You are about to get everything that I wanted..i hate you the most..(smiling) Bye Bye)

Krishna closes her eyes…Everyone screams no in unison…..A gunshot is fired…….

No precap keep the suspense going. And im sorry for keeping the suspense its just that i am very busy…..feel free to give any gaali’s you like in the comment section..but please do come back to see if Kriyam do get married…….

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