Kriyam: Kyun karte ho muhjse itna pyar (Chapter 46)

Everyone was back in their seats and bhavna announced that the next performance would be Krishna’s..
Krishna comes on stage and everyone claps…
Krishna: Actually aaj mujhe saiyyam ke saat perform karna ta..par use pehle maine decide kiya ta ki mujhe kisi aur ke liye kuch karna hai….mujhe kisi ko thank you bolna tha..yeh bohot choti cheez hai actually…kyunki unho ne bachpan se leke aaj tak mujhe hamesha pyar kiya hai meri har choti badi khushi ka kayaal rakha hai…woh hamesha se hi mere liye meri maa thi aur aaj bhi hai….par shayad main aaj tak unki beti nahi ban payi….maine bohot aasaani se mere papa ka darja dadu ko de diya ar aaj tak shayad main mumma ki jaga unhe nahi de payi….ek achi beti nahi ban payi….toh aaj jab main unki bahu bane jaa rahi hoon…main unhe promise karna chahti hoon ki main unki bahu nahi beti hi rahoon gi aur aaj ke baad kabhi bhi unhe aunty nahi bulaoongi…..woh meri maa thi hai aur hamesha rahegi..meri pyari suhani maa…..I’m sorry and I love you… ( I actually had to perform with saiyyam today but before that I decided that I needed to do something for someone else first. I needed to say thank you. It’s a very small thing actually..because ever since my childhood she’s always loved me she’s taken care of every little thing my every happiness, she has always been my mother and still is..but i could never be her daughter..i gave my father;s place to dadu very easily but I could never give my mothers place to her. I could never become a good today when im about to become her daughter-in-law I want to promise her that I will not be your daughter-in-law, I wil remain your daughter..and from today onwards I will never call you aunty..she was, is and always will be my lovely suhani maa…I’m sorry and I love you)
Everyone claps….Suhani gets emotional….Music plays…
Tu kitni achhi hai, tu kitni bholi hai
(You are so good, you are so simple)
Pyaari pyaari hai, oh maa oh maa oh maa oh maa
(You are very loveable, oh mom, oh mum)
Apna nahin tujhe, sukh dukh koi
(You don’t worry about your happiness and grief)
Main muskaaya tu muskaayi, main roya tu royi
(If I smile, you smile, If I cry, you cry)
Mere hansne pe, mere rone pe
Tu balihaari hai, oh maa oh maa oh maa, oh maa
(you give away to my crying and my laughter oh dear mum)
Maa bachon ki jaan hoti hai
(A mother is the life of the children)
Voh hote hai kismat waale, jinke maa hoti hai
(Those are the fortunate ones, the ones who have mums)
Kitni sundar hai, kitni sheetal hai
(so beautiful, so pure- devoid of passion)
Nyaari nyaari hai, oh maa oh maa oh maa, oh maa
(so very wonderful!!, oh mum)
Krishna continue’s to sing while saiyyam, yuvani and yuvaan bring the special guests..pankaj and lata to the stage……. Krishna ends the song and all four of them scream,
Suhani gets emotional and cries..she and yuvraaj touch Pankaj and lata’s feet..Suhani hugs Krishna….and the other three join in on the hug.
Everyone goes back to their seats and Bhavna announces that now it is time for saiyyam to perform..Everyone claps for saiyyam. He touches suhani’s feet and hugs her before going up on stage.
Saiyyam: Main uh…main toda different approach loonga sangeet ke liye kyunki mujhe actually kabhi lagta nahi ta ki meri shaadi hogi..infact mujhe toh yeh bhi nahi pata ta ki family ka saat kya hota hai….main yahan sirf ek magsad se aaya ta. Woh thi iss family ko todhna…sab ki khushiyon ko dukh mein badal na…mere andar bohot gussa ta..mujhe aisa lagta ta ki mere hisse ka pyar mera haq yeh log mujhe dena nahi chahte te.specially meri maa…jinse main bohot nafrat karta ta….har waqt angry young man banke ghoom ta ta..Bohot ghalat samajh ta ta main sab ko..par woh kehte hai na ki sach kabhi na kabhi saamne aa hi jaa ta hai…meri bhi aankhein khul gayi…in sab ke beech har roz ek ladki ke saath merapath cross hota ta…woh hamesha kahin na kahi giri padi hoti ti…aur hamari humesha ladai hi hoti ti….phir mere badle ki aag mein woh pass gayi aur humari shaadi ho gayi aur maine isse torture karne mein koi kasar nahi chodi….shaadi ke kuch time baad hi mujhe sach pata chala ta….aur phirse mujhe nafrat hone lagi..par is bar logon se nahi apne aap se….aur iss amazing ladki ko pyar ho gaya..wo bhi mujhse…main jo uski zindagi ka sabse bada villain ta….Villain se pyar ho gaya use…Krishna ke pyar ne mujhe apne aap se pyar karna sikha ya..mujhe yeh realize kara ya ki main bura nahi hoon…bas halaat mera saat nahi de rahe te…Aur jab apne aap se pyar hone laga toh mujhe uska aur meri family ka pyar accept karne ki himmat mili…Main aaj tak zindagi ko sirf kaat raha ta..Krishna ne mujhe jeena sikha diya…isiliye aaj mujhe sab ke saamne yeh kehna ta ki main bohot lucky hoon jo mujhe tum mili aur main bohot khush hoon ki humari shaadi ho rahi hain aur tum zindagi bhar mere saat raho ge…main nahi jaanta ki main tumhe deserve karta hoon ya nahi par main yeh zaroor jaanta hoon ki main tumhe bohot bohot khush rakhoonga….. I love you Krishna….Thank you meri zindagi main aane ke liye… (I um im going to take a different approach in this sangeet, because I actually never thought that I would get married..infact I didn’t even know what it was like to have a family.. when I came here I only had one goal..and that was to break this family aart..turn their happiness into sorrow…there was a lot of anger and hate inside me..i always felt like I never got my share of love, my rights…that these peole never wanted to give it to me..specially my mum, whom I used to hate a lot. I was always walking around an angry young man…I misunderstood everyone…but they say that the truth always prevails..i too learnt the truth in time…and in between all this..everday my path would cross with this girl..she was always falling down somewhere or the other..and we always used to bicker and argue..and then she got caught in the crossfire of my revenge….we ended up getting married..and I never missed and opportunity to torture her…it was sometime after our marriage that I got to know the truth about my family…and I was once again filled with anger and hate..but this time not for anyone else..for myself…and this amazing girl fell in love..that to with who was the biggest villain in her love..she fell in love with the villain….Krishna’s love taught me to love myself…made me realize that I’m not a bad person..i was just in a really bad situation in life…and when I learnt to love myself I had the courage to accept her love for me as well as the love my family had for me..All this time I was just passing the days of my life..Krishna taught me how to live it…that’s why today I had to tell you infront of everyone that im very lucky to have you and that im incredibly happy that we’re getting married and that you will be by my side for the rest of our lives…I don’t know if I deserve you or not. But I do know this…I will keep you very very happy.. I love you Krishna..thank you for being in my life)
Everyone gets emotional and claps….Krishna wipes her tears her mouths I love you too to saiyyam from across the stage…Saiyyam gets a guitar and sits down to play….He serenades Krishna..
Dehleez Pe Mere Dil Ki, Jo Rakhe Hain Tune Kadam
(When You stepped on the doorstep of my heart)
Tere Naam Pe Meri Zindagi, Likh Di Mere Humdum
(I dedicated my life to Your name)
(I wrote my life in Your name)
Haan Seekha Maine Jeena Jeena Kaise Jeena
(I learnt how to live life)
Haan Seekha Maine Jeena Mere Humdum
(I learnt how to live life, my beloved)
Na Seekha Kabhi Jeena Jeena Kaise Jeena
(I had never learnt how to live life (previously)
Na Seekha Jeena Tere Bina Humdum
(I had never learnt how to live life without You my beloved)
Hmm Mmm… Hmm Mmm… Hmm Mmm… Hmm Mmm…
Saiyyam gets up and takes Krishna towards the stage with him…he holds her waist and takes her hand and dances with her while continueing to sing…
Sacchi Si Hain Yeh Taareefein, Dil Se Jo Maine Kari Hain…
(These are honest praises/compliments that I’m giving You from my heart)
Jo Tu Mila To Saji Hai, Duniya Meri Humdum
(As I have achieved/attained You, my world has become decorated (a lovely place)
O Aasmaan Mila Zameen Ko Meri
(My Earth has achieved the Skies)
Aadhe Aadhe Poore Hain Hum
(Both of us were incomplete, now we’ve united and become complete (one)
Tere Naam Pe Meri Zindagi, Likh Di Mere Humdum
(I dedicated my life to Your name)
Haan Seekha Maine Jeena Jeena Kaise Jeena
(I learnt how to live life)
Haan Seekha Maine Jeena Mere Humdum
(I learnt how to live life, my beloved)
Na Seekha Kabhi Jeena Jeena Kaise Jeena
(I had never learnt how to live life)
Na Seekha Jeena Tere Bina Humdum
(I had never learnt how to live life without You my beloved)
Hmm Mmm… Hmm Mmm… Hmm Mmm… Hmm Mmm…
Saiyyam ends the song by kissing Krishna on the forhead….Everyone claps for the lovely couplw while they stand centre stage locked in each other’s embrace, touching their forheads together…
Precap: Finally the wedding…..but not before some pre wedding romance….
Not too happy with these recent two chapters myself..its not my best work..but im working on it! I shall bounce back for the wedding chapters with loads of kriyam and YuvRaj..Sorry guys hope I didn’t disappoint

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