Kriyam : kyun karte ho muhjse itna pyar (Chapter 26)

Saiyyam tugged onto Krishna’s dupatta. He called her in a cute voice..
Saiyyam : Krishna…..mere joote uttar rahi I na..muhje pata tha…tum humesha mera itna khayal rakti ho… Stupid ladki….Pagal ho…par pyari bhi ho…. ( were removing my shoes weren’t you..i knew it.. you always take care of me…stupid girl…you are crazy..but lovely too )
Saiyyam pulled her close to him..she fell on the bed.. he grabbed her by the waist and brushed her hair with his other hand..
Saiyyam : Beautiful!

Krishna felt uncomfortable..she knew saiyyam wasn’t ready..he wasn’t even his senses… She got up from the bed and started to leave when saiyyam called her out again..
Saiyyam : tumhe pata hai.. maine sharaab kyun pi hai?…. tumhare saath batameezi ki thi na… isliye main sad sad feel kar raha tha…..aur happy happy feel karne ke liye maine sharab pi.. ( You know why I got drunk..because I misbehaved with you..i felt sad to feel happy happy I had a drink )
Krishna had a mixed reaction…she felt happy he cared about making her sad but she was also uset that he himself was sad..
Krishna : Saiyyam tum so jao..hum kal subah baath karenge… ( Saiyyam you sleep, we’ll talk in the morning )

Next morning saiyyam woke up with a headache… He didn’t remember anything from last night..Except that one moment he and Krishna were on the bed together… He thought to himself..
Saiyyam : Kal raath maine kuch….nahi nahi..main hosh mein nahi tha..par Krishna toh thi.. ( did I do something last no..i wasn’t in my senses but Krishna was )
He got up from his bed and noticed that Krishna was gone..but she had left him a glass of lemon water,He smiled seeing it..He drank the lemon water got ready and went downstairs..

The morning pooja had already commenced and everyone was having breakfast.. Saiyyam came and apologized to suhani for missing the pooja. She asked him to sit for breakfast..Krishna served him breakfast but she seemed aloof, she wasn’t making eye contact with him.. Saiyyam had his breakfast quietly.. He was done and about to leave when Krishna called him
Krishna : Dadu ne hum dono ko bulaaya hai..unke kamrein mein..kuch baat karni hai unhe. ( Dadu called both of us in his room, he wants to talk to us )
Saiyyam : Kya baat karni hai ( what does he want to talk about )
Krishna : pata nahi…shayad tumhari yeh sharaab pine ki aadat ko lekar kuch kehena hai ( I don’t know..maybe he has something to say about your habit of getting drunk )
Saiyyam : oh toh tum isliye gussa ho…. Typical biwi baneki koshish mat karo Krishna….. meri life hai..mera jo man kare woh main kar sakta hoon ( oh so that’s why you’re mad.. don’t try to act like a typical wife Krishna..its my life..i can do whatever you want )
Krishna : yahi toh tum nahi samajh rahe ho saiyyam tumahri life ab meri life se jud chuki hai..tum jo bhi karte ho usse muhje farak padta hai ( that’s what you don’t understand saiyyam your life and mine are does concern me whatever it is that you do..)
Krishna walked off towards yuvraaj’s room and saiyyam followed..Yuvraaj Krishna and saiyyam sat down near the coffee table when suhani came in and closed the door..
Krishna : Dadu kya baat hai..aapne humein kyun bulaya ( dadu what happened.why did you call us here )
Yuvraaj : Maine ek faisla liya hai..tum dono ke rishte ko lekar..aur muhje aur suhaani ko lagta hai ki yeh faisla tum dono ke liye bilkul sahi hai…. ( ive taken a decision regarding your relationship and me and suhani feel this decision is right for both of you)
Saiyyam : Kaisa faisla ( what decision)
Yuvraaj : Humne decide kiya hai ki..yuvaan aur baby ke saath saath hum tum dono ka bhi divorce karaenge..( we decided that along with yuvaan and baby we will get you two divorced as well )

Both saiyyam and Krishna were shell shocked.. Krishna got up and started speaking frantically,,
Krishna : Divorce..divorce kyun dadu..muhje iss rishte se koi shikaayat nahi hai..main toh yeh rishta nibhaane ki poor koshish kar rahi hoon dadu.. ( Divorce..why divorce.. I have no problem with this relation..infact im trying my best to fix this relationship dadu )
Yuvraaj : I know Krishna.. tum don koshish kar rahe ho..but the fact is zabardasti jo rishte judh te hai woh zyada din tak nahi tik ti.. aur tum dono ke beech toh pyar bhi nahi hain..aise be matlab ke rishte mein band ke rehene se acha hain ki tum dono azaad ho jao…infact muhje lagta hai ki divorce ke turant baad koi acha ladka doond kai tumhari shaadi kar deni chahiye Krishna… after all ek divorced ladki se kaun shaadi karna chahega.. isilye jaldhi ek ladka doond ke tumhari life settle kar dete hai.. ( I know you both are trying Krishna..but the fact is forcefully joined relationships don’t last long..and you don’t even love each other it is better to be free than to be bound by thid meaningless relation..infact I think right after the divorce we should get you married to someone nice Krishna..after all who will want to marry a divorcee..thats why we should look for a groom soon and get your life settled….
Suhani : Yuvraaj sahi kehe raha hai.. ( yuvraaj is right )
Krishna stood dumbfounded..she felt like her whole world had come crashing down..she couldn’t believe her dadu would say such things… Meanwhile saiyyam was fuming with anger.
Yuvraaj thought to himself..
Yuvraaj : I know krishna mere yeh sab kehene se tumhe bohot dukh hoga..par tumhare aur saiyyam ke rishte ko aage bada ne ke liye yeh sab karna zaroori tha… ( I know Krishna my words will hurt you a lot but all this is necessary to save your relation with saiyyam )

Precap : Saiyyam holds yuvraaj’s collar.. Suhani and Krishna try to stop him

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  1. wowww….nyc but was short…but itz really good…next part pls

    1. Nnnya

      thanks dear… next part updated

  2. Amazing epi plzz upadate soon plzzzz asa sos aa possible

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      Thank you. next episode updated keep reading

  3. These are the fanfics i love the most! Realistic ones, based on the actual show! Love it! Please update quick xx

    1. Nnnya

      AWWW thank you…that means alot. i actually make an effort to make my ff as relistic and relatable to the actual serial…thanks for recognizing my effort and reading my ff. God bless you

  4. Syedul

    I knew dis was coming wid da divorce stuff. Um…the collar part is a bit disturbing …

    1. Nnnya

      Yes you were right…..dont worry our angry young man has his lady love to keep him in check

  5. Plz show the confession soon Nnnya. Anyways fantastic epi and thrilling precap

    1. Nnnya

      Thanks dear. and i know im dragging but i wanted to make the confession as realistic and natural as possible so pls bear with me

  6. Aarti32

    Yuvraj d villain..Haha??
    Saiyyam..He’s a dhakkan yaar!! Kitta samjhana padta h..N in all dis, wats Krishna going through, no one can understand that..Superb episode yaar

    1. Nnnya

      Thank you aarti dear….and yes saiyyam ko toh clueless hone ke liye award milna chahiye haha

      1. Aarti32

        Haha true??

  7. Amazing….i am wondering who will confess first krishna or siyyam.
    plz update ASAP

    1. Nnnya

      Thank you sanju dear ..confession is coming…you’ll find out soon..but not that soon sorry

  8. ❤❤So good

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  9. Loved the precap like anything…hope Krishna and Sayyam can understand each other’s feelings soon

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      Thank you sana and yes they will be making some progress in realizing their feelings…

  10. Hlo gies….
    How r u all..
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    And yes… Episode was osum…

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    Btw nice part..

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