Kriyam : kyun karte ho muhjse itna pyar (Chapter 22)

Suhani recalls hearing Krishna’s love confession….
Suhani : Krishna… saiyyam se pyar kar ti hai? Par kya saiyyam bhi….humein Krishna se baat karni hogi.. nahi nahi.. agar hum baat karenge toh shayad woh kuch kehe naa paaye…kaise pataa karen.. Yuvaani.. Krishna toh humesha uski hae baat yuvani se share karti hain…usse pata lati hoon ( Krishna… loves saiyyam..but does saiyyam also.. I have to talk to Krishna.. no no if I talk she might not open up to me.. how will I find out.. Yuvaani..krishna always shares everything with her..i shall find out from her….)
In the hall yuvaani was talking to saiyyam.
Yuvaani : plan kaam kargaya kya? ( did the plan work )
Saiyyam recalled how they apologized to each other and smiled…
Yuvaani : hmmm mil gaya jawaab.. plan successful raha.. ( hmm I got my answer ..the plan was a success)
Just then suhani entered and ask yuvaani to come along with her..
Suhani took yuvani to her room and locked the door..
Yuvaani : mumma kya huwa? Aap muhje yahan kyun lekar aayi…aur aap itni tense kyun lag rahi hai…kuch huwa hain kya…. ( mumma what happened? Why did you bring me here.. and why do you seem so tensed? Did something happen.. )

Suhani was silent..
Yuvani : mumma boliye na… ( mumma say something )
Suhani : Krishna aur saiyyam ke beech kya chal raha hai… ( whats going on between Krishna and saiyyam )
Yuvaani was shocked..
Yuvaani : what do you mean mumma..
Suhani : kya woh ek doosre kop sand karte hain.. ( Do they like each other)
Yuvaani: umm mumma ..
Suhani : yuvaani batao humein… ( yuvaani tell me )
Yuvaani : mumma saiyyam ka toh pata nahi par Krishna saiyyam se yar karti hain… ( mumma I don’t know about saiyyam but Krishna does love saiyyam..)
Suhani : ( happily ) bhagwaan ka lak lak shukar hai Krishna iss shaadi se khush hai… usse humara beta pasand hai.. par.. saiyyam.. uske man ke kya hai.. ( Thank god Krishna is happy with in her marrid life… she loves my son.. but.. whats on saiyyam’s mind..

Yuvaani : mumma pat hai kya ( mumma you know what )..
Yuvaani filled suhani in on what happened the night of the fast and this morning…
Yuhaani : saiyyam ko takleef ho rahi thi mumma ki Krishna ne usse ghalat samjha.. muhje lagta hain woh bhi Krishna ko like karta hain…bas dhikaana nahi chahta..aur krishna… woh toh dumbo hain… reject hone ke dar se woh bhi apni feelings nahi bataa ey gi. ( saiyyam was disturbed mumma, when Krishna misunderstood him.. I think he also likes her but soesnt want to show his true feelings.. and Krishna she’s a dumbo she wont confess fearing she will be rejected..)
Suhani : lagta hain ab humein hi apne bachon ke liye kuch karna palhega..( I think I will have to do something for my children now )
Yuvaani : kya? Iss love story ko aap track par laooge mumma.. (what? You’ll bring this love story on track mumma..)
Suhani : haan par isme humein apni beti ki madat chaahiye..tum karogi na humari madat? ( yes but I need my daughter’s help for this.. you will help me want you? )
Yuvaani : Ofcourse mumma who dono ek doosre ke liye perfect hain. ( ofcouse mummar they’re perfect for each other..)
Yuvaani and Suhani hug..
Maa…. Someone called from behind..both suhani and yuvaani are tensed..
Suhani : he bhagwan kahin saiyyam yahan toh nahi aa gaya. Usne saari baate sun li toh ( oh god did saiyyam come here what if he heard everything )

They both turned slowly and were relieved to see yuvaan.
Yuvaan : yeh main kya sun raha hoon. Saiyyam aur Krishna ek doosre ko like karte hain.. ( What am I hearing.. saiyyam and Krishna like each other..)
Yuvaani : shhh dheere bolo yuvaan.. tum sab ghadbad kardo ge, aur agar tumhari uss chaalak biwi ne sab sun liya na toh .. ( be’ll ruin everything.. if your cunning wife hears then.. )

Suhani : Yuvaani.. apni Bhabhi ke baare mein aise bolte hain.. ( Yuvaani that’s no way to talk about your sister in law )

Yuvaan : rehene do maa. Sahi toh kehe rahi hain. Baby hain hi aisi…. Anyways aap log muhje ye batao ki plan kya hain.. ( leave it maa. Shes right. Baby is like that..anyway you guys tell me what the plan is. )
Yuvaani : what? Tum humari help karoge kya.. tum aur Krishna toh ab dost bhi nahi ho.. aur saiyyam se to tum nafrat karte ho ( what will you help us? You and Krishna aren’t even friends anymore. And you hate saiyyam.)
Yuvaan : exactly yuvaani.. Baby ki sachai jaane ke baad muhje bohot buraa lag raha he. Ki maine Krishna ko chold ke uss money minded baby ko kaise choose kiya.. main Krishna ka friendship phir se earn karna chahta hoon. Usse uska pyar dila kar apni ghalti sudhar na chahta hoon.. aur saiyyam.. uske aur mere beech mein jo differences hain who kum ho rahe he aur afterall woh hain to mera bhai.. ( after knowing baby;s truth I feel bad. That I left Krishna for and chose that money minded baby.. I want to earn Krishna frienshi again, to rectify my mistake by uniting her with her love..and saiyyam, the difference between he and I are becoming less and after all he is my brother.. )
Suhani emotionally hugs yuvaan.
Suhani : humein aaj hamara pehele wala yuvaan wapas mil gaya.. humara beta jo kabhi kisi ke saath ghalat nahi akr sakta.. ( I got my old yuvaan back. My son who wont do anything wrong with anyone..)
Yuvaani : woh sab toh teek hai par mumma woh baby abhi tak yahan kyun hai.. yuvaan usse divorce kar raha hain na.. ( that’s all fine mumma but why is that baby still here.. yuvaan is divorcing her na)
Suhani : yuvaani…maana ki un dono ka talaak ho raha hain.par iska yeh matlab nahi ki hum uske saath bura sulook karein.. woh anaath hai. Uske paas jaane ke liye koi jaga nahi hai is liye woh yahan rehe rahi hain.. aur humne yuvraaj se kehe diya hain ki jab tak divorce ho jaai uske rehene ka intezaam karde. ( yuvaani even though they are getting divorced we cannot mistreat her. She’s an orphan she has no where to go that’s why she’s staying here..and ive told yuvraaj to find her a place by the time their divorce is finalized.)
Yuvaani : par mumma usne agar phir se koi chaal chali toh. ( but what if she plans something mumma )
Yuvaan : who aisa kuch nahi karega..kyunki humne usse bohot clearly samjha ya tha ki agar who phir se aisa kcuh karegi so seedhe jail main jaaegi. ( she wont do anything. Because weve made it very clear to her that if she tries something again we will send her straight to jail.. )
Yuvaan : ab plan discuss karein? ( now lets discuss the plan.. )
The three of them come up with a plan and join hands..

Precap :Pandit asks saiyyam to pass pooja thaali to suhani . Saiyyam walks towards suhani with pooja thaali he slips and the sindoor from the thaali falls on krishna..

Hello guys sorry I was AWOL yesterday and in today’s episode our hero and heroine are missing.. but im helpless guys I have much work pending this week.. Hopefully I’ll have time to write another one today with kriyam.. Keep reading. Love you all
And ive also skipped the whole baby’s truth coming out infront of everyone drama coz I didn’t feel like writing that part. Basically it’s the same as in the actual drama first only yuvaan knew she’s evil but she requested for one more chance so he kept her in the house but after the whole vrat door incident yuvaan doubted her and confronted her infront of everyone and she agreed she just wants birla family fortune….although if you guys want me to include it in detail I could put it in a flashback or something..please do let me know

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