Kriyam : kyun karte ho muhjse itna pyar (Chapter 20)

Hello all you lovely people…20 episodes completed. Thank you for the continuous love and support… Please comtinue reading and commenting…and please if you have any suggestions for my ff please do leave a comment…. Enjoy 

Saiyyam was still angrily standing in his room, when he remembered something…
Saiyyam : Krishna ne toh apna vrat todha hi nahi.. ( Krishna hasn’t broken her fast )
Saiyyam rushed out of his room, he searched the entire house for Krishna… she was nowhere to be found… he went outside to the lawn and saw that Krishna had finished her pooja and was about to drink water. He ran to her and took the water glass and pooja thaali from Krishna..
Saiyyam : kammal hai.. kal toh mujhse itna request kar rahi thi.. mujhe yeh vrat karne do.. mer a vrat khol de na… ab kya huwa..ab khud hi vrat todh rahi ho.. (Amazing…yesterday you were requesting to me so much “ let me kee this fast.. break my fast for me” now you’re breaking your fast on your own..)
Krishna ( rudely ) : haan todh rahi hoon vrat… kyunki ab muhje tumse apna vrat todh ne mein koi interest nahin hai..thaali wapas karo aur jao yahan se… (yea I am breaking my fast.. because now I have no interest in breaking it from your hands.. return my thaali and leave from here.)
Saiyyam : Ok fine..
He forwarded the thaali to Krishna but immediately took it back..Krishna gave him an irritated look..
Saiyyam : par pehele mere ek sawaal ka jawab do.. ( but first answer a question of mine )
Krishna : mujhe tumhare kisi sawaal ka koi jawab nahi dena hai… TUM JAO NA YAHAN SE.. ( I don’t want to answer any question of yours… YOU JUST GO FROM HERE)

Krishna was fighting over the thaali with him… saiyyam asked her to answer his question and then told her he will give her thaali and leave once she does…krishna stopped fighting with him and obliged..
Saiyyam : ek baath batao..tum toh apni suhani aunty koh aunty kehe thi ho.. who meri aunty toh nahi hain toh main unne kya bulaon ( tell me one thing… you call your suhani aunty..she’s not my aunty so what should I call her..)
Krishna was still angry and annoyed..
Krishna : yeh kaise behuda sawaal hai.woh tumhari maa hai na toh unko kya bula na chahiye… MAA! ( What is this ridiculous question..she;s your mother isn’t she.. so what should you be calling her.. MAA! )
While saying maa Krishna opened her mouth wide and right at that moment saiyyam took a mittai from the thaali and fed it to Krishna……Krishna was shocked… playful music played in the background..
Saiyyam : ( smiling mischeviously ) lo khul gaya tumhara vrat.. you’re welcome… ( there your fast is broken… you’re welcome )
Saiyyam handed her the thaali and went inside the house smiling…. Krishna was fuming
Krishna was about to throw the thaali in anger but realized it had pooja items in it and decided against it.. she too walked angrily inside the house…

Next morning.. Saiyyam was talking to yuvani in the hall.. He explained to her what all happened last night and even told her his plan…
Saiyyam : Please yuvani kuch ghadbad but kar na…aur tum position main hi rehe na ok? Yaad hai na kya kehena he Krishna se.. ( Please yuvani don’t screw up.. and you stay in position ok? You know what to say to Krishna right.. )
Yuvani : Don’t worry bro.. I’ll manage..
Just then Krishna came was coming down the stairs , saiyyam quickly went to hide.. Krishna approached yuvani and greeted her..
Yuvani : Krishna tum mera ek kaam karoge please.. woh dadi ko na newspaper chahiye tha.. bahar lawn mein palha hoga..tum le aaogi please..mujhe meri friend ko bohot urgently call karna hai.. Please Krishna..
( Krishna will you do one thing for me… Dadi wants the newspaper.. its outside in the lawn..will you get it please.. I have to call my friend urgently… Please Krishna…)
Krishna obliged and went out.. yuvaani signaled saiyyam.. He came near the front door with his dog..
Saiyyam : Tiger.. tujhe pata hai na kya karna hai…Go for it boy… good luck.. ( Tiger, you know what to do..)
Krishna was in the lawn looking for the newspaper.. she picked it up and headed towards the house when suddenly tiger came and attacked her….. she was shouting for help….. after sometime.. yuvaani had positioned herself behind Krishna with a dog bone to entice tiger…. She messaged saiyyam saying its time and signaled tiger to come get the dog bone… Saiyyam entered the scene while Krishna was being still being attacked… as soon as saiyyam came out tiger went towards yuvani…Krishna was in shock she couldn’t understand what ahd just happened.. she was about to look back towards tiger when saiyyam grabbed her to stop her from turning back and seeing yuvaani with tiger… Yuvani took tiger along inside the house
Saiyyam: yeh sab kya ho raha hain Krishna ( whats happening Krishna )
Krishna : Saiyyam…Saiyyam woh tiger.. tiger mujh par attack kar raha tha.. woh to acha huwa tum aagaye isliye woh chala gaya…. ( Saiyyam ..tiger was attacking me.. it’s a good thing you showed up that’s why he left.. )
Saiyyam : wow I cant believe this.. tum mujhse badla lene ke liya ab mere dog par jhoota ilzaam lagao gi.. ( you want to take revenge from me so you’re putting fake blame on my dog..)
Krishna was shocked..

Krishna : Saiyyam main jhoot nahi bol rahi hoon ..woh muhj pe attack kar raha tha..dekho mera dupatta bhi phadh diya… mera yakeen karo ( Saiyyam im not lying.. tiger was attacking me..look he even tore my dupatta… believe me )
Saiyyam : Toh tum yeh kehna chahti ho ki mere yahan aate hi who jo tumpe attack kar raha tha itni der se ..achaanak apne aap chala gaya…( so you’re saying that the dog that was attacking you all this time suddenly just left on its own when I showed up here… )
Krishna: ( angrily) toh tum kehna kya chahte ho..main natak kar rahin hoon…Saiyyam main such kehe rahin hoon mera yakeen karo.. dekho kabhi kabhi jo dikta hai na waisa nahi hota..( so what are you trying to say..that im faking it.. im telling the truth saiyyyam believe me.. sometimes what you see isn’t always true)
Saiyyam : ( loudly ) EXACTLY KRISHNA!! Zaroori nahi hai ki joh aakhon ke saamne ho wohi sach hain…kal raath main bhi sach bol raha ta….main sach main kamre main band ta.. aur maine sach main darwaza todh ne ki koshish bhi ki ti… par unfortunately darwaza tab hi toota jab tum aur maa kamre ki tharaf aa rahe the.. yeh sab sirf ek misunderstanding hai Krishna…. ( its not necessary that whats infront of your eyes is the truth..last night I was also telling the truth.. I was really locked in the room and I was trying to break the door.. but unfortunately the door only broke when you and maa had come near the room this is all just a misunderstanding Krishna .)
Saiyyam leaves angrily while Krishna looks on….

Precap : Saiyyam holds Krishna close to him.. Kriyam apologize to each other.

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