Kriyam- Journey From Hatred To Love (Chapter 3)

Please forgive me guys …I know there is less kriyam..but these epis are necessary to show what saiyyam feels ..n how will he get rid of all here is the third chapter hope you all enjoy…

After movie, suhani yuvraj with yuvan yuvani and Krishna went to a hotel..everyone except suhani was enjoying the outing…she looked at Krishna who seemed to be very happy…
Suhani(thinks)-saiyyam must b alone in house…he knows that we went for outing…and we dint invite him..he must be feeling bad…I must have been there with him….dont know what will he be feeling now…(she calls saiyyam…)why is saiyyam not taking call?…mmm..maybe he slept..
Yuvraj-so how the day guys…did u all enjoy…. Yuvan n yuvani?
Yuvan-haan papa…afterall tht sambhav saiyyam drama…we got to experience something good…(suhani looks on..)
Yuvani-I enjoyed papa..but saiyyam must have also been there…I called him..but he told he has some work..
Yuvraj-ok now leave all that…Krishna did you enjoy..?
Krishna-haan daidu…thnku so much for this…
Yuvraj-it dint finish yet…now next we all will got to mall..
Suhani-yuvraj..pls can I call saiyyam to mall..they all went to temple na?he will be alone at home..please please..
Yuvraj(thinks)-am I over reacting?should I also help suhani in changing saiyyam?
Yuvan-maa..y do you always bring him in our family matter..
Suhani-yuvan …he is your brother..

Yuvan-oh…please maa…stop all this …papa..come its somewat late ….mayb the mall will close..
Yuvraj-ok suhani…call saiyyam..n tell him to come to mall(suhani gets happy…she calls saiyyam again…)
Suhani-he is not taking call…(krishna looks on)
Yuvan-please can we all leave to mall now?(they all leave…to mall…in between suhani was keeping on calling saiyyam and she was worried..)
Krishna(thinks)-actually what is his problem…why cant he take aunty’s call?today morning he lukd like he is guilty for wat all he had done…n now he is doing this…poor aunty she dint deserve a son like this.. going home..saiyyam is not taking my call….dont know what happened. (and she leaves..yuvraj and every1 also leaves with her)
They reach birla house..and doesn’t find saiyyam there…
Suhani-ramlik kaka..u know where is saiyyam?
Ramling-no bhabhi…he went in his car somewhere..
Suhani-dint u ask him?
Yuvraj-he is not a kid suhani…he will come back..
Suhani-yuvraj stop it…I told u naa…that we will take him along…u know how he left home after knowing the truth…yuvraj..he is young …he knew such a harsh truth…it’s a time where he needs us..look now wat happened..(and she goes to her room crying)
It was 2 o clock still saiyyam hadn’t reach
In kriyam’s room
Krishna-why is not back till now?where did he go?no no ..krishna why are you worrying for him..?let him go wherever he wants…(suddenly she hears a car’s sound)
Krishna-(sighs)-saiyyam!!….thnk god…(n she goes and opens the door..but it was som other car..)no Krishna…pls don’t care about him…now go and sleep peacefully..(Krishna lays down to sleep….but she couldn’t…she was tossin on her sofa..)
Suhani also dint sleep the whole night..she was keeping on trying on saiyyams number..she starts talking to his picture..
Suhani-pls beta…please come back..where are you…mumma did a big mistake…mumma must have not left you alone n went for enjoying…but really I was not enjoying saiyyam…I was missing you a lot…please saiyyam come back..

Suhani-yuvraj..i don’t want to talk to you…its all bcos of you..(yuvraj doesn’t know what to he leaves from their room..)
Its morning,saiyyam is still in the car..he wakes up…he gets shocked seeing himself in car…slowly he remembers wat all happenend sterday..he luks his phone
Saiyyam-45 missed calls from maa?shit…wat will I say her…?(he quickly rushes to BM)
There yuvraj and suhani where about to go to police station to file missing complaint and krishna was worried.. when they see saiyyam..(suhani goes and hugs saiyyam)
Suhani-where were u?y weren’t you taking my calls..(saiyyam dint know what to say…)
Pratima-suhani…give him sometime…he will be alright…let him take rest..he looks tired..
Yuvan-luk papa…this all were his drama…to be good in mom’s eyes…
Yuvraj-stop it yuvan..he is your brother ….(yuvan doesn’t say anything n goes)
Yuvraj(thinks)- I think wat yuvan told is wright…dont know wat to do with saiyyam..sometimes I feel he is good…but sometimes I see sambhav in him…I thinks its better that I stay away from his matter..if he does something like this for real…then suhani will never forgive me..

Precap-Saiyyam goes to his orphanage….

Again im sorry guys for no kriyam…as I said the first few epis will focus..on saiyyam…as he is one of my favourite character…his character was not much explored in the show….n don’t forget to give your valuable comments.thnk u..

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  1. Krishna per nhi focus karo both per karo plz next uplod usmai kriyam ka story hona chahiye without Krishna not interested story plz kriyam ka lo

    1. Agddiya

      im sorry but now full focus will be kriyam…thnku so much..

  2. No you don’t need to apologise!!This is going great❤

    1. Agddiya

      thnku so much..

  3. AnahitaAnnie

    Krishna was worried about Saiyyam!!! That was the cutest part among all parts and Yuvraj’s mixed emotions are making the track even more interesting. Its ok, if u focus on Saiyyam now becoz its important to build a story..and I love ur writing. U write like professionals. I really loved all the Suhani and Saiyyam scenes.. I just loved the episode all long.. I know u have updated a lot, but am still excited for the next one.. I am too greedy for ur beautifull and talented writing.

    1. Agddiya

      thnku so much….yaa..ill udate asap….thnku…i love reading ur comments…


    I just love this ff and you are right… its lovely how you are focusing on all the relationships and his character its makes the story so interesting. Thanks for this masterpiece xx

    1. Agddiya much…keep reading….

  5. It would be great if you can write on saisu bond

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