Kriyam- Journey From Hatred To Love (Chapter 2)

Again…Hi guys…i know im rushing…but i will b a bit busy afterwards..thts y im trying to update fast…so this is the second chapter …hope you all enjoy..n pls pls pls…let me know yor views…suggestions r most welcum…the first few chapters will have less pls forgive 4 that..but i promise you tht a lot of kriyam will cum as story progresses….

Yuvraj cums to his room..suhani was lost in thoughts..(she suddenly sees yuvraj)

Suhani-yuvraj,i was thinking to plan something special today…i know every1’s mode is bad after all the happenings these days…especially saiyyam…he must be feeling bad and even lonely..

Yuvraj(thinks)-should i tell suhani wat i just heard him telling krishna…no no..suhani might feel tht im trying to seperate her son from her…i was ready to accet him as my son wholeheartedly i was even ready to forgive him 4 wat all he did…but today he again proved tht he is sambhav’s son…not suhani’s…

Suhani-yuvraj…r u hearing what im telling?where are you?(yuvraj suddenly comes out of his thoughts..)

Yuvraj-listen suhani…i know saiyyam is your son..thats why you can’t ignore or hate him but thats not the case with me…whatever it is,he is a person who forcefully made my daughter marry him…n tht too by blackmailing with my life..krishna is my daughter…if any1 does wrong with her then none will be worse than it will be better if you stop talking about saiyyam and his happiness..(suhani was about to say something but before that yuvraj goes)

Suhani(thinks)-wat happened to yuvraj…just sometime before he was talking of how i should spend some time with saiyyam so that he doesnt feel lonely..n now what is he saying?(she goes to god’s idol n prays to make everything fine in the house)

Saiyyam was sitting on bench in garden when Yuvan comes there
Saiyyam dint want to talk to anyone so he ignored yuvan.Yuvan was about to say something but yuvani comes n stops him and takes him away..

Yuvani-i know you were going to taunt saiyyam..ur wife has taunted him pls leave him alone for sometime..y dont u undestand yuvaan…saiyyam has gone through this much in his life..he came to know such a big truth…he needs us now…we should make him assure that we would be there for him…

Yuvan-please stop this yuvani…i was not gonna taunt him..i was going to ask him to leave our house..

Yuvani-he is our brother yuvan…

Yuvan-shut up…im ashamed for the fact that he is my brother…n anyways i dont consider him as my brother..i dont even like seeing his face..because of him i even hate ma..

Yuvani-yuvaan……how dare you…have you gone mad?

Yuvan-im sorry i dint mean that…i can never hate maa…….thts why…thats why im saying…that saiyyam should leave from here..if he is here everyone will turn mad..(saying this he goes..yuvani also goes)(saiyyam was hearing all this…he had a usual blank face..he was really confused)

Saiyyam(thinks)-what shud i do now..nobody wants me to stay here..krishna is asking for divorce..i think i should talk to maa…(saiyyam goes to YuVani’s room..but stops there)

In yuvraj and suhani’s room

Yuvraj goes to suhani with movie tickets

Yuvraj-suhani u said wright…everyone’s mode is bad..luk this i bought movie we all will,food,shopping

Suhani-but yuvraj..only these many tickets..?

Yuvraj-actually maa told that she kept some puja in maa sharad and bavna n even dai r going to temple…so its just me u and or kids..

Suhani-but yuvraj then also its less in number

Yuvraj-what less?he starts counting…You me yuvan yuvani and krishna..(suhani face fades)


Yuvraj-he is not my son…suhani..please…today morning we fought saying about him and full day was bad..i thought to make you feel happy again your bring saiyyam in this…

Suhani-but saiyyam is the one who should feel better…if he comes with us..he might feel better watching movie..n enjoying with us..(yuvraj angrily throws the tickets)

Yuvraj-ok..fine..then you go with your beloved son..(suhani dint want to create a scene there)

Suhani-fine yuvraj..i know its difficult for you to accept saiyyam fast..i understand…

Yuvraj-i will never accept him..(saying this he goes out)(saiyyam had tears in his eyes listening to all this..he felt like a burden)

Saiyyam comes to his room…krishna was folding clothes…yuvani comes there..

Yuvani-Krishna..papa and mumma planned to go out for a movie so fast be ready..(saying this she goes..)
(Krishna continues folding the clothes)

Saiyyam-r u not getting ready?
Krishna-im not going.
Krishna-i hate coming with you…if v r going,we will have to act like happy couples infront of aunty and daidu..and i hate doing that..
Saiyyam-u will not have to…tommorrow im gonna say maa..about our divorce…n anyways today im not coming with you people..(saying this he goes)

Saiyyam goes to a bar…and starts drinking…he remembers everyone’s words from baby’s to yuvraj’s ..he drinks one after the other..suddenly he notices a guy..

Guy(on phone)-haan maa…why do you always call me like this…im not a kid..pls..stop this torture..ill come home when i want..(n he cuts the call)(saiyyam who is now fully drunk goes to that man..)

Saiyyam-who was that on your call?

Guy-its better if v dont talk about that

Saiyyam-no no no..i want to talk about that..

Guy-its my mom…she wants to know when im going home..(saiyyam interupts)

Saiyyam-wait..wait wait..your mom?she always call like this if your late?

Guys-yes my friend…u dont know how irritating it is..

Saiyyam-yes ur wright i dont know..about it…i dont know how it feels when a mom calls and ask us that where v r n wen will v back..i dont know …i dont know..

Guy-why?are u an orphan?

Saiyyam-yes…i am…(saiyyam again asks for a drink)

Guy-how lucky are dont have a mother who will irritate you like this…i wish even i was like you

Saiyyam-(starts laughing)like me?seriously?…n wait wait…do u hate your mom?…i just hate her…she just keeps on torturing me like this…(saiyyam slaps him)

Saiyyam-you have everything with you…thts..thts y u dont know the value of things you have..blo*dy fool..(he again slaps him)
(waiter comes and stops saiyyam..)

Waiter-sir pls..dont make a scene ..u r really drunk..sir pls pay the bill and go..

Saiyyam-ssshhh…..dont teach me….i know what to do….here take your bill…(saiyyam stumbles n is about to fall..waiter catches …)

Waiter-sir pls be careful…i will drop you till your car..if you want we will drop you at your house..

Saiyyam-house?(starts laughing)i dont have any house…n i dont want anyone’s help..leave me…(saiyyam some how manages to walk till his car…but he couldnt start the car …he falls asleep there..)

Precap-Saiyyam dint reach home…suhani is worried…yuvraj is angry..

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  1. Poor saiyyam plz don’t make everyone too harsh on saiyyam poor thing I think saiyyam should leave afta divorce then Then u can start the love story of kriyyam or maybe Krishna realising her love bt saiyyam leaves everyone regret hurting him oh I don’t know what I’m talking about sorry mate u write the story the way u want to ? anyways brilliant update plz update fast and make it even more longer lol love u story so can’t wait plz

    1. Agddiya

      thank u so much…im just so happy that you all are enjoying my story…n suggestion are always welcomed..keep reading..

  2. Will u update next chap today itself ?
    Pls update it I want to know how will yuvraj accept saiyyam
    And I always wanted a scene can u include that too if u don’t mind
    The scene is lyk everyone accepted saiyyam including Dadi and one day he brought gifts for everyone and he is confused about what to call yuvraj so yuvraj saying papa etc if u don’t mind..

    1. Agddiya

      thanku so much 4 commenting….yeah..the next chapter is submitted…n yeah even i like yuvraj saiyyam bond…thank u for your will think about it….

  3. I’m in love with this❤❤just the way I want❤❤ could plz show some sayyam and yuvani’s bonding?it’s a request?

    1. Agddiya much…yes i will try to show saiyyam yuvani bond…

  4. Soooooo emotional????? next post soooon pls pls pls

    1. Agddiya

      thnk u so chapter updated

  5. AnahitaAnnie

    Aww, i felt so sad for saiyyam. Diya u have amazing dialogues. U made Saiyyam’s pain visible through ur writing. I am loving the story track and can’t wait to see what happens later.. Posting epis is not rushing rather its fun for us readers.. We enjoy reading plenty of updates written by amazing writers like u.. Will be waiting till the next one.

    1. Agddiya

      aww….thank u so much…dint really think that my ff would be loved by these many people..keep reading dear..

  6. Today epi good but next mai something new story likhna otherwise your good writing next today fast uplod

    1. Agddiya

      thnku so much….but im sorry…new story will happen after may 2 epis…but im sure u all will enjoy…next chapter submitted..

  7. Loved this epidode❤ keep posting

  8. Shaani

    Nice episode loved it… Keep writing…
    Waiting n excited for ur upcoming episodes…

  9. Emotional part??

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