Kriyam- Journey From Hatred To Love (Chapter 1)

thnku every1 for ur valuable comments…im happy tht u liked the plot….but i even want more of your judgement…as this is my first new to this …so pls…critisism are always welcome…n u can give me suggestions..on wat shud happen or can happen…so here is the first official chapter…hope you all enjoy..

Saiyyam was sitting in his room and thinking of all the recent happenings…

Saiyyam(thinks)-why the hell did i cum here?why was i worshipping that monster so much?now how can i look into maa’s eyes?why was she caring for me so much?did she really forgive me?can she really forget wat all i did to her this family n krishna..?(questions after questions came to his mind) no… cant ever love the sign of wat all tht monster did to her…(tears starts to flow from his eyes) …he lays down in bed….

Baby who dint want saiyyam to stay in Birla house..had started to plot to get rid of him..she went to saiyyam

Baby-after all that happened your peacefully sleeping?(saiyyam slowly gets up)

Saiyyam-leave me alone for sometime….n im not interested in talking to you…so leave…

Baby-its not me who should leave…u know that very well…(she smirks..saiyyam luks on..)this is my husband’s house, so i have all right to stay here…n by the way wat right do you have to stay here?u r suhani birla’s illegitimate do you think you have the right to stay here?.(saiyyam clenches his fist in anger)

Baby- saiyyam do you remember in school when you used to fight with rich boys..they used to say they u r unwanted and illegitimate?but that time i dint know that this was actually true…(saiyyam looks on)

Saiyyam-baby i said leave me alone…

Baby-why do u get angry when im saying the truth?poor mummyji she will have to fight with this whole family to make you stay in this house…(suddenly krishna cums there)

Krishna-saiyyam..i want to talk to you
(baby smirks at saiyyam and goes)
(saiyyam was still thinking of baby’s words n the harsh words people used to tell him when he was young.)

Krishna-so whats next?i think your revenge drama is over..
(saiyyam is about to leave when krishna stops him)

Krishna-without giving me an answer..u cant leave saiyyam..

Saiyyam-(saiyyam thinks to open infront of krishna,he just wanted to cry his heart out)Krishna ….i know i did wrong to you…i was mad in anger..i..(krishna interupts)

Krishna-im not here to listen to your long story of guilt…

Saiyyam-i know here im at the decision will be yours

Krishna-if you do this will i get my life back?(saiyyam doesnt say anything and luks down)

Saiyyam-i said choice is yours if you want to seperate..i will do the necessary..or else if..i mean im ready to continue our relation…i mean..(saiyyam very badly wanted someones’s company..he had hope in his eyes..)

Krishna-you think after all this i will stay with know what u dont deserve anyone’s love(saiyyam interupts)

Saiyyam-(a bit angrily)krishna enough….i said what i had to ….im silent it doesnt mean that u can go on taunting me…as you said come to the point…now wat u want?

Krishna-i want divorce(saiyyam looks on with a blank face)(somewhere he knew that she wud be asking 4 this..)

Saiyyam-ok..but i have to talk to maa..

Krishna-dont you have any shame?u made me marry you by blackmailing her with her husband’s life..and i started hating her n was mad at her..still u dint tell me the truth..u made her villain infront of me..afterall this i wonder how you can got to her and talk looking into her eyes..
(yuvraj cums there)

Saiyyam-(angrily)krishna enough is enough..dont try to be oversmart…if i can forcefull marry you…i can even make you stay with me forcefully…(yuvraj hears this and gets angry…he sees sambhav in him…he angrily goes from there)i said no that i will give you divorce?then what is your problem..u will get wat u want..but pls stay out of my matter..that will be better for u…and he goes..

Precap-Saiyyam gets drunk

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  1. Mayesha

    nice episode..keep posting..waiting eagerly for the next one..

    1. Agddiya

      thanku so much…keep reading…

  2. Hey ! hi i am adarsha .really happy to meet new people .It doesnt seem like it is your first ff. Your ff track is very different like u are continuing from where the actual kriyam started.loving the dialogues you are making.I wonder how you all writers are sooo good in this writing skills;);););).ilove the story and this ff.And ya dont woory for any mistakes they are made to be happen.all the best .and ya cant wait update soon;)))))))))

    1. Agddiya

      aww…this means a lot to me…and please dont compare me with the beautiful writers v have here…please please keep reading…and do let me know your views…thnk u so much..

  3. Amazing❤❤

    1. Agddiya

      thnku so much…keep reading and pls let me know your views..

  4. Aaravjaikar

    love it .. keep posting

    1. Agddiya

      thnku so much…keep reading

  5. Such a great episode ! Please update daily, this storyline would be very interesting to see!

    1. Agddiya

      thanku so much…yeah…i will udate very im free happy that your finding it interesting..

  6. Loved it!!! Post the next one soon and make it long!!!!

    1. Agddiya

      thnku so much…yes ill try to make long…next chapter submitted..

  7. Amezing Krishna s life new boy entry karo divorce ka story hai na to and next uplod today plz

    1. Agddiya

      thnku so much…and thank u for the suggestion…mmmwill think about it…next chapter submitted…

  8. Umm change cum to come cause.. just do it

    1. Agddiya

      thnku…but i dint understand your comment….if u can make it clear..pls..

  9. ohhh god ur just amazing…u r just showing me what i wanted to c…thank u so much…pls keep updating…n hope now after saiyyam drunk..she ill support him. .

    1. Agddiya

      thnku so much…..i always wanted a tough krishna rather than a krishna going bhind saiyyam…as a girl watever it is u cant easily forgive a guy who forcefully make you marry him…so thats wat im trying to show here…as the title says…it will be a journey from hatred to krishna wont easily forgive saiyyam…give her and me some time…lol..

      1. i agree..i dint got this point earlier. .n ya it really difficult to forgive some one who have hurt u so much..evn i like tough krishna

  10. Amazing❤❤

    1. Agddiya

      thnku …and keep reading and supporting..

  11. AnahitaAnnie

    I love Krishna’s tough guy attitude.. Its so different.. I had a request though.. Its solely ur wish as u are the author and as a writer myself I know its not always possible to pay head to requests.. So even if are not able to do it.. I have no prob.. I will always like it as u are really good in writing. My request was… Plz don’t get them divorced and make them re-marry again.. I hope they turn into love from this love hate relationship.. But its totally up to u. I am sorry for not being able to comment earlier as it was night in USA that time.. Anyways fantastic storyline. Amazingg concept and dialogues are awesome.. Keep going

    1. Agddiya

      pls dont b sorry dear….im really happy to get your long comments…thank you so much..n yeah suggestion are always welcomed…will try to add maximum in my story…thnku again

  12. Nice one agddiya

  13. Different concept Krishna being rude and baby being always the meany..I was angry with Krishna for the first time..Being illegitimate is not the child ‘s fault..don’t know I was angry…Hey I didn’t like ur ff..I LOVED It!!keep writing and update ASAP ?

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