Kriyam- It’s only hate ( Episode 5)

Sorry for late update, i was busy, well here is the sixth episode 🙂
Episode starts off, By Krishna leaving and heads to the cafeteria, to meet with her friend.

Krishna: Hey Arshi,
Arshi: Hey Krishna, I need to talk to you about Sayyam
Krishna: Sayyam? The one who tortured me, the one who doesn’t deserve forgiveness
Arshi: He is not bad okay; I need to talk to you about his feelings
Krishna: Feelings?
Arshi: Yes, he’s in love with a girl
Krishna: a girl? Who?
Arshi: he’s in love with you
Krishna: Me, he’s in love with me, that’s not possible and its false
Arshi: It’s not false, listen to this

Arshi started a recording on a phone and a video is shown, Sayyam is talking to his friends
Sayyam: I love her, I need to tell her that I love her, I know I have been cruel to her, did revenge, but you know my reason for that revenge, I wanted to know why she killed my dad, I always been in love with her since 5th grade and now we both are in college, and that love for hasn’t changed and it will never change as well
Krishna felt shell shock, listening to it
Krishna: Sayyam Birla is in love with me, a boy that was known as the boy who doesn’t love?
Arshi: Yes, I want him to confess to you and I want you to forgive him.
Krishna: Arshi, please I don’t want to forgive him, and about him confessing, I don’t love him and I will never will
Arshi: Krishna listen to me, I have a plan,
Krishna: A plan that won’t make him confess
Arshi: Krishna, listen to my plan first
Krishna: Okay, tell me
Arshi: Sayyam, is in love with you, I know he wants to tell you that, and this plan will make him tell you that he is love with you, and my plan is I want you to be in a fake marriage
Krishna: Fake Marriage?!
Arshi: Yes, Rohan will be your fake husband
Krishna: Rohan?
Arshi: Yes, Rohan agreed to my plan, but it’s up to you, come on Krishna, it will be fun to mess with someone and make an arrogant man tell their feelings and Rohan is your childhood friend, please agree with me Krishna.
Krishna: Okay, when will this plan be executed?
Arshi: Next week, as a marriage needs to take, Okay next week, we meet at the mall, and you will be a newly wed
Krishna: Okay, see you then
Time Skip…..

Rohan, Krishna and Arshi meet up.
Arshi: Great this looks realistic
Rohan: That’s great, Krishna hope you cool with this
Krishna: Off course I am, my bunny (pulls cheeks) But Arshi how does Sayyam know to come here
Arshi: He doesn’t? He’s coming with his friend Karan
Krishna: Karan, oh I see, you teamed up with Karan, guess something else is going between you two
Arshi: Stop it (blushes)
Krishna: okay,im sorry
Rohan: Its 11 o’clock, we need to do the plan Sayyam and Karan will be here.
Krishna and Rohan hold hands and leave and acts like a newlywed couple. Krishna and Rohan reach at the cafeteria and eat food. Phase one of their plan. They orders samosa’s and chai. Soon the waitress come and gives their food, they start to enjoy and talk about their childhood, Meanwhile Sayyam comes to the cafeteria and looks around
Karan: Sayyam, I will go order food, wont don’t you go save that seat for us(points a table near Rohan and Krishna)
Sayyam: Sure,

He starts to head towards the table and he sees Krishna and Rohan having fun.
Sayyam: I wish me and Krishna, were close, (closes eyes)
Krishna: Stop it Sayyam, its not funny
Sayyam: But you look so cute,
He brings his hand towards her lips and with his finger he wipes of the sauce, that was near her lips, He gets up from his seat and stands behind Krishna, he moves her hair of her neck and place his head, and he starts to graze her neck with his nose and he is about to place a wet kiss there…
Karan: Sayyam, snap out of it, what are you day dreaming about
Sayyam: oh nothing
Karan: oh nothing, as in Krishna, stop thinking about Krishna and eat.
They both finish eating when Karan gets a call.
Karan: it’s my mum, I will meet you in the arcade zone
Sayyam: Sure
Sayyam goes up in the escalator when a girl before with falls backwards and Sayyam catches her , his both hands are on her waist
Sayyam: Krishna

Seeing Krishna, he tightens his hand around the waist and the world freezes and it’s just them.
Sayyam makes Krishna stand straights and turns her making her back against his chest
Sayyam: Now I will get that kiss(referring to his daydream, but was interrupted with Karan)
He moves her hair and places his lips on her bare next and gives kisses on it, he turns her around and they are both facing each other, he hold her hand and kisses both of it and he starts to move closer to her lips, his lips are about to touch her
Krishna: Sayyam!
Sayyam realises his position and makes Krishna stand straight
Sayyam: oh sorry
Krishna: umm no problem, They reach the top and Krishna is about to leave where something tugs her back towards Sayyam and its her mangalsutra
Sayyam sees it and its shocked
Sayyam: You are married
Krishna: Yes, I am, I married Rohan as he both love each other and we known each other for a long time (Krishna sees Rohan) Rohan!!
Rohan: Yes my princess
Krishna: I want ice-scream
Rohan: of course darling, lets go

Krishna hugs Rohan, But Sayyam images him hugging Krishna, and lifting her in that hug and Krishna gives a kiss on Sayyam cheeks.
Sayyam opens his eyes and sees them gone and leaves to the arcade
Krishna and Rohan see him and hi five each other yes he believed it. Meanwhile Arshi and Karan come in holding hands,
Arshi: Phase 2
Krishna: Whats phase two again
Karan: you and Sayyam will be trapped in the elevator, I will stop it my parents the managers of the mall so it will be fine, and you need to be scared and be romantic with Sayyam as you will fake a small memory loss, it will minor so it will be for three days and I hope you didn’t forget phase goes for three days, do you remember what to do
Krishna: Yes Karan
Krishna goes to leave to the elevator and soon Sayyam comes after, the both enter the elevator
Krishna: oh hi Sayyam
Sayyam: oh hey Krishna
Both are going same level, when theres a halt and something falss on Krishna head
Krishna: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sayyam: Krishna are you alright
Krishna: no darling, it hurts
Sayyam: Darling?
Krishna: we both are married
Sayyam: Married?
Krishna: yes you idiot
Sayyam (to himself): I think Krishna has memory loss, his thoughts are broken when Krishna jumps into a hug
Krishna: we are both alone, its dark, why don’t we get romantic
Sayyam: Romantic
Krishna: come one, please

Krishna hugs him tightly and Sayyam hugs her back, Sayyam moves her her out of her next and kisses it and does the same on the other side, Sayyam and Krishna looks into each other eyes and lean in for kiss and the scene fades…………..

Doctor: she actually as memory loss
Karan, Arshi, Rohan: Whatt?????

That’s Episode 6, I hope you enjoyed it, I hope wasn’t too romantic, as there was a lot of hate, so I added some romance and please don’t hate Rohan he is sweet and he won’t turn negative, please comment and I need a ship name for Arshi and Karan
Love from Faaizah 

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