Kriyam- It’s only hate ( Episode 4)

Hello, to all thanks for the amazing comments, made me feel better, that people are enjoying my FF, on my character sketch, I made a couple of shout outs but I forgot out, shout out to Shaani for you absolutely amazing FF, its incredible, I love reading it, anyways here is the fourth epi

Episode starts with Sayyam upset, and crying, Krishna looks at him and doesn’t show emotion and leave. Sayyam looks at her leaving and goes after her, Krishna is about to sit in the car but Sayyam stops her, he hold her hand and kisses both of it…
Sayyam: with these hands, I made you do awful actions, I willing to do anything for your forgiveness, please forgive me..
Krishna jerks his hands away
Krishna: I hate you,… you don’t deserve forgiveness

She drives back home, She goes on her bad and just lays down, she hears a beep on the phone and sees Sayyam name,
Krishna: ughh, why cant he leave me alone( blocks number)
Sayyam receives a notification
Sayyam: This number has blocked you, what? She blocked me, why, sayyam you idiot you know why she exactly blocked you, maybe I will just leave her alone, and tonight I will go to her home…
Krishna is shown on her balcony of her apartment and she is drinking coffee, sayyam drives up on the apartment and he sees Krishna, and Krishna sees him, Sayyam looks at her, with guilt in his eyes, but Krishna goes inside and off her lights. Sayyam is devastated and goes back and goes to a pub. He drinks a lot of alchohol and gets intoxicated. Meanwhile, Krishna is thinking about Sayyam.
Krishna: why do I have a feeling that Sayyam may be drunk..

She gets off her bed and goes to the park, as sayyam always goes there when he is drunk. Sayyam comes to the park intoxicated and lays on the grass. He starts saying Krishnaas name, over and over again
Sayyam: why you angry with me, please forgive,
He turns and looks astonished

He then runs and hugs Krishna… Krishna feels surprised and hugs him back,
Sayyam: I knew you will forgive me, I just knew it
Krishna: I don’t, you are intoxicated, I need to drop you home,
Krishna then struggles to put Sayyam in the car, she then finally manages to and she drives to the BM. She sees Suhani and goes to her..
Krishna: aunty your son is drunk
Suhani: Krishna beta, thank you so much, my son will never change,
Suhani then goes gets Sayyam and takes him to his room. Krishna leaves and goes back home.
Krishna: I don’t know whether to actually forgive him or not, what he did was not acceptable but his past is terrible and no son should go through that

Next morning:
Sayyam walks up and feels dizzy and he sees lemon/lime water on his side table, he struggles to remember what happened last night.
Suhani comes in his room
Suhani: beta, you were drunk, Krishna came with you in an intoxicated state
Sayyam: Krishna came???
Suhani: Yes she did, you must thank her
Sayyam: Yes I should
Suhani: Now beta, go get ready and come for breakfast, you need to go to college, she kisses sayyam head and hugs him and leaves

Krishna is sitting in the cafeteria (its break) Sayyam comes to her.
Sayyam: I need to talk to you
Krishna: what say?
Sayyam: I am really sorry for what I did to you, I just did it out of anger, please please forgive me I don’t know what else to say, please
Krishna: Sorry Sayyam I cant forgive the ones I hate.( she leaves)
Sayyam: please, don’t go (has a tear rolling down his face)

PRECAP: Krishna is at the mall and she going up the escalator she trip and falls backwards, but arms catch her, it is Sayyam, he makes her stand straight, krisna leaves, but her mangalsutra is stuck on his shirt

Well that’s the fourth episode, please comment and I hoped you enjoyed it
Love from Faaizah

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  1. AnahitaAnnie

    Wooww.. The episode was fantastic and the precap is ??.loved it.. Can’t wait for the next one..

    1. Faaizah

      thank you so much love <3

  2. Prethiga

    it was awesome… i wish krishna forgives him soon… in the precap her mangalsutra is stuck on saiyyam’s shirt? aren’t they going to college and is krishna married?… so many questions… hope they will get solved in the next episode… pls post the next one soon…

    1. Faaizah

      thanks Prethiga, give you a hint, for next epi someone is in love or did they get married under circumstances

  3. Nice episode. Plz next part soon. I can’t wait. Plz

    1. Faaizah

      will update soon, thanks 🙂

  4. Loved the episode can’t wait for the next one update it soon!

    1. Faaizah

      glad you loved it, will update soon, tysm for reading

  5. Ema

    Mangalsutra is she married ?? Confused ?????? waiting for next .. upload soon ???

    1. Faaizah

      maybe under a circumstance or someone is in love, thanks for reading love 🙂 🙂

  6. Wonderful episode?…loving the story! And the precap…ufff I can’t wait ?❤️Update soon?

    1. Faaizah

      Thank you so much Mahi, love you for reading and commenting, will update soon

  7. Shaani

    Thank u so much for yr shout out.. I never thought that u would read my story as I never seen ur comments… That’s why…
    Anyways.. Nice episode… Poor sayyam.. Loved it… Eagerly waiting for the next episode…

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