Kriyam Forever – Season 2 Introduction

Hello Kriyammites …. Presenting Season 2 of Kriyam Forever….Season 1 will end in a few episodes… Don’t be angry, I wasn’t able to continue that…But please comment on this one about how you feel about it..

This one will not have the same background..
Krishna is a free, fun- loving girl who likes to live her life to fullest. She is bold, strong and puts her views without being scared of any one. She is an orphan, and lives in an orphanage in Mumbai. She thinks her orphanage as her home, and the kids and adults there love her like their family member.Her orphanage mostly runs with donations, and the money collected is enough for their needs.Still, she works sometimes guiding tourists, managing marriages, etc.

Sayyam is a rich, arrogant guy who is the son of the wealthy Birlas. He is the youngest, and is carefree about his life.He mostly hangs around with his friends, and spends money carelessly.He is good at heart, and helps the poor, but hides it from the world.He likes to travel, and loves music.

This story revolves around these two opposite poles , but as the fact says, opposite poles always attracts, let’s see what this attraction results to .

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  1. Nyc intro.. can’t wait 4 the beginning.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Aarti32

    Awesome plot..I’m waiting for it eagerly

  3. This is definitely going to be amazingโค?

  4. Pinkyyy

    Interesting dear
    Continue soon

  5. Nice intro

  6. Interesting?

  7. Khushi1707

    Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ˜‰

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