Kriyam Forever Season 2 Epi 9

Krishna and Sayyam walk away in frustration. The floor had been cleaned just and it was wet. Krishna and Sayyam walk on the wet floor and slip together and they fall. Krishna falls on Sayyam . They look at each other and have an eye lock. Soon Swara, Shivani,Priyank,Nidhish,Shubham and Raj come there.
Swara : Krishna..
Krishna and Sayyam realise what they were doing. Krishna tries to get up but again slips. Shivani helps her. Sayyam too gets up.
Swara: Krish you are fine..?
Krishna: Yeah, I’m.
Priyank : Cho toh nahi aayi ..(didnt get hurt na..?)
Sayyam: No, I’m okay.
Sayyam and Krishna look at each other for some seconds.
Swara : Lets go Krish
Krishna realises what she was doing and looks away. Sayyam too looks away.She nods and goes away. Sayyam watches her go away with friends.
Raj : Chale?(should we go)
Sayyam : Yeah, lets go..

At the canteen
The boys sit with their food.
Raj : Kahin chale ( should we go somewhere)
Shubham : Par kahan..(but where)
Sayyam: Lets just take a look at Mumbai..
They agree and go..

Krishna had also planned to go to the ashram

Sayyam and his friends go for a drive.
Raj: Hey we should go to Gateway
Nidhish: OK
Shubham : Arent you coming Sayyam
Sayyam: No yaaar mood
Priyank: Then where will you go..
Sayyam : Anywhere..
The other boys go leaving Sayyam alone. He walks and reaches an orphanage. He goes to meet the kids there.
Kids : Bhaiya aap yahan kyun aaye..(get excited) aap hamare sath khelne aaye ho..? (Why have you come here, bhaiya..are you going to play with us ?)
Sayyam : Haan (yes)
The kids get happy and start playing with him . Sayyam smiles seeing them happy.
Suddenly one kid comes .
Kid : arey Krishna didi aa gayi..(Krishna didi has come)
All get happy. Sayyam gets surprised hearing about Krishna.
Sayyam :(thinking) Is she the same one or another girl..
One kid comes to him
Kid: Bhaiya aap bhi milo unse voh bohot achi hai (you also meet her she is very good)
Sayyam smiles and agrees to go.
He goes inside but couldnt see Krishna because of the crowd. He gets a call. It was of Suhani. He goes out to talk.

After the call he goes inside. The crowd had settled but Krishna was no where to seen. A girl comes to himand takes him to Kaka-Kaki.
Girl: Kaka, Kaki, meet Sayyam bhaiya ..he played with us and also gave chocolates to us..
Sayyam smiles at them and touches their feet.They bless him.
Sayyam: I should ask them(thinking)
Sayyam : Kaka yeh Krishna kaun hai ?(kaka who is this Krishna)
Kaka: Arey woh bhi in bachon ke jaise anarth hai..bohot achi ladki hai, padhai ke sath sath kaam bhi sambhalti hai (she is an orphan just like thses kids..she is a very good girl, she manages work along eith studies)
Sayyam : Kaam..?(work..?)
Kaka: donation toh hame mil jata hai, par kabhi paison ki kami ki wajah se tourists ko ghumana, ya phir shadiyan arrange karne jaise kaam karne padte hain..lekin saara kaam Krishna hi kart hai..(We get donations but sometimes because of necessity of money we do works like guiding tourists, arranging marriages..but these all works are done by Krshna only..)
Sayyam : Padhti kahan hai(where does she study)
Kaka : yahin paas wale college main( the college that is near)
Sayyam realises that she is the same one
Sayyam:(thinking) toh Miss Mumbai ki life aisi hai..(so Miss Mumbai’s life is like this)
He attention diverts to the park where children were playing..Krishna was with them..He smiles seeing her play and laugh.

He goes to play with the kids.Krishna sees him and gets surprised
Krishna : Tum yahan?(you here)
Sayyam : Kyun nahi aa sakta (why, cant I come her?)
Krishna : Ye baat jan lo ki ye mere ashram he ( note this thing that this is my orphanage)
Sayyam : lekin yahan toh koi bhi aa sakta hai donation ke liye ( but anyone can come here for donation )
Krishna: hame tumhari daya ki koi jarurat nahi hai..(we dont need your pity..)
Sayyam : par madad toh kar sakta hun na(but I can help)
Krishna : kis hak se..(with which right?)
Sayyam : dost ke..(of a friend..)
Krishna stares at him.
Krishna : Ham dost nahi..(we are not friends.)
Sayyam : Tum nahi ho, par ye toh hai na (you are not, but these are)
He gets on his knees and the kids hug him.He winks at Krishna. She glares at him.
Kids: Di, he is very good bhaiyaa..
Krishna : haan haan pata hai kitna acha hai (ya ya I know how good he is )
She stares at Sayyam. He smiles at her

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