Kriyam Forever Season 2 Epi 8

Thanks for the love and support..I am glad that you all are liking my ff…Anyways lets start..

Krishna follows the boys. They didnt knew that she was following.
Shubham : What happened last evening , Sayyam?
Sayyam: Are that..
Nidhish sees Krishna and gets shocked.
Nidhish : Krishna, you here ?
The boys get shocked .

Krishna goes to them
Krishna: No need to stop..I also want to hear what happened last night..
Priyank: But we told you…
Krishna : Yeah but you didnt tell me why you sent the guy to call me..
The boys get tensed and look at each other. Krishna turns to Sayyam.
Krishna : Mujhe laga tha tumhare bareme main galat thi, but I was wrong( I thought about you I had a wrong opinion,but I was wrong)

Krishna: I forgot that the first impression is the last impression..
Sayyam signs the other boys to go . They go away.Now Sayyam and Krishna are alone.
Sayyam : Dekho..(see..)
Krishna : Ab tum dekho main kya karti hun(now you see what I will do)
Krishna tries to go but Sayyam holds her hand and pulls her to him.He holds her tight. He looks straight into her eyes
Sayyam: Main bas tumse badla lena chahta tha..mera aisa koi irada nahi tha..(I just wanted to take revenge from you..I had no such idea…)
Krishna removes his hand
Krishna: How dare you touch me..
Sayyam again holds her

Sayyam : See, I never have disrespect a woman
Krishna : Then what was that yesterday..
Sayyam lets her go.
Sayyam: Kal maine tumhe kidnap kiya tha aur main vo baat manta hun..par badme vahan asli gunde aa gaye aur phir vo sab hua..aur vese bhi , koi torture nahi kiya tha tumhe, acha khasa pizza bhi khane ko diya tha..(yesterday I kidnapped you and I accept that..but afterwards some real goons came there and all that happened..and by the way, I didnt torture you, I gave you a good pizza,,)

Krishna : Oo..maine toh kabhi pizza apni zindagi main khaya nahi tha,,thanks to you, Mr. Allahbad, maine pehli baar pizza taste kiya..(oo..I had never eaten a pizza in my life, right..thanks to you, Mr.Allahbad, I ate pizza first time )
Sayyam makes a face at her…
Krishna : Iss baar chod rahi hun..agli baar ( this time I am leaving..but next time..)
She warns and goes but Sayyam pulls her
Sayyam: Dekhte hain..Miss Mumabai mera kya bigadti hain(lets see ..what Miss Mumbai will do with me)
Krishna : Dekhte hain(lets see)

They both turn away from each other.

At night
Girls hostel
Krishna : Saw your hero
Shivani: Come on least he saved you from the real goons..
Swara: And by the way he is your hero, not ours..
Shivani and Swara laugh. Krishna makes a face at them.

At the boys hostel

Nidhish: Sayyam,tujhe toh takkar ki mili hai ( you have got one of collision)
Priyank : So what do you feel abot her ..?
Shubham : Anyways I toh like her as bhabhi..
Raj: Me too..
They laugh . Sayyam glares at them .

The next day
Sayyam and gang walk through the campus. Krishna and her friends too come there. They do not say anything but stare at each other.
Shivani: ( pushes her ) kya hua..nazre hata nahi paa rahi..(what happened, cant take the eyes off him)
Raj: (also pushes Sayyam) kya hua ..itni pasand aa gayi(what happened..liked her so much)
Krishna and Sayyam : (both together) aisa kuch nahi hai (its nothing like that..)

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  1. Really cute….please update the next episode today itself….

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  5. Nice episode urs ff is really superb
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  6. Nice episode urs ff is really superb
    Waiting for the next
    Really guys ff of kriyam r awesome ?

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  9. Nice episode? you story is really interesting and have different concept…waiting for next episode. Update ASAP

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