Kriyam Forever Season 2 Epi 7

Krishna was still hugging Sayyam.
Sayyam: Tum thik ho (are you fine)
Krishna was scared and unable to speak. He makes her stand up but she soon faints.
Sayyam: Krishna..Krishna
He tries to wake her up. When she doesnt he takes her in his arms. He keeps her in the car and drives back to college. He agains takes her in his arms and enters the college. Shivani and Swara get a releif seeing Krishna. Priyank, Nidhish, Raj and Shubham also come.
Swara: Where was she?
Sayyam was going to speak the truth but Shubham interrupts.
Shubham: Of course some have kidnapped her..and ou hero Sayyam saved her..
The girls smile and thank Sayyam.They take sprinkle water on Krishna and take her to the room
Krishna: I here..
Swara : No should rest..
They make Krishna sleep.

In the morning
Krishna wakes up. She first doesnt remember what happened last night but then remembers Sayyam and she hugging..She gets confused. She sees Shivani then.
Krishna: Kal.. (yesterday..)
Shivani: Kal tera kidnap hua aur Sayyam ne tujhe bachaya( yesterday you were kidnapped and Sayyam saved you)
Krishna: But..
Shivani: No buts..get ready now..we will talk in the canteen.
Krishna agrees and gets ready.

At the canteen
Krishna : How did Sayyam know about my whereabouts ?
Swara: Come on Krish..he saved you, be grateful
Krishna: But how could he..
Shivani: Here , your hero comes

Sayyam and his gang enters the canteen.
Shubham :(muttters to Sayyam) see..if I would had not lied, these girls would have thrown you out of the college .
The girls stand up.Shivani and Swara smile at them . They smile back . But Krishna was staring at Sayyam disbeleivingly. The boys walk to them.
Swara: Thanks for your help..
Shivani: Yeah, thanks
She then pushes Krishna. Krishna looks at her from her shoulder then talks to Sayyam.
Krishna : Thanks for that..I guess you are not that bad ..
Sayyam smiles..
Raj: So lets go
They walk away . Krishna still was unable to beleive it.
Swara: Come on yaar, he saved you..
Shivani: You should be grateful
Krishna: Yes but..(she stops seeing a guy)
Krishna: Hey isnt he the same one who said that somebody was calling me..
Shivani and Swara look at him.
Shivani: Yes he looks like that..
Swara: Yes, his is the one..
Krishna goes to him withou waiting.
Krishna: Excuse me, I think you must have remembered me.
The guy looks at her and gets shocked
Krishna: Now will you tell me the truth or should the principal ask you..
Guy: No no..I will tell..That guy on that table told me say that you…in return he said he will give me a treat..(he pointed towards Sayyam)
Krishna: So I knew it.
She turned to Swara and Shivan
Krishna: See your hero ? Now I will have to seek the truth..

After the boys finish eating, they go away. Krishna follows them.

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  1. Love ur ff…..and thanks for the quick update….

  2. Aarti32

    Short n sweet episode.. But oh no!! Krishna knows abt d prank..Now Saiyyam’s gone

  3. Thx for posting in English. I guess u have a lot of international readers and I am one of them. Can’t wait for next part. I guess Saiyyam can’t do this becoz he is not a villan. anyways Looking forward to ur episodes.

  4. Rockstr

    Wow…this ff is amazing…im loving it..pls update soon..

  5. Khushi1707

    Thanks for the love, guys..I will try to update soon

  6. Pinkyyy

    Nice update dear

  7. Thanks dear.. am so happy as u updated in English.. so good yaar.. keep going love you???

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