Kriyam Forever Season 2 Epi 6

Krishna goes outside and searches but no one was there. Suddenly some goons come in a van and kidnap her. Krishna tries to shout but they smell her something and she gets unconscious . One of the goons calls someone .
Goon: Sir, done.
It was Sayyam . Sayyam smiles.
The goons take her to an abandoned place and keeps her there. They tie a handkercheif on her eyes.They tie her hands and legs. Soon Sayyam and his gang come there. Sayyam smiles seeing her.

In the college
Swara and Shivani were getting tensed about Krishna..They tried to call her but her phone was unreachable..

In the kidnapping place,,at noon
Sayyam comes there and sprinkles water on Krishna .. She wakes up but couldnt see Sayyam .
Krishna: Kaun ho tum..
Sayyam : (makes his voie thicker so that she doesnt recognise him) tumhara dushman..
Krishna: Dekho..tum jo bhi ho..mujhse bach nahi sakte..
Sayyam: jyada bak bak mat karo..chup chap khao
He takes a slice of pizza he had brought and makes Krishna eat it.
After meal
Krishna : jo bhi ho tum..tumhe main chodungi nahi..
Sayyam: tum mujhe pehchan hi nahi sakti..
Krishna: lekin tumhari awaz maine suni he..

At evening
Some ral goons come was there meeting place and Sayyam didnt knew that. They see Krishna
Goon: Are wah.. hamare liye toh maal pada hai
Krishna hears and gets frightened
Krishna: Kau ho tum..
Goon: koi nahi..
Krishna tries to move back..she was scared..

Suddenly Sayyam comes there and sees the goons going towards Krishna. He stops them and fights with them to save Krishna..He then goes to Krishna and removes the ropes and hanky..
Krishna was very scared and hugs Sayyam. Sayyam gets surprised but hugs her back..
Sayyam: Dont worry..I’m here..

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  3. So good

  4. Good epi but baki epi upload plz kriyam underbrokeble epi kitne time se nhi aya

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    Richa, I’m not the author of Unbreakable bond.. Thanks for reading my ff

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  7. It was so perfect❤

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    It was aweeeeeeesomeeeeeeeee.. Saiyyam ki herogiri.. Waah!!

  9. Can u plz update the whole thing in English as like ur season 1… pls…??

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