Kriyam Forever Season 2 Epi 30 (Last One)

At evening
Everybody were completing their projects
Nidhish: Sayyam, Whats that mark on ur face?
Sayyam gave a puzzled look and touched it. He wiped it away.It was a wax like substance, a little pink.
Swara: It looks like lipba-
Priyank coughed heavily. Swara stopped and continued her work pretending nothing had happened. Sayyam looked at Krishna . She raised her eyes at him blushingly cutting a paper. She looked away redden. Priyank again coughed heavily. Sayyam looked at him. Priyank grinned.Shivani tries to change the topic
Shivani: Guys how is this?
She showed a rough sketch. Sayyam sighed a relief
Shubham: Its good but you know the steel angle isnt looking good..
Shivani looked at the paper doubtful what to do
Swara: BTW what are you two doing?
She asked Kriyam. They looked at each other
Krishna: Thinking of electromagnet or rocketology –
‘’Guys, did you hear that?’’
Everybody turn to see Vivaan standing there. He enters the room
Vivaan: A fire took place in the Ganga Lane, leaving nothing
Krishna gets shocked.She gets up shaken
Krishna: Ganga Lane?
Vivaan nods
Krishna’s eyes widened. Swara n Shivani too got up shocked
Swara: Krishna-
Before she could complete Krishna ran out of the room
Raj: What happened to her?
Shivani: Ganga Lane..
She too ran after Krishna, and Swara followed her hurriedly
The boys looked at each other confused
Shubham: Why was she so worried?
Vivaan: Don’t you know, her ashram was in Ganga Lane
Sayyam gets dazed.He gets frightened and leaves the room
Shubham: Sayyam-
They follow him.
Krishna reaches the ashram. She sees everything in chaos. The ashram was still burning from fire. She gets on her kneels seeing this.
Krishna: Kaka..Kaki..Sab..
Sayyam comes there calling Krishna
Sayyam: Krishna!
He goes and gets to her. He holds her by her shoulders
He hugs her. She was too shaken to respond. He holds his face
Sayyam: Krishna, dekho, kisiko kuch nahi hua hoga..
His friends come there
Nidhish: Sayyam..woh
Sayyam: What?
Raj: They are dead. No one survived..almost evry person in the lane has died
Krishna looked at him shocked. Tears started rolling down from her eyes.
Sayyam: Krishna, see,
Krishna was still crying, unable to stop. Sayyam looked at her worried. He hugs her.
Sayyam: Krishna, I’m with you, don’t worry
Krishna was still crying in Sayyam’s arms

In Allahbad..
Krishna got out of her flat locking it hastily.
Krishna: O no Sayyam phir narraz ho jaega..
She finally locked it with the bags and got out of the apartment. There she saw car waiting for her
Krishna: O no, aaj pakka tu late hai Krishna
She walked to the car and opened the door
Krishna: Sayyam listen I’m sorry Woh kaam tha aur phir aunty ke liye gift bhi lena tha aur..
She said this closing her eyes thinking Sayyam would scold her. She opened her eyes only to see Suhani sitting
Krishna: O..aunty..woh I’m sorry mujhe laga Sayyam..BTW Happy Birthday! Aur sorry woh-
Suhani: Koi baat nahi beta, kuch nahi hoga
Sayyam came there ending his call. He looked at Krishna and frowned.
Suhani: Sayyam, itna bhi naaraaz mat hoo
Sayyam looked away sighing.Krishna gave a worried look
Suhani: Acha ab chalo Krishna,
Krishna nods and sits. Sayyam drives them to Birla House.Everyone welcome Krishna. Yuvani hugs her but then gets away
Yuvani: Sorry, no hugging. I should say ‘’Namaste Bhabhi’’
Suhani: Yuvaani..
Yuvani: Sorry mumma
She hugs Krishna. Everyone greet her. Sayyam goes to his room. Krishna makes a face. She hits Yuvani showing Sayyam going. Yuvani signs ‘’she will handle’’
Yuvani: Mumma, I’m taking Krishna to my room
She takes Krishna and stops at Sayyam’s room
Yuvani: There you go
Krishna: Thank you Yuvani
Yuvani: Don’t worry, iska hisaab main Sayyam se lungi
Krishna smiles. Yuvani smiles back and goes away. Krishna enters the room
Krishna: Sayyam..
Sayyam turns to see her and makes a face
Krishna: Look Sayyam I’m really sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you I-
Sayyam turned away curtly
Krishna went and hugged him
Krishna: Sorry
Sayyam didn’t respond. Krishna smiles kisses him on his cheek. Sayyam turns
Sayyam: You-
He held her hand tight
Krishna: Sayyam..
Sayyam: Look, now you cant stop me..
Krishna tries to get free
Krishna: But not married
Sayyam: So? I don’t care
He rought her closer. She clutched her shirt. She was breathing heavily. He got closer touched her lips.She pushed him and turned away. Sayyam smiles he goes to her and kisses her neck. She gets nervous. He moves through her neck and gets to her face. He pins her to the wall and moves forward to her. She was breathing heavily. A knock comes at the door
Yuvani: Sayyam..Krishna..enough
Sayyam : Coming
Yuvani: Fast
Sayyam makes a face . Krishna grins and opens the door
Yuvani: Come on
She grabs Krishna’s hand and takes her down. Sayyam glooms and follows them down. Everybody prepares for the party

After some hrs
Guests had arrived for the party
Rags: So now its time for cake
Everybody clap. Suhani cuts the cake and feeds everyone.

After some time
Sayyam gets the mic from Rags
Sayyam: Okay so guys, guys, I’m here for an important announcement. Well, I will get to the point directly, I’ve fallen in love with somebody
Everybody get surprised. Suhani smiles. Krishna gets a little stunned
Sayyam walks to Krishna. He gets to his knees, giving the mic to Yuvaan. He forwards his hand to her
Sayyam: Will you marry me Krishna?
He grinned saying this. Krishna looked at him stunned. The Birlas smiled. Murmurs carried through out the hall. Sayyam looked confident, Krishna was confused
Krishna: Sayyam..
Sayyam: I know its hard, you lost ur loved ones, but believe me, I love you, I love you more than anything else in the world. I’m really confident about this, now the decision is urs
Krishna smiled and nods. She accepts his hand. Everybody clap. Sayyam gives a wide smile with a gleam in his eyes. He takes out a ring and wears Krishna the ring. She gets surprised seeing it. Sayyam gets up and hugs her. Yuvani comes to them
Yuvani: So, I’ve to call you Bhabhi
Sayyam and Krishna break apart
Krishna: No need for that Yuvani
Yuvani smiles and gives her a big hug.

After some time
Sayyam enters his room to see Yuvani n Krishna talking. They see him. Yuvani gets up
Yuvani: Iska bhi hisaab chukana padega Sayyam
She chuckles and gets away. Sayyam smiles seeing Krishna. She gets up and hugs him
Krishna: Thank u so much Sayyam
Sayyam: So now can I have?
Krishna: What?
Sayyam:Of course,my kiss
Krishna: Sayyam?
Sayyam: Look, now we are engaged
Krishna: So-
Sayyam:So I can kiss you
He moved towards her
Krishna: Sayyam see-
Sayyam keepshis hand on her mouth
Sayyam: Shh..
He moves to her and puts his hands on her waist. She blushes. He moves to her and their lips touch. He kisses her.Krishna pushes him
Krishna: Only ‘a’ kiss
He grins. Krishna smiles and hugs him
Kriyam: I love you


I’m really sorry guys I ended this in a hurry. Its just because of my schedule, and my in 8th we have a completed different pattern and I’ve to work according to it. I hope you liked this part. Once again I’m really sorry. But now I’ll surely continue KAUR and try to update it regularly. I hope you will understand me.

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  1. Hey its amazing superb.Do well in ur studie.

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank you so much asia

  2. A stunning end to an extremely well-written story. It was intensely emotional and romantic at the same time with kriyam present in every scene. All scenarios were meticulously described and planned. The episode was a magical one.
    The first part touched the depths of my heart while the second part came as relief to them open wounds. Learning about krishna’s loss was truly heartbreaking and I am glad you supplied us with the bandages to join it up.
    The romance and cute sibling banter was a treat to watch. It was absolutely awesome…
    In simple words, I just want to say that this episode was marvellous and a terrific end to the romance-filled KFS2.

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank you so much Shivi, your every comment makes me filled with joy and pleasure. Ur comments give me a lot of satisfaction and encouragement. Thank you, from evry corner of my heart

  3. A great many thanks for this stupendous work of art. It was a greatly innovative and unique take on kriyam. The characters in this fanfiction were realistic and dramatic at the same time. The characters played their role to perfection ( even mehvaan) in bringing the lovely couple together.
    The story had all elements of a love story – romance, jealousy, mirth, guilt, strife, pain and pleasure in the right proportion. Substantially, it was a fabulous work of art. Infinite amount of thanks for this wonderful story.
    Hope you continue to shine in life and may god bless you with all that you desire and deserve.

    Signing off,

    1. Khushi1707

      Dear, I’m the one who should say thank you. Your comments are just marvellous

  4. Fidato

    Oh… Please..Don’t stop…. Khushi.. It’s really nice…

    1. Khushi1707

      Vry vry sorry about this Fidato, but beacause of my school schedule, I’m unable. Also, in the last episodes I didnt received as much of comments as I used to so I thought its better to end it, Thank you so much for the love

  5. AnahitaAnnie

    It was an interesting story all along. I might not hv commented but I read ur season 1 and 2. Ur ending was great and don’t worry u did great. U possess an extraordinary writing talent at the age of 12. I simply loved ur whole ff and I am very happy that I could be a part of ur tremendous journey. I am looking forward to ur other updates. I know the schedule might be heavy on u. So don’t worry we all understand….

    In all u have finished a story and when u look back it was outstanding article and am sure it was loved by many readers.. Looking forward to. Other ff of yours…..?

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank u so much Annie, and yeah, I will soon start continuing my other ffs

  6. I wish it went on longer, but it was the perfect ending to an amazing story. Thank you for writing such a lovely ff. Looking forward to reading more of your ffs. Keep up the good work!

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank u so much Faeeqa, and yeah, I will continue my other ffs and try to update them ASAP

  7. Hafsaaa

    Aww I am kinda sad that your ff but more happy about the ending ??. I dearly loved your ff and it was just amazing.language.expressions.Your touch to it was outstanding?? hope you come back with another one fast and good luck with school.I so know the stress of 8th grade but we got no choice ? I made it through and so will you ?? Lots of love and luck??

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank u so much Hafsaaa, and yeah, I hope ur wishes come true and I manage 8th std. Also, I am thinking to start another ff with same plot- college life..

      1. Khushi1707

        But in vactions

      2. Hafsaaa

        Sounds fun?

  8. Aarti32

    It was one of my favourites..
    It was all going great.. Although mehvaan.. Nevermind ??
    But I’m sad dat it ended..

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank u so much Aaru dii, you are one of my regular commenters and I seriously owe you for continuing the story till now. Sorry about Mehvaan, I thought there must be some villainism too. And dont worry, I’m thinking to start another ff with the same plot as of KFS2, thats college life. But of course in vacations

      1. Aarti32

        Yayyyyyyy ??..I’m waiting from now

  9. Kushi1707, I love Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Kriyam, I like ur taste.? By the way it was awesome.ur ff

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank u so much Aisha

  10. Loved it khushi !!!

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank u Isha

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