Kriyam Forever Season 2 Epi 29

Hi guys, sorry for not updating for two days, I was busy. Anyways lets start

The next day
Shivani comes to Krishna n Vivaan who were discussing about their project.
Shivani: Come on, register or else you will be left!
Krishna n Vivaan looked at each other
Two: Register?
Vivaan gets a call. He gets out.

Shivani: The pairs have to register their names and the topic they have taken up
Krishna: Oh..
She goes there. Sayyam was also there in the line. She sees him and gives a faint smile. He too smiles back at her. Krishna joins the other line. After some time, they both reach the table
Krishna: Krishna n Vivaan
Sayyam: Sayyam n Meher
They said this together. The teachers sitting on the tables got confused
One: Krishna n Vivaan?
Krishna nods
Other: Sayyam n Meher?

Sayyam too nods, surprised at their looks. Krishna n Sayyam look at each other somewhat bewildered.
Sayyam: What happened sir
Sir: But Sayyam n Krishna are paired together

Other: And Meher n Vivaan.
Krishna n Sayyam look at each other puzzled
Two: We?
Sir one: Yeah
Krishna: But in the notice Vivaan n me are paired and Sayyam n Meher
Sir two: Bring the paper
He orders a student. He brings it and they were more confused
Sir two: That means-
Sir one: That means someone changed it

Krishna n Sayyam looked at each other.
Krishna: But who?
Sir one: Don’t know, but you two have to work together. Also inform this to Meher n Vivaan
Krishna n Sayyam nod. They get out and start walking through the campus
Krishna: Some one changed it? But who?
Sayyam: Don’t know, but now we have to work together
Krishna: Hmm..ya
Sayyam: So?

Sayyam: What do you think?
Krishna: About what?
Sayyam: I mean..about that
Krishna: About what Sayyam?
Sayyam: Are..cant you get it!
Krishna: Tum baton ko itna gol mat ghumao, sidhe sidhe pucho
Sayyam: About what happened then..
Krishna: When?

Sayyam shows his hand where he had got hurt
Sayyam: After this, I wanted something and you said we should go
Krishna realizes.She looks away. Sayyam smiles
Sayyam: I agreed cause you were right at that time, but now..
He moved closer and held her waist
Sayyam: Now?
Krishna looked at him blushing.

Krishna: Now I think science project is right
She pushes and gets away. He goes after her. Krishna bumps on somebody
Krishna: O, I’m sorry
She looks up at the guy. It was Vivaan.
Krishna: Vivaan!
He was with Meher.Sayyam comes there. Mehvaan ( Meher n Vivaan, idea credit to Shivani) fume seeing them together
Meher: Sayyam our pro-
Sayyam: O, sorry Meher, but Krishna and I working together
Mehvaan look at each other stunned
Mehvaan: But-

Krishna: Someody changed the notice. Its actually me n Sayyam and you two
Meher n Vivaan look at each other shocked
Sayyam: Okay so we have to think for our project, so bye
He said it hurriedly and held Krishna and got away from their quickly. Mehvaan look at them heated
Sayyam pulls Krishna and pins her to the wall

Sayyam puts his hand on her mouth
Sayyam: Shh..
He removes his hand and rests them on her waist. He gets closer to her. She blushes and closes her eyes. He beams at this and goes..but Krishna pushes him and gets away. Sayyam makes a face
Sayyam: (cross) okay, go. I don’t care
He turns away with folded arms. Krishna stops worried. She goes to him
Krishna: Sayyam-
Sayyam: Krishna, go
Krishna: Sayyam but-
Sayyam: I said go

Krishna: No
Sayyam: Kya hai Krishna
She smiles seeing his irritation. She goes forward close to him
Krishna: (whispering in his ear) yeh hai
She kisses on his cheek. H gets stunned by this and turns to her and beams.
Sayyam: Krishna-
She turns to go. He goes to hold her hand but she gets away blushing red.

I’ve also posted this as a comment on SSEL written updaate but also I want to give this here
I am thinking to stop Unnamed Relationship.Not permanently,but temporarily. I had an opinion that KFS2 was more liked than KAUR but the comments say exactly the opposite. So, I’ve decided that I will complete n end KFS2 in this month, that is April and then continue with KAUR and also start Ek Villain in May as I will get much time to do. Also I’ll (try to) continue Love Diaries this month. This is all because of my extra classes. Do tell if you are comfortable.

Let me know of any objections

And yes , do comment about the epi. Pls pls pls, its my request that everyone comment. Also a big lot of thank you for ur support

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  1. A exemplary compilation of woderful words and authorly talents. This is an amazing episode khushi. The long wait was well-rewarded with this episode. Its truly a superb one. The way you describe the emotions and reactions is so good. Thanks for this….

    1. Thanks for giving credit to my idea. It means a lot.

    2. Khushi1707

      Thank u Shivi, and yes, it was ur idea, so the credit goes to you

  2. Its really saddening to know about the looming end to this fantastic story. This was one of the best stories in this forum and a truly beautiful one. I admired this story more than your other creations as it was such a unique take on kriyam.
    I am really sorry to hurt your feelings and I sincerely apologise for it. This story is immensely fabulous and has a great plot. Its beautiful.
    However I respect your opinion and agree to your suggestions. Looking forward to the hugely promising story “Ek Villain”…

    Apologies reiterated,

    1. Khushi1707

      No sorries dear, in fact I’m sorry that I’m ending this

  3. nice epi. btw what about krishna’s past?

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank u Nikki. I was going to take the same plot as of YRKKH, but now I think everybody must have known it, so I’m not proceeding it. Very sorry if u r hurt

  4. Aarti32

    I’m loving it..It’s great dat mehvaan’s plan failed??

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank u Aaru dii

  5. I love Kriyam in your story so much. I’m glad Mehvaan’s plan failed and it was such a cute Kriyam moment in the end.

    1. Thanks for the extraordinary update faeeqa. It was marvellous and left me speechless. Stupendous work of art….

      1. Thank you so much Shivani, I’m glad you liked it.

    2. Khushi1707

      Thank you so much Faeeqa

  6. Awesome episode…

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank u so much Dwidha

  7. Really nice…

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank u Yura

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