Kriyam Forever Season 2 Epi 28

Krishna makes him sit and does the band aid with tears. She was holding them back but Sayyam could notice them.
Sayyam: Krishna..
She didn’t paid attention to him and continued her work. After finishing, she kept the first aid box and stands up to go but Sayyam holds her hand
Sayyam: Krishna listen-
Krishna: There is nothing to talk Sayyam
Sayyam stands up and hugs her
Sayyam: Krishna, dekho, I love you, aur main kisko bhi tumhe chute nahi dekh sakta..please, understand me
Krishna gets away from him
Krishna: Tumhe jaise mujhe kisika chuna bardash nahi vaise hi mujhe hamari yeh dooriyan pasand nahi hai Sayyam , tumse aur tums ek pal ki bhi doori an nahi seh pati main..because I love you
Sayyam looks up at her when she says ‘I love you’. Krishna smiles and hugs him. He beams and hugs back. He takes her face in his hands goes closer. Krishna closes her eyes. She turns away.
Krishna: I think we should go
Sayyam smiles seeing her nervousness.
Sayyam: Hmm
He walks away. Krishna gives a wide smile watching him go away. She follows him
Meher and Vivaan come out from their hiding place
Meher: What the hell..we tried so much-
Vivaan: And still they again got united
Meher: No, no , I love Sayyam and no one can snatch him
Vivaan keeps his hand on her shoulder
Vivaan: Listen Meher, we will do something
Meher: But that stupid Krishna-
Vivaan: don’t talk about her rudely or else
Meher: o, I forgot, Vivaan Mallik as fallen for a silly girl
Vivaan: Yeah, I’ve and now she is mine
Meher looks away frustrated
Meher: Whats in that girl, every1 is falling for her, first Sayyam, and then u
Vivaan: Meher, its good, u will have Sayyam and me Krishna
Meher: Okay, deal
Vivaan: Deal
They shake hands
The next day
Shivani: U know, we will have a science exhibition in the college and every body is getting paired up with someone
Swara: Me and Shivani are partners..and you..
Krrishna: And me..?
Swara: With Vivaan
Krishna’s expression changed. She uneasily looked at Sayyam who was enjoying with his friends. Sayyam looks at Krishna and smiles. She smiles uncomfortably
Krishna: We cant change?
Shivani: No..
Krishna gets worried. Vivaan coms to her
Vivaan: So Krishna, u know we are partners
Krishna gives a faint smile
Krishna: Yeah, I do
Sayyam looks at them and his expression hardens. Meher comes to him
Meher: Sayyam, we are partners!
Sayyam: Meaning?
Meher: Meaning we will be working together for the science exhibition
Sayyam: Oo..
He gives a weak smile and looks at Krishna and Vivaan talking ignoring Meher’s words. She notices this
Meher: Sayyam..?
She looks at the direction where he was looking and sees the two. She gives a twisted smile
Meher: They two enjoy each other’s company
Sayyam looks at her
Meher: Ab..I mean.they are paired for the exhibition
Sayyam fumes at this. He takes his bag and goes away. Vivaan looks at Meher. They smile
FB plays
Vivaan and Meher go to the notice board and see the paper in which all the pairs were announced. They see Krishna n Sayyam’s name together. They look at each other and then remove the paper and put another paper in place of it in which Meher-Sayyam and Vivaan-Krishna were paired. They look at each other smile
FB ends

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  1. Hi khushi dear nice one u r very gud writer keep it up

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      Thank u so much Somi

  2. Aarti32

    It was amazinggg..So dis vivaan is also bad..N dat meher nvr changed.. Cruels

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  3. Very interesting epi, waiting to see what happens next!

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  4. plz update soon

  5. AnahitaAnnie

    Wonderful Its really interesting khushi… Keep going girl?

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  6. This is amazing khushi. The twist in the tale is just unexpected. I had hoped that vivaan would be a nuce guy and help krishna to bond better with sayyam. But now I feel that this avatar of his will make the kriyam bond more stronger than ever.
    And this meh-vaan pairing is a true embodiment of the proverb ‘birds of a feather flock together’ or the hindi one ‘chor-chor mausere bhai’. Awaiting some great kriyam scenes with meh-vaan as reactants and (obviously kriyam scenes as products) the friends of them as catalysts….

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank u Shivi

  7. Good episode … 🙂

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