Kriyam Forever Season 2 Epi 27

At night
Krishna was sitting alone in the room at the window side distressed. She was holding Sayyam’s jacket. She remembered how he had wrapped it around her when she was feeling cold at the seashore. She smiled seeing it.
Krishna: Kitni parvah karte ho tum meri Sayyam…
She then remembers how he shouted on her, how he talked about her and Vivaan’s relation. Tears started rolling down her cheek. She wrapped his jacke and held it tight remembering him. She looks at the sky
Krishna: could you think about that..I cant bear your rage ..I cant bear our separation..
Sayyam was also alone sitting in the room. He looked at Krishna’s scarf and smiled remembering the quarrel they did in the jungle when he got hurt..her ‘mardaangi’ dialogue..then how she wrapped it around the she said ‘sorry’..he smiled faintly thinking of her..he keeps it close to his chest
Sayyam: You are so cute Krishna..
He then remembers Vivaan and Krishna shaking hands..Vivaan helping her..his hand touching hers..Krishna smiling to him..angere roared in his ears..
Sayyam: But you don’t understand..I cant see anyone touching are mine..just mine..
The next day
Shubham: Sayyam listen, please go and sort the things out
Priyank: Meaning go and talk to Krishna
Sayyam makes a face at this
Shivani: Krishna go,please
Krishna folds her hands. Sayyam and Krishna look at each other and then away with a long face. Shivani and Swara get frustrated.
Swara: Okay, keep ur face. We are going
Here the boys were also angry-
Nidhish: Look, you go and talk-
Raj: Or else we are going
They walk off.Sayyam stares at them angrily. He then looks at Krishna and she too gives him a look. She fumes and starts walking. Sayyam too takes his bag an goes to take a last look at her but was shocked to see oil on the stairs. He sees Krishna walking towards it and gets worried
Sayyam: KRISHNA!
Krishna couldn’t hear him because of the noise there. Sayyam runs to her and catches her when she was about to fall but they both fall. They roll and finally land on the ground with Krishna on top of Sayyam.

Krishna looks at him disbelievingly
Krishna: What? You made me fall and now you’re asking am I fine?
Sayyam glares at her. He pushes her and stands up. She falls on the other side stunned to see him pushing up. Sayyam gets up and offers her his hand. She glares at him and ignores his hand. She tries to get up on her own but then falls
Sayyam: KRISHNA!
He bends on his knees and holds her shoulders. Krishna looks at his hand and then at him, her expression little softened. But she changes it and gets up abruptly.
Krishna: Don’t act that you care for me
Sayyam glares at her. He gets up and holds her hand. He takes her to the other side.They were now alone. He pins her to the wall
Krishna: Sayyam-
Sayyam puts is hand on her mouth
Sayyam: Shh..listen Krishna, whether you agree or not, I care for you cause I love you
Krishna removes his hand
Krishna: O, so u love me, but don’t trust me?
Sayyam: Its not that-

Krishna: Then what is it Sayyam? What?(she was in tears now) I cant get you boys. You talk with Meher, laugh with her, even hug her, did I say anything to you?You talk and have fun with Shivani, Swara, did I ever complain? Then if I talk with Vivaan-
Sayyam: Meher, Shivani and Swara are not like..but this Vivaan I don’t trust him
Krishna:O great, you never ever talked to Vivaan, and you say you don’t trust whats with Shubham, Priyank, Raj and Nidhish?
Sayyam: They are my friends
Krishna: They are ur friends and you trust them, right? So Vivaan is my friend, I trust him
Sayyam: See? You are fighting with me cause of that Vivaan
Krishna: Its not me, its you fighting
He goes to point his fingers but then something pains him. He looks at his hand and sees it bleeding. Krishna gets shaken.
Krishna: SAYYAM! Yeh chot..
Sayyam takes his hand from her
Sayyam: Its nothing..dont worry..
Krishna again pulls it to her
Krishna: But its..
Sayyam: I said na its okay..
Krishna looks at him with tears in her eyes. Sayyam sees her. His expression softens a bit
Sayyam: Krishna-
Krishna turns to go. Sayyam stops her by holding her hand
Krishna: Come with me for the band aid
She goes away. Sayyam stares at her and then follows her.

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