Kriyam Forever Season 2 Epi 26

After the classes
Krishna and friends walk out of the class. Krishna sees Sayyam and smiles. He looks at her and then away with a face. Krishna gets curious.
Krishna: (thinking) what happened to him..
She walks by him but he doesn’t even smile. Krishna looks at him surprised.
Krishna: Are you angry?
Sayyam ignores her and tries to go away. She holds his hand
Krishna: What happened Sayyam?

Sayyam: Leave my hand
Krishna: But-
Krishna leaves his hand shocked. Krishna’s friends were busy talking but were taken by surprise with Sayyam’s raised voice
Swara: What happened Krishna?
Krishna: Why are you asking me?Ask him why is he behaving like this
Sayyam: O seriously you don’t know Miss Krishna?
Shiavni and Swara looked at each other nervously
Swara: I think we should go Krishna
Krishna was so shocked with Sayyam’s behavior that she didn’t even respond back.Shivani and Swara leave. Now Krishna and Sayyam were alone
Krishna: Sayyam why are you behaving like this?
Sayyam: Because-
Someone from behind: Whats this noise?
Krishna and Sayyam turn to see Vivaan standing. Sayyam fumes seeing him
Krishna: Vivaan-
Vivaan: Is he troubling you?
Sayyam looks at him with a glare. Krishna nervously looks at Sayyam .
Krishna: Vivaan he-
Vivaan goes to Sayyam
Vivaan: Listen mister, don’t you dare trouble my friend
Sayyam looks at Krishna. She looks at him anxiously. Sayyam turns and goes away red faced. Krishna runs after him
Krishna : Sayyam..Sayyam meri baat suno..

She goes after him. Vivaan stands there confused
In the campus
Krishna: Sayyam..Sayyam
Sayyam finally stops
Sayyam: (without facing her) Krishna just stop it
Krishna: (breathing heavily) Sayyam listen..(takes breath) I’m sorry about that..Vivaan and me..
Sayyam turns to face her
Sayyam: Are just friends, yeah? I know Krishna, that you two are just ‘FRIENDS’
Krishna: (stunned) You are doubting me Sayyam?
Sayyam: I don’t doubt you Krishna, but I don’t trust that Vivaan
Krishna: Sayyam Vivaan…he cant-

Sayyam: O you trust that Vivaan more than me..
He turned away from her angry. Krishna was dazed by him. She puts her hand on his shoulder
Krishna: Sayyam,I am urs, only urs..
Sayyam’s expression softened a bit
Krishna: There is nothing between me and Vivaan Sayyam..
Sayyam went away leaving Krishna.

In the evening
All were in the canteen
Krishna wasn’t eating something. Nor was Sayyam. Shivani and Swara looked at each other frustrated
Swara: Krishna something na
Krishna didn’t respond and continued playing with her bracelet blankly.
Shubham: Sayyam, eat something please
Sayyam and Krishna look at each other. Sayyam fumes and goes away. Krishna too gets irritated by him and lefts.
Swara: Tumhare dost ki prblm kya hai
Raj:Prblm tumhare dost ki hai

Shivani: Acha Krishna ne kya kiya? Bas kisiki madad kar di isliye?
Nidhish: Woh mafi bi maang sakti hain na..
Swara tries to argue back but Priyank interrupts.
Priyank: Stop it. Jhagda chodo aur yeh socho unka patch up kaise karaye..
Shivani: Kal sab start hua aur aaj hi break up..
Nidhish: Unka break up nahi hua hai..bas naraaz hai..
Swara: Aur is narazgi ko hame door karna hai
All: Hmm..

Hi guys..hope you liked this part..sorry id u r disappointed that Kriyam have some misunderstandings but that will only increase their love..keep reading and pls pls pls comment

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  1. No not dissapointed…. it was really nice…. when will u post next epi

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    Nice episode. Waiting for next episode.

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  3. sweet episode

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    Your ff is really amazing.
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    Khushi if you have Instagram please say me your Instagram account name I will add you in kriyam fan group

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  10. This is so beautifully composed. All the trials and tribulations faced by sayyam are portrayed in an excellent manner. The story is extremely fantastic and is a great piece of art….

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      Thank u so much..

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