Kriyam Forever Season 2 Epi 24

At evening
Swara: Okay ready you two?
Shivani: Yeah
Krishna: Okay then lets go to the ashram
Shubham: If you don’t mind we can give you the lift..
The girls turn to see the boys standing behind them..
Shubham hits Sayyam to agree
Sayyam: Ya..yeah
Swara and Shivani look at each other and chuckle.
Shivani: You all are going to ashram?
Raj: No..(seeing Priyank’s expression) I mean yes..ab I mean we will be passing by it..(then he sees Sayyam expression) I mean Sayyam is going by the way..

Krishna looks at Sayyam. He looks away pretending he doesn’t know anything..
Krishna: Don’t worry we will manage
She turns to go but Swara stops her.
Swara: Ab and Shivani have some work
Shivani:Which wo-
Swara pinches her
Shivani: I mean which is imp.
Krishna stares at them
Krishna: I don’t wanna go
She looks at him.Priyank goes to laugh but Raj puts his hand on his back indicating to stop
Swara: Krish maan bhi jaa
Krishna looks at her. She goes and sits in the jeep
Nidhish hits Sayyam. He looks at him.Nidhish indicates him to go
Sayyam sits in the jeep. They set off
The boys laugh and give a high-fi to each other.

Sayyam was observing Krishna. She was looking away shyly.
Sayyam: Vaise tum Allahavd kab aogi
Krishna: Kyun?
Sayyam:Meri family se milne..
Krishna:Par main tumhari family se kyun milu?
Sayyam: Kya matlab?
Krishna: Matlab yeh ki tumhari family se milne ka reason kya hai
Sayyam: Shadi aur kya
Krishna: U wanna marry me?
Sayyam:Why, you don’t want to?
Krishna: I asked the question
Sayyam: Yeah I want to marry. Now u answer
Krishna shifted uncomfortably
Sayyam stops the car

Sayyam: U don’t want to marry me?
Krishna: Its..its not like that..
Sayyam: Then?
Krishna: Sayyam I have an ashram to manage..I cant leave Kaka-Kaki alone handling it..
Sayyam: If you want you all can shift Allahabad..
Krishna looked away tired
Krishna: Sayyam..shadi..itni jaldi..
Sayyam: Krishna, I’m not forcing u..
Krishna:I know Sayyam
Sayyam sighs.
Sayyam: Krishna..
Krishna: Sayyam I just need time..
Sayyam:Krishna listen, its ur life, u can take as much of time as u need..just remember, I’mwith you always..
Krishna smiles

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  1. Aarti32

    Such a realistic episode..At times it happens in real life..Frnds’ teasing..Marriage talks..So I really liked it..

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank you so much dii

  2. very nice

    1. Khushi1707

      Thanks Nikki

  3. Nice ep

  4. Nice ep

    1. Khushi1707

      R u the same one? Anyways thanks

  5. Really nice epi. I liked Sayyam went straight to talking about marriage with Krishna.

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank you Faeeqa

    2. Hey faeeqa
      Waitinf for your update. In love with your story….

  6. Rockstr

    This is so cute…they are so adorable..u r a brilliant writer man…pls update asap

    1. Khushi1707

      I will post the nxt part now..thanks

  7. Hey khushi
    This is so fantastic. The lovebirds are so romantic. And the proverb love is in the air surely holds true for the hero right now. Its marvellously penned (typed) piece of romantic litetature. Do continue soon…

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank you so much dear..hope so ur xams are going fine

      1. Sure khushi
        The grace of god and all the best wishes will definitely help me to ace the examinations..

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