Kriyam Forever Season 2 Epi 23

Sayyam held her hand
Sayyam: Please, chupake kuch nahi hoga..
Krishna: Sayyam, leave my hand
Sayyam brought her closer
Sayyam: Look, if you think it is a prank, then..
He got back. Krishna looked at him. He got back and stood in the middle of the road. A truck was coming. Krishna saw it.
Krishna: Sayyam hato gadi aa rahi hai..

Sayyam: It’s the only way to prove my love..
Krishna gets shocked. She sees the truck forwarding toward Sayyam. She runs and pulls Sayyam to the other side just as the truck was going to hit him. They rolled towards the other side and at last they stopped with Krishna on top of Sayyam.
Krishna: Pagal ho gaye ho..agar kuvh ho jata toh..
Sayyam: Mjhe pata tha ki tum mujhe kuch nahi hone dogi..
He smiles. Krishna stares at him. They lock eyes. Krishna then realizes and breaks it. She gets up. Sayyam too stands up and smiles. Krishna sees him and then walks towards the jeep. Sayyam follows her.

Sayyam: Kitna jhut bologi khud se..
Krishna stopped. Sayyam came to her.
Sayyam: You cant hide it Krishna
Krishna looks at him and then away
Krishna: I..I need time..
Sayyam: Okay..take as much time as you want..but I already know the answer.
Krishna looks at him and he smiles. They get to the jeep.

At evening
Krishna and Sayyam reach the college. Sayyam stops the jeep. Krishna gets down and starts walking towards the hostel
Sayyam: So..?
Krishna smiles and turns.
Krishna: (smiling) If you know the answer then why are you asking
Sayyam stares at her disbelievingly
Sayyam: Seriously?
Krishna smiles turns to go..

Sayyam gets glad
But she had already gone.
Sayyam puts his head back on the seat happily

At morning
Sayyam and gang were in the canteen.
Krishna, Shivani and Swara enter. Sayyam looks at Krishna happily.She first smiles but then looks away shyly.
Nidhish: Looks like finally we will have some love story..
Sayyam a nd every1 look at him
Priyank: O come on Sayyam, we know you two love each other..
Raj: Yeah..
Sayyam:Okay, so please don’t mess that up
Shubham: Gr8, once a girl has come, friends are forgotten
Sayyam: Yeah, friends are sometimes get forgotten, but not best friends..
They laugh

At the girls table
Swara: So at last you have accepted Krish
Krishna: What?
Shivani: That you love Sayyam
Krishna looked down shyly
Swara: You could have told us first
Krishna: I didn’t even realize that
Shivani: So he made you realize
Krishna looked away shyly
Swara and Shivani looked at each other and smiled.

Hi guys..I’m sorry the update was late as I had an exam and was working for comment and also say about the recent edit..


  1. Faeeqa

    I’ve been a silent reader of your fic. I’m loving it and this epi was so cute! Can’t wait for some romance between them.

  2. srishti

    Its super awesome.
    Lovely confession. Just so beautiful.
    Its a wonderful story. Do continue soon….

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