Kriyam Forever Season 2 Epi 2

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Next morning
Sayyam reaches Mumbai early morning with his friends.They set up for their college.Krishna too gets ready for her first day.She leaves saying good bye to the kids and the Kaka-Kaki there.
Sayyam and his friends enter the gates. His friends get excited.
Nidhish : Cool, dude. College in Mumbai. Bhai log,ladkiyan patani shuru kar do
Raj: Mere liye toh Alia, Kriti already line me hain. Tum log apna dekh lo
Priyank: Ladkiyon ko patana toh dain hath ka kaam hai
Shubham : Toh phir kar ke dikha
Priyank agrees and goes to a girl.Sayyam,Nidhish, Raj and Shubham see from a distance.
Priyank : Hey , beautiful , this is for you
The girl smiles and takes it. They have a conversation . Then Priyank returns.
Priyank: See
Nidhish: Chalo, aur bhi ladkiyon ko patana hai
Raj : BTW Sayyam, whats up with you for a girl ?
Shubham: Yes, ladkiyan toh tujh pe marti thi Allahbad main
Sayyam: Ladkiyon ko patana koi mushkil kaam nahi hai..dekhta hun, koi mere type si mile, toh chance marunga
Everybody laugh.

Meanwhile Krishna reaches the college. She was free and had talked to strangers a number of times, but still she felt nervous.
She enters the college. She wore a suit, and the people the formed an opinion that she was old fashioned. But it was not so .
She walks when she hits a girl and gets happy seeing her.
Krishna: Swara ! Kahan thi pagal, tujhe kab se dhoond rahi thi
Swara: Arey main toh kab se yahan hun
Krishna : Acha woh sab chod ..dusri kahan hai
Swara : Pata nahi..
They search for their other friends

Precap: Krishna walks with her friends happily talking to them.Sayyam too comes there with his friend.They hit each other and fall

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