Kriyam Forever Season 2 Epi 12

Girl: Tumhari itni himmat ki tumne mujh se is tarah se baat ki ? Mera naam Meher Khanna hai , aur mere papa MLA hai..tum jaise nichi aukat ke logon ko mer samne khade hone ki bhi hesiyat nahi hai..(you have so much courage that you talked me liked name is Tanya Malhotra and my dad is an MLA. You all low standard people do not even have the status of standing before me)
Krishna : Excuse me Meher Khanna ..mera naam bhi Krishna hai, aur agar Krishna ke samne khade rehna hai, toh apne dad ki nahi, apni pehchaan leke khade hona..(Excuse me Tanya name is also Krishna..and if you have to stand before Krishna, then not with you dad’s, but your identity)

She walks away. Meher stares at her angrily. Sayyam was impressed by Krishna’s attitude.
Sayyam : (thinking) Great….Miss Mumbai seriously takkar ki hai..apna stand lena bohot achi tarah se aata hai ..(Great… Miss Mumbai is of collision …knows to take stand for herself)
In the evening
Krishna was sitting against the wall in the campus studying. Sayyam was also alone in the campus reading a book without his friends either…Both were unaware of each other’s presence as they were in a distance and there was a crowd of other students..
Suddenly Meher appears behind the pillar with her friends Tia and Tanya..
Meher: (pointing at Krishna) see that girl..she is the target..mujhse is tarah baat karne ki saza toh use mil kar rahegi ( she talked to me rudely and so she should be punished)

Her friends Tia and Tanya agree with her. They go some way farther from Krishna and put oil there and put a bucket full of black water in front of it.
Meher: Ab jab who Krishna yahan aaegi aur phisal kar apna muh kaala karegi, tab main use uski pehchaan dhikhaungi..(now when that Krishna will come here and slip and make her face black, then I will show her her true identity)
They laugh and go away to hide. They wait. Soon Krishna comes there to go to her
They laugh and go away to hide. They wait. Soon Krishna comes there to go to her room. She was walking there when Sayyam moves his head up and sees Krishna going towards there. Krishna was unable to notice the oil as she was deep reading a book. But Sayyam saw this . He called her.

Sayyam: KRISHNA, Sambhal kar..(be careful..)

But Krishna couldn’t hear him. She was close there. Sayyam runs after her calling her. Krishna was about to step there but Sayyam pulls her at the right moment.He brings her close to him and holds her waist tightly. Krishna clutched his shoulders in surprise.
Sayyam: Krishna ! Kya kar rahi thi, dhyan kahan tha tumhara ? Samajh main nahi ata, kisine tumhare liye yahan jaan much kart tel giraya tha taki tum phislo or tum us kale paani main jake giro..ho kya gaya tha tumhe..(Krishna ! what were you doing, where was your mind? Cant you understand, some one intentionally put oil here so that you slip and you fall I the black water..what has happened to you..)
Krishna was unable to speak..she was surprised seeing Sayyam’s care for her. But she soon came in her senses.She breaks the eye lock and tries to move. Sayyam realises what he was doing and lets her go.
Sayyam: (without meeting her eyes) Woh..tum girne wali thi ..isiliye( were going to fall..thats why)
Krishna sees the oil and water and gets shocked.

Krrishna: Woh main ..pata nahi kya ho gay mujhe,,mera dhyan hi nahi tha…(That me,dont know what happened to me..where was my mind)
Sayyam : (with concern)par dhyan rakhna chahiye..agar kuch ho jata toh..(but you shouldbe attentive..if something happened)
Krishna looks at him. She sees the care.
Krishna : Haan woh sorry..and thanks..(yes sorry..and thanks..)
Sayyam looks at her .Theyhave an eye lock.Sayyam breaks it then.
Sayyam : Er..abhi hame kisise keh kar yeh saaf karna chahiye..isse pehle..(now we should clean it by some body ..if any body else..)
Krishna nods.

At night
Girls hostel
Krishna was on her bed thinking about Sayyam. Swara and Shivani were noticing this..
Swara : Shivani, lagta hai koi hamare hone wale jiju ke bareme soch rahi hain..(looks like someone is thinking about our going to be bro in law…)
Shivani : Haan yaar..(ye buddy..)
Krishna glares at them and they go away to sleep. They switch of the lights. Krishna tries to sleep. She was still remembering Sayyam.
Krishna: Kya horaha hai mujhe..kya Sayyam sach me bohot acha hai..(what is happening to Sayyam really good?)..
She remembered how Sayyam picked her up when she was he did the first he looked at her with concerned he saved her today and was caring for he clutched her tightly everytime..)
Krishna : (realising) nahi nahi Krish..Mr.Allahbad tera kuch nahi hai

At boys hostel

Sayyam was too thinking of Krishna. Nidhish notices this.
Nidhish: Sayyam , bhabhi komiss kar raha hai ?(are you missing sister in law)
Sayyam turns off the light ignoring them.
Sayyam remembers how he brought her closer , how he picked her up, how she fought with him, how she hugged him when she was scraed..)
Sayyam : Kitni naadan hai..aur ach bhi..par tujhe kya hua hai Sayyam,tu Miss Mumbai ke bareme kyun soch raha hai..?(she is so innocent ..and good too..but what has happened to you Sayyam..why are you thinking about Miss Mumbai..?

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  8. Loved it. You are totally nailing the Kriyam scenes. Can’t wait for next epi.

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    Hello everyone… This is the last part for Feb.. Exams whole March…Now will be updating only after 23 March… Will miss you all and your comments…Bye, take care..

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